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  1. That makes sense, of course, and thank you for the input about your husband's experience... But, does derealisation usually come with the noticing every detail about everything? Suddenly turning your head to look at the wall because you notice a scuff on the paint and it captures your full attention? I do agree that derealisation is a strong possibility, but I don't know if that explains the full picture... Which is what keeps me wondering, exactly what was happening then. And as a side note, my diagnosis keeps changing from doctor to doctor, so I'm not really sure.
  2. I don't think I experience this myself, but it sounds similar to my grandmother. She's bipolar and when she's depressed she smells all sorts of scents, usually really bad scents, which aren't there. I don't really know any more about her experience with it, though, and she's not on this site. Sorry.
  3. It isn't constant, but I do still feel a little like that at times ever since. I'll definitely keep consulting a neuro in mind (especially for if it comes back in force). And, I don't think I could function at all if it were constant, since it makes focusing sort of impossible when literally everything distracts you...
  4. This was really weird and came out of nowhere, so I tried investigating it on my own, but didn't really seem to find anything relevant... So. Recently I had this experience where everything started to seem really different somehow, like to the point that I didn't really recognise myself in the bathroom mirror, and lots of small objects seemed really different... But, I could actually pinpoint specific things about them which seemed odd and different (the toothpaste had a lot smeared around the cap, for example), so it makes me wonder if I was actually hyperattuned to actual changes, rather than imagining differences which weren't there. To add to that angle, I noticed every little thing--every sound, every slight contrast in texture or lighting, every random object in the room, etc. Every little thing caught my attention, like my brain was paying way too much attention to the environment. It almost seemed like what I've heard about hyperarousal. But on the other hand, I actually thought "Everything seems so different--maybe I've slipped into an alternate universe somehow? Or maybe some fundamental rules of the universe changed, and everything seems a little off after?"--which makes me think, jamais vu, or maybe dissociation of some sort... But, I haven't really been able to find anything which describes the full experience I had well, so I don't know what to call it or what may have caused it. Does it sound familiar to anyone else, or similar to something you've experienced? Do you have any information on it at all?
  5. I've had a haldol depot shot before and it made me really, really tired... and sort of totally out of it in general. Also gave me lots of EPS. :/
  6. False. The person below me has owned at least three different cars in the past decade.
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