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  1. So sorry my beautiful friends...I wish my phone dinged every time someone wrote something lol.... yes I told my husband that it felt so good to say what I was going through and someone know what I was talking about instead of looking at me like I was crazy. Yesterday my friend invited me to walk around a track with her while her son practiced for soccer.... for 2 hours! But it felt soooooo delish! But of course I forgot to turn on the pedometer on my phone ?
  2. Good morning! Yes things are looking brighter. Getting help from the Moncrief cancer Institute! I'm on the waiting list to see a therapist, my new dietitian set that up for me ! I'm very excited! Thanks for asking .
  3. Guess what? ! Today I had my appointment with the Moncrief cancer Institute for survivors and I just let it all out... cried and cried... I couldn't help it though but it felt damn good! So gonna start yoga soon and therapy and exercise hopefully all together along with meds things will get better ?
  4. Thank you so much for your story and for the name of the med that has worked for you! ? Not yet Lifequake.... I am hoping to get a therapist soon. And thank you!
  5. Pahahaaa! This guy ? If today's your birfday....?
  6. Hi everyone. ..I am new here and I have been off and on depressed since I was a kid. More so since I had to have a total histerectomy (sp) back in January of 2014 ? I was 38 and still had hopes of giving my husband a biological child. It still fuck me up....then to top it all off I am over weight with obviously eating disorders.
  7. Guilty,sleepy, fat ? #foodaddiction #bulimic
  8. Hi y'all.... I am 39 and exhausted ? When will this hell end? That moment when you're in the grocery store and you find yourself going down the snack cake isle .... heart starts to race ,you even start to get panicky and hot all over almost break into a sweat hoping that the strong hold of food addiction and the need to purge surpasses. ..... but it doesn't ? That bastard wins again! Next you find yourself in the parking lot looking around hoping that no one is around to witness what's about to happen..... I WANT TO FREE ! I WANT TO LIVE LIFE NORMALLY ! WHYYYYYYY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? TO YOU?
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