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  1. Im doing now 3 times a week BJJ but i miss the boxing. I do also running 30min and swimming im an athlete but i dont want my cognition to be impaired. Can someone explain to me what is the connection between CTE and superfluous dopamine since dementia results in the inability of the mind to produce dopamine. Kinda hard to understand. Was my decission stopping the boxing after 1 years and a half doing it correct? I was training twice a week. I would really appreciate ur replies since noone really care about this thread or about me hhahah. Thank you very much
  2. well its been 2 years ive trained muay thai and bjj... last week i got my first concussion i went to the hospital and they let me out. im taking a break of at least 3 months from the muay thai and im only doing bjj. But i think ill reconsider the muay thai affair again since i dont want to get the CTE syndrome additonaly to my mental illness. i dont want dementia in early age.. but the muay thai kept away my violent desires.so i dont know what to think are there schizophrenics who train full contact martial arts... Im schizoaffective btw.. my docto was really reluctant for me to do this sport
  3. I think iv been hearing voices during a manic episode internals ones but also voices with commands internal does it mean im schizo whatever plz answer me. Because during the conversations i thought i lost track where iam like i lost contact with realty with a lot of delusions of grandeur
  4. Ok so my sleep wasnt too good for a while i travaled to italy with my parents and i was keep thinking im the main charcter of a movie then strange things begun to happen it was like i was talking to someone for example my dad when he left i was keep thinking im talking to him then i had those non stop conversation in my head with people ive met in all my life telling them i dont wanna take ap dont like mt meds my life and blah blah. I think those conversations is ocd but i havent sleeping well sometimes i sleep 9 hours sometime 4 with sleep disturbances. Can someone tell me whats wrong . Is i
  5. i dont know why but i have very short psychosis always when i feel my mood becomes too extreme like thinking im a prophet for me cannabis triggers also psychosis and im always afraid when im psychotic is it normal? when im manic i feel insane when i become psychotic i feel afraid. i dont know but i havent slept for 2 days although i took medications i became very irritated started screaming on my mother later on my doctor when i went outside i felt like my visions starts to become very sharp and people talking in the streets echoed in my ears then i look on people face and i was a little bit s
  6. Im bipolar i quit geodon 60mg without reducing dosage what withdrawl symptoms to expect im on lithium so i understand mania wont happen but i have strong ocd and i dont want medications for that my ocd is body dysmorphic disorder which cause me my first mania.
  7. so heres the story how i became bipolar and how my OCD became mania.when i was a kid i once shaved above my eyebrows alittle area of the forehead i dont know why i did that but it was a moment of crazyiness guys in my school saw the hair on my forehead and laughed behind my back and called me monkey i really regret that moment and i didnt know what to do when i turn out 20 i decided to electrolysis this part and when i was convinced there was no hair there the mania began i felt like i was the king of the world suddenly i felt a rush of confidence i was in the army and my behavior was rude a
  8. i also feel like i had more motivation in sport etc like i spent hours at gym working out and swimming now i dont have that energy its sad.
  9. i had a manic episode while i was on geodon and zoloft 150 does it mean im bipolar? im on lithium now and dont feel optimistic and self confident like i was on zoloft why is that...
  10. I think when ur on 3 antipsychotics and get off one that doesnt count im talking about weaning from antipsychotics without switching or replacing the aap
  11. Hi i was on 120 mg of geodon for almost half a year now im supposed to get off i dont know what to expect i mean if the taper is slow like 20 mg every 2 weeks will i be able to function normally i mean work gym etc? Im also scared of getting td in the weaning process... has anyone here got off geodon or antipsychotic without switching to another antipsychotic? Im currently on lithium 900 mg and geodon 120 mg i take both before sleep...what shall i expect?
  12. What about tardive dyskensia when ur withdrawing from an antipsychotic will it persist i mean right now i dont have signs of td but i will start geodon withdrawl soon.. so do u think ill be ok i tried once to lower the dose not by my pdoc instructions from 120 to 80mg i experienced td symptoms for 5 hours then it went away could anyone explain this to me . I was on 80 for a almost a week then my pdoc told me to return to 120 and shes the one who decides the withdrawl program. I had also td signs when i was increasing the dose from 80 to 120 for 5 hours my tongue did involuntary movements than
  13. Well for me being manic is like i have another identity my other identity loves power violence speak with self confidence thinks night and day about sex looking for dangerous adventures and cant stay still i feel restless cant stop speaking when i was at college people thought that i have split identity or something like that that was before i knew what bipolar is or been diagnosed correctly i didnt even think there was something wrong with me
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