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  1. i just recently did a similar one, it tested for more than just ADD though, tested my cognitive abilities and a heap of other stuff, should give me a pretty comprehensive report on my strengths and weaknesses etc. sorry if that wasnt very clear, I have'nt got the report yet but i can update when i do if you'd like?
  2. Seroquel is my main stabiliser at the moment, definitely worth looking into
  3. I'm feeling this way at the moment, I'm sorry you're dealing with this
  4. and back down to feeling shitty, great. oh and again going with the not sleeping theme, its 2am
  5. I've been horrible with meds lately, been forgetting to take them till hours later, even having to take my morning ones in the evening
  6. is nasonex prescription over there? here we can get it over the counter
  7. I can definitely understand this, I was doing some construction work and I had to wear glaves the whole time cause getting my hands dirty (especially dirt and mud etc.) really gets to me
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