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  1. stop pretending to be psychotic

    the fact that you're taking the loss of your account to be a message telling you that the past cannot be salvaged, all things must come to an end

    is not psychotic

    you're just fucking

    doing it


    1. Lexie


      i'm just going to sound annoying if i'm thinking about murdering everyone i met while using that account, right?

      and making artĀ from their dismembered corpses?

      A B C D there is nothing wrong with me

      ichi ni san shi there is nothing wrong with me

    2. amianthus


      you sound in quite some turmoil. I think you're right in that all things must come to an end, particularly things that burn or race or rage. things in extreme conflict tend to meet earlier ends than those at peace. but when I say end, I don't necessarily mean death or destruction. some endings are, ultimately, a relief. they make space for something else. we just have to find a way to stop them from reoccurring again and again and again.

      do you feel anger at the people you met?

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