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  1. Title says it all. Had a hard time showing up on time or at all due to new meds. Never spent more than my accrued time, so I wasn't out very frequently. Fired the next day after giving him a doctors note for my absence and telling him I had a "medical disability". Said I would try my best. He agreed. Any thoughts are appreciated because I just read the disabilities act and I'm ready to lawyer up. Thoughts?
  2. Thanks confused! I'm planning on going to that one, but I hear it's a big one... more of a lecture really. I'm interested in connecting within a smaller group if possible.
  3. Anyone from the Boston area? Or New England for that matter? I'd be interested in hearing if you've been to any DBSA/NAMI meetings or anything similar. I'm looking for support groups and haven't found much.
  4. After eight months of waiting, I finally had my neuropsych testing done and the results are Bipolar 1. Doctors say there is help out there but I haven't found it yet. Therapy is kind of a joke. Less than an hour a week doesn't even begin to cover the tip of the iceberg. I want to talk to others in person. The 150 person lecture near me week seems like an unlikely place for me to meet other people. I function better in smaller groups. There are groups at my hospital but they all meet during work hours. Errr that doesn't work. So what then? Take these pills and don't kill yourself. K, thanks doc.
  5. Thanks for the welcome and for reading Melissa! I do have a therapist, but they haven't been of much help yet. Distancing is an option, but I'm not sure that would help given my current state. I'm also certain it was not her intention to hurt me. My episode caused a lot of damage. She was badly hurt by my actions and reached out to whoever she could.
  6. A little backstory: Last fall I was admitted into detox for alcohol and they said my behavior looked like bipolar. I was definitely manic based on what I remember and what I have read. I went into therapy after detox and got dx'd "Alcohol Induced Bipolar". They said I couldn't get a real diagnosis until after I've been sober a year. I had communication problems with my first pdoc so I switched and the second one diagnosed me Bipolar very quickly. Too quickly if you ask me. Like, "Read your file, you're bipolar". Anyway, I've been depressed for about 6 months, sober for almost 8. My last few weekends have all had similar themes. 1. Social gatherings involving my girlfriend and her family/friends. 2. Alcohol and/or drugs (them not me). 3. Being surrounded by people who know at least some of the details of my fall (alcohol detox/potentially bipolar). 4. Being surrounded by people who are much wealthier/successful than me. 5. Being in situations that should be fun and relaxing, but aren't to me. So yea, my girlfriend spilled the beans to enough of her social circle when I went to the hospital that everyone I see on weekends has a little bit of my most private information. Why did she do that? She needed support from her friends. I understand that to a point... but not to this point. Everyone knows. I mean like 50+ people. If not from her then through the grapevine. I am extremely self-conscious of both the detox and the MI and I'm having an extremely difficult time enjoying these situations. I'm also bothered by the alcohol and drugs... I'm not bothered that they're doing it. I'm bothered that I can't. It makes me feel like an outcast. Those issues combined make my weekends borderline miserable. BUT they're my only social outlet at this point. Being depressed for this long, I haven't been good at filling my own social calendar. I'm not sure what I should do at this point. Does anyone have any advice on how to enjoy social situations with borderline strangers that know you have mental/addiction issues?
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