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  1. Psychosis is actually sometimes part of BPD, but it's supposed to be clearly in response to stress, usually of the relationship variety. I'd favour your treating Pdoc's assessment too.
  2. I think disturbed sense of self is common in schizo-spectrum, too, so you may not have any other disorders. As always, though, symptoms go to a doctor.
  3. Depressants 'depress' the activity of (parts of) the nervous system. They don't necessarily cause psychiatric depression, though they can have all sorts of mood effects depending on the person, the specific substance, and other factors.
  4. For me, it's usually none of the above... I tend to do it as self-punishment. It's almost like the opposite of coping, in that I'm actively trying to destroy myself.
  5. It is possible to think things which aren't necessarily true without being delusional about them. I agree with dianthus on telling your doctors. This is probably relevant to your treatment.
  6. Karl Jenkins - Palladio (Luke Da Duke Remix)
  7. I enjoy being depressed. I mean, it's really painful at times, and completely empty at others, and all of that, but... The deeper I sink, the more I feel at peace. It's almost like I'm 'home'. Happiness, on the other hand... Even if I don't mind it, it always feels so frivolous. It might make a good tourist destination, but I wouldn't want to live there. I know I'm strange, though.
  8. shit i already fucked up Um. Let's try that again. Hi! My name is Lexie (not really) and I'm twenty-something years old (≤ 25). I like curling up in dark, cold, damp places with a warm blanket, especially if there's a door to shut and lock between me and whatever's out there watching me. I'm single, so if you also like dark, cold, damp places--sorry, no vacancies! I've been a shut-in since I finished high school, but I manage to get by via Methods™. Most of my time is spent either in my head or online, either thinking or chatting. As for interests, I particularly like Japanese media (anim
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