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  1. How do I unsubscribe from emails?  There's no option in the settings section.  

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      See my reply in your thread.

  2. I've had sleep issues for about 10 years. Did a sleep study. Mild apnea. Tried all sorts of masks. Felt claustraphobic. Prior to 2006 i used to be able to sleep so easily. I wish i could go back into time...
  3. I've never done LSD and would not encourage ANYONE who has a severe mental disorder to try it. Please don't go that route. You sound like you might be in a manic state...your paragraph sounds rambling. Talk to your pdoc about this.
  4. I've been on medication since 2007 and my doctor says my meds are working at full capacity. So if my bipolar disorder is being managed, why do i still have sleep problems? Am i going to be on Ambien/Lunesta/Lorazipam/ for life? Did anyone experience a remission of insomnia once you were treated with bipolar medication?
  5. Why is it that when i forget to take my morn medication, i always feel better?
  6. That lamictal based rash is of grave concern. Its the one side effect that mean some people cant tolerate it. Do some research on lamictal side affects and inform your pdoc of your information.
  7. Pippa, I certainly understand a lot of what you are going through, especially doing what HAS to be done and then crashing at home and doing little else. I battle this all the time. However, I don't think your life is pathetic...you are doing quite a bit without the benefits of stablyzing medication. You deserve a medal. A couple of thoughts....Have you ever considered joining a local NAMI group near you? It's the National Association of Mental Illness. Google nami.org. They offer a lot of support for people like you and I and the loved ones of people who battle MI. You might find
  8. Possibly. Sleep is such a high priority with me. I don't sleep deeply even with all the stuff i take. I am planning to talk to my NPrac about going back on lithium. It worked wonders but then i started loosing a lot of hair. that kinda scared me. It seems like its a never ending cycle of changing this...tweaking that...sigh. This has gotten so old.
  9. I'm trying to figure out if i should finish school to get a full time job or just accept my limitations and pursue some form of financial disability aid. Right now I work as a independent commercial/residential cleaner. I have enough clients to work about 20 or so hours a week. I'm in the Allied Health Program at my local community college to earn my phlebotomy/clinical lab assistant certificate taking 16 credits. (I know, 16 credits is insane.) I had to drop the phlebotomy tech class because i was drowning under the massive amount of schoolwork. I passed Clinical Lab 1 and now i'm tr
  10. Tired and a bit drugged. Took 2 lorazepams at 6am. Definately sluggish.
  11. okay, first things, first. Relief for the insomnia is key to get everything else stable. Two months without proper sleep is way beyond what a person can handle. I didnt see a sleep aid in your list. Have you tried either Ambien, Lunesta or a benzodiazaprine, like Lorazepam? Seroquel at lower dosages, like 200mg can relax one enough to sleep, especially if taken with a sleep aid. Secondly, are you going thru this alone or is someone with you? Because what you've described is absolute hell. Is it possible for you to go to a walk-in clinic, or an ER department at your local hospital?
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