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  1. The folic acid issue your referring to is the mthfr gene mutation. You would need to get genetic testing to see if you have it. It's basically an issue with poor methylation.
  2. That's much different mik. I thought this was a byproduct of the meds . takeachillpill My close friend had the procedure done. She continually has blood issues and needs B12 shots regularly because she gets so weak. She also had surgery to remove the excess skin
  3. Mik I'm using a phone right now so I can't see the full list of your meds but have you checked to see if anyone of them could possibly be altering Ghrenlin levels? I'm not an expert but I know a great deal of information on peptides. Your current meds can be altering Ghrenlin levels which would increase hunger.. I wouldn't be so quick to jump on the fact you have a disorder. Ghrenlin makes the calls and you have no choice but to follow. This binge eating you describe can totally be explained by this peptide. It's not in your control so it totally can be mislabeled as binge eating. I don't even think a typical dr or psychiatrist would even pick this connection up. I never comment on your posts because they usually are over my head lol.... but I read every one of your posts. BUT this one I had to comment on. Don't rush for that diagnoses code so quickly. Something has changed .
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapastinel https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apimostinel Both molecules will revolutionize current medication treatments as we know it. Trials are already being conducted. They both have none of the side effects of Ketamine. Once the patent was applied for the structure was released not long after. Both are already being synthesized ,sold and used by "nootropic enthusiasts" . Basically you can buy them now for "experimental purposes" . Yes , they are for sale. They aren't illlegal . These drugs make Ketamine look like an antique in comparison. I have spent countless hours studying both drugs. All of the data is available. One is injectable and one will be in pill form. Glyx -13 will more then likely hit the market before Nrx-1074 . Also Nrx -1074 already has a competitor Av-101. This is just from wiki. If you read the real papers on them it will blow your mind. This are the future not Ketamine. Both have been granted "fast track" status. The FDA is beyond slow. I'm not sure where I read it but it costs about a Billion dollars to bring a medication to market.
  5. Does anyone have any data related to the dosage curves of Cymbalta? I can only find a majority of data on Ssri meds. Yes I know what literature says in terms of what should be used for OCD. I'm currently on 7 1/2 mg of Prozac, 12.5mg of Lamictal and 15 mg of Deplin have no issues with OCD ATM. I know that cymbalta is 4 fold stronger then typical ssri meds . Also any experience from switching from an ssri to snri after being on ssri for many years would be helpful
  6. notloki As a forum moderator he has to say that because we aren't doctors. The below forum will help you with all of your questions. http://survivingantidepressants.org You will find the suggested regime involved takes much longer then reversing the process. A much slower tapering would be used
  7. I'm currently trying lamictal at a very low dose for ocd. Next visit Ill go up to 25mg. I'm currently at 12.5mg which probably does nothing at this low dose I also started deplin...
  8. The reading I have done in regards to administration of Kexamine it's usually infusion or injection.
  9. Don't give up. I know the usual method is infusion. This might take longer.
  10. So you have enough for 2 days correct? Have you experienced and negative side effects after administration? I've read it can cause temporary disassociation.
  11. If it's not in a blog no worries as long and you keep us updated .. I think this will be the first post with experiences with ketamine.. I can't wait to see how you progress. What the max duration they will supply you with the nasal spray? I guess I'm eluding to how long is the max you can be treated using this method? I also read on treatment lamictal can not be used.. I guess it nullifies the effects of Ketamine
  12. Please keep Blog or a written diary for us to follow.. I look forward to this.
  13. Thanks Jt is there someway we can convert my current Prozac thread to a blog? What section should I put the Genomind results minus my name and personal information? I also put it in my blog but what others to see what it looks lime Link to my blog that has Genomind results. I'm still trying to figure out how to blog
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