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  1. Finally, just a sudden as it began....it just stopped. What an ordeal this has been. I have a two page list of everything I have tried based on suggestions and things I red; my dermatologists prescriptions, etc. In the end, just weeks ago, it all just stopped. It was suggested to me that I put nothing but water on my scalp sores. Some kind person from this site wrote to me. I tried it of course, because isn't that what we do??? Try anything and everything to control a behavior that we know is harming us? At the same time I was having a biopsy taken of the inflamed scalp area. I realized that the area itched less when I shaved the hair around the sores. So, I kept my scalp shaved and wore headbands and scarves to conceal my baldness. The scarves also prevented me from touching the area out of habit (BAD BAD HABIT). So, I am happy to report, nothing out of biopsy, hair growing back in, all itching gone. What a freaking ordeal.
  2. I tried what Alex said above. My scalp is healed. I can finally quit being a recluse in my home. I don't know what happened. One day, it just stopped. Just like one day it just started. What an ordeal. The stitch is from a biopsy - all good news. Thanks Alex.
  3. Thank you Alex. Coincidentally, mom told me the exact same thing yesterday. Of course I will try it. I've tried everything else. Going online to buy some scarves to wrap my head in turbans for a while.
  4. http://www.hairyscalp.com/the-most-efficient-treatments-for-scalp-sores.html I read this guy's treatment and I'm trying it. My scalp is so bad now that I need to wear scarves. My sores are stubborn and will not heal even when I leave them alone. I can leave them alone for days and in 15 seconds go back to square one. This is the worst one I have ever had. My dermatologist injected me with cortizone a couple of times. It made the itch stop for about 2-3 days but the side effect is now I have a crater there. I put some white vinegar on a cotton ball and then my scarf. Obviously it didn't heal them but it takes the itch away. I wonder if I'm allergic to coffee or something. Gross pictures attached.
  5. I found it. The article was on a different site. http://www.hairyscalp.com/the-most-efficient-treatments-for-scalp-sores.html
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