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  1. I never claimed to be a doctor. But from my perspective as a patient Im saying I would avoid it.
  2. You've got a pretty difficult choice @GrannyG81 . I think if you open that door you have to be willing to accept that you may get hurt but whats on the other side. But leaving it shut I think is worse. If I were you I would try and reach out. You clearly still care and you will feel worse if you do nothing. Just don't expect it to be super easy.
  3. Definitely avoid seroquel! It really slowed my thinking down to an uncomfortable degree. (And I gained quite a lot of weight on it)
  4. Your Dad doesnt want you living with him. It probably costs more money to live in a slightly bigger house etc. Im in a very similar situation. Where my Dad makes me feel unwelcome but I cant afford to move out and he knows it. Your mother is trying to make you feel better, but really shes just denying the truth and that isnt helpful for anyone. Really your Dad needs to try and be more emapthetic rather than harbouring anger and ill will.
  5. Thanks 0112358. I feel lucky I have my parents to live off of. But both my Granddad and my Mum have hinted that I should look for somewhere to live on my own recently. I just don't know if its possible and I don't like uncertainty that it brings. I also don't get on with my household very well other than my Mum and when they went away on holiday I felt a lot less stress in general. I saw someone post a bedsit in a cheaper area of the country and it was still like £400 a month excluding bills. I was just wondering if there was something I am missing.
  6. The British government gives me £500 to live off a month Average rent in my area is £950. (Not including bills and of course food) I've looked at moving to a much cheaper area, but rent is still £400 at best. I don't understand what Im supposed to do. It makes me think about suicide a lot because I just can't afford to exist without working, and I don't feel like I can work.
  7. I experienced this when I was 15. I thought for sure my ex girlfriend was making a TV show about me where she was mocking me while secretly filming me. It went away eventually, but the weirdest thing was knowing it wasn't true and believing it at the same time. Duality. I also remember checking bathrooms and bedrooms etc for cameras incase my family were filming me.
  8. Ive had schizoaffective disorder for over 10 years and my Dad still doesn't really understand what it is. I was thinking of buying him a book on the subject and just wondered if anyone had recommendations?
  9. Hey. I was wondering what the easiest thing to eat with Latuda's 350 calories? I think I'm going to buy a whole selection of snacks and add em up to 350 - but I was wondering if anyone already did this or could share what they have? When I was on Seroquel - I would eat a bowl of cereal with my meds as it would make me less likely to get munchies. But with Latdua - I have to eat 350 calroies - which is quite a lot more than a bowl of cereal. I tried having Latuda with my dinner last night and I ended up getting sedated way too early and wasting way too much time not sleeping.
  10. I think its important to note that agoraphobia and social anxiety gets worse and worse the more reclusive one's lifestyle becomes. Whenever I've had really bad social anxiety its because I've shut myself away for a good month plus.
  11. Some days are worse than others. It's definitely worth investing in some nice ear phones to shut the world out. Calms me down and makes me less anxious/paranoid.
  12. Sorry, just added that info to my sig! Its not so much I'm losing interest, its that I'm fatigued after quite short bursts. 10 years ago I'd stay up all night writing music or playing games. I'd do it most of a day. At the momnent I'm taking breaks from doing it at all becasue of low energy.
  13. I first became unwell 12 years ago now. Schizoaffective is my current diagnosis. With bipolar/depression in there too. Not held down a job or done really anything terms of work/volunteering/studying. I get out a couple of times a week to make music with friends. Recently (last several months) I've really started to notice that my window for doing things that require attention (making music, playing video games, writing etc) is getting smaller and smaller. After 3 or 4 hours (possibly 5 on a good day), I'm so tired I'm ready to go lie down and not do much at all. I have no idea how
  14. I don't disagree with you @jt07 . And I'm not trying to suggest that one shouldn't meet their birth parents. I guess he must have been quite happy where he was and didn't want to open old wounds. He was a very rational thinker and politically free-spirited person - I imagine it was something he had given a lot of thought to. There's also that whole thing of never being able to unknow things, unsee information etc. I imagine he just was just happier with the door kept shut.
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