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  1. I was on vraylar for about a year, probably. it calmed me down significantly but did not get rid of the creeps or the paranoia so i am back on zyprexa. I really feel like it's the best med for me.
  2. Incidentally, I also have no friends. I have a wife, but zero friends. I don't crave or desire friendship. I isolate myself pretty severely. Barely ever talk to my sisters or my family, except my mom and I are very close.
  3. I meant no offense. What I mean was that the perception of the diagnosis, in my mind, is similar to the perception of heroin, while being an opioid, is somehow categorically different than other opioids (it's not. and by the way, heroin is not illegal everywhere. In Canada it is used routinely for end-of-life care for things like cancer, sold under the brand name Diamorphine). Before I was diagnosed as having schizophrenia, I was diagnosed bipolar NOS and I never thought much about it. My perception of my new diagnosis is that it's somehow more severe or more of a big deal. I feel like even mo
  4. I worked in pharmacies for years and can honestly say I never heard anyone make kind of special request for any particular brand of clonazapem. They'll look different but in terms of how they function it'll be the same, except it'll look different. An Analogy: I know in my heart of hearts that Orijen is the best dry dog food money can buy, so I buy that, and if Orijen changed the bag tomorrow to include Comic Sans font, I'd still buy the food. The point is that if the med works for you, in all but a very small number of special cases you won't notice a difference between generics. That said, i
  5. I saw my doctor last week and made a big stink about carefully going through all the weirdness I'd been having (for years). After a thorough discussion, my diagnosis was changed from Bipolar NOS to paranoid schizophrenia. While I was absolutely not hoping for that diagnosis (although it came as no surprise to a girl I lived with and loved for 10 years), what I've said all along was that I'm not bipolar. (well, for the past few years I've felt that way). So in that sense I feel validated. In another sense, is it weird to feel like a dx like schizophrenia seems like a "big deal?" I liken it to
  6. Gabapentin definitely eases some depressive symptoms. It's a wonder drug for anxiety. They really need to look into this med more in clinical trials because it really, really can do amazing things for some people.
  7. Absolutely it does. Also, it definitely quells my drug cravings because i just feel....fine.
  8. I have a new pdoc. I just saw him on Saturday. Last week, i got severely agitated and 1. broke both of my e-cigs and 2. pulled a solid oak table apart with my bare hands. It absolutely terrified my fiancée. A few days later I had calmed down and decided I'd dig out my old Zyprexa 7.5 mg tabs. (side note: I've gained about 12 pounds in a week). So, I saw my new pdoc. As some of you may remember, I had been having supposed paranoid delusions and other assorted psychotic symptoms, but never told my pdoc in 11 years because I thought those things were normal. I really laid it out for my new
  9. I was a little bit wondering the same thing since I recently was put on a 2nd AAP. But the reality is that if you're functioning and your symptoms are under control you're probably in the right place. What I mean by that is, you should trust your pdoc's call as long as you're doing well. That's what really matters, after all.
  10. My diagnosis is Bipolar NOS, but I mostly have severe depressed episodes. Not getting out of bed, zero motivation, thoughts of suicide or dying. Things like that. I haven't tried many SSRIs (only zyprexa/prozac combo, actually) but may be going that route soon. The only things that have ever worked for me are antipsychotics. I have insisted my pdoc keep me on antipsychotics because when I am taken off of them, I crash hard. Hard. Fits of extreme rage, profound depression, breaking furniture, punching things until my knuckles break (seriously) and things like that. The thing is, I'm an adult no
  11. Without a sedating AAP I won't sleep at all, ever. Depressed episodes keep me up at night because I tend to half-sleep all day, and manic episodes make sleep impossible I'm currently on Saphris on top of Vraylar. When I started Vraylar I practically stopped sleeping altogether. What a mess. Saphris puts me to sleep in 10 minutes. Have you given Saphris a try? It's profoundly sedating. You might give ASMR videos a try, too. Those helped me sleep a little bit when I was not on the Saphris. I suggest the youtube channel WhispersUnicorn. So soothing.
  12. That's a heavy combo, but my advice is if it's working, stick with it. No sense in meddling where it could potentially be unhelpful or worse.
  13. I'm currently on Saphris and Vraylar, but I think it's temporary. Will (hopefully, if insurance will cover it) wind up going up to the max dose of Saphris and dumping the Vraylar. Vraylar worked like a miracle for me, but the insomnia was so severe I had to call it quits. They dropped me from 6mg to 1.5 mg and currenlty a modest 5mg of Saphris but it's working wonders.
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