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  1. I am soo happy for you notloki, I really am because I cannot adjust to any medication now. I don't know if it's my age or whether I did not give the medicine enough time or by upping the dose as what happened to you. How long did you give it before you noticed a difference? Are you still on Abilify now? Purple
  2. Hi Iceberg ~ I just had a gene study for mental health medications. It came back showing me as being an ultra-rapid metabolizer which means 99% of the drugs won't work with me. I have tried everything. The only two drugs that worked were Zonegran (developed many kidney stones even though I drank alot of water) and Depakote (which damaged my liver and now have chronic hyperammonia). Everything else had intolerable side effects. Most psych docs give up on me right away, which is where this new psych doc is heading now, he literally threw up his hands in my face several weeks ago. I w
  3. Thank you mcjimjam ~ like your nick *smiles* Good suggestion. I do have a bottle of Abilify (2mg) at home which I will take with me when I see my psych doc. I have been off of Rexulti now for 5 days and feeling much better. I was feeling quite intense side effects right out the gate. I could deal with most but it was the confusion that scared me and when my psych doc heard that, he wanted me off of it immediately. I couldn't recognize things, I didn't know where I was, nothing made sense to me. What scared me most was wondering if that is what Alzheimers feels like. Thank you for
  4. I'm sorry to hear that breeny ~ what is your prescribing doctor saying about this? Are you going to stay on this, increase dose or go off of it? I have heard that docs leave us on medications for up to two months to see what affect it has on us before making decisions. What do you want to do? Thank you for sharing your experience with me. Yes, my depression got much worse with only being on it 5 days, along with the scary confusion. Now that I have been off of Rexulti a week, my depression is lessening and I can function, whereas all I could do was sit in my recliner day after day,
  5. Hi notloki ~ Was that Abilify or Rexulti you are referring to? I could withstand all of the side effects of Rexulti, but confusion. The confusion issue was extreme, it got to the point I did not recognize my surroundings, it was that scary. Did you have any confusion like this? When you said "Wow" at 10 mg, can you be more specific? Thank you for your valued response notloki *smiles* Purple
  6. Hi Iceburg ~ No, he gave me no other option. After reviewing the gene study thru GenOMind, I am in a category that with most of the behavioral meds I will over-react to and historically in the last 50 years of trying all these drugs, it happened to me. Doctors in the past would excuse me from their practice claiming that I was not trying, when in fact, there was a genuine reason. He felt this is the cleanest drug on the market that will have a very low side effect profile. Thank you for your valued response *smiles* Purple Thank you mcjimjam ~ that sounds like a ver
  7. I was on Olanzapine for about one year and during that time I did excessive spending which may have caused lowering impulse control and consequently am now in bankruptcy. Have been off Olanzapine since December, 2018. In March went on Seroquel and experienced manic situations, where I was out of control (never had this happen to me before). I became excessively hostile towards a clerk in Walgreens, reduced my veterinarian to tears and alienated alot of my neighbors by my raging. We upped the Seroquel thinking I was having my first manic episode, it only made everything worse. Sinc
  8. About a month ago, a neighbor that lives in my apartment community has started pounding on my front door all hours of the night. It's random. Now, we are talking about pounding, not just politely knocking. Most of it occurs around 3:30 am. I have been to the property manager and they will do nothing, I have called the police and they will do nothing as they are calling it simple harassment. When the pounding starts, it wakes me out of a deep sleep, usually and by the time I get to the door, whomever, is long gone. I have a neighbor that I can call when this starts and she will look out her
  9. Could you elaborate on what a template for trauma is all about? Purple
  10. Have been working at a friendship for the past year. Recently my patience has grown very thin and thinking she may have a "shelf-life". Yesterday I had a very important doctors appt with my sleep medicine doctor that I could not miss. I am prone to migraine that makes me to ill to do anything for 3 days. Anyway, keeping that in mind, my friend, let's say her name is Ann, while having lunch at her home, tells me to check out her new pen as it has a new feature she wants to show me and points a LED beam directly into my eyes, hours before my appt, then immediately says she's sorry. Las
  11. Happened to me once too, never figured out why this happened, but it was something that stayed with me as a question mark. Purple.
  12. I moved to this independent living home a year ago. Most of the residents here have caregivers, have various degrees of alzheimers, the rescue squad comes daily and I am the youngest one here. I would move but I don't have the cash to do so at this point. My issue is, I am disabled, can't drive anymore and am stuck in my apartment for the most part and 66 years old (young?) and trying to make new friends. All family is deceased and friends too, so I am starting over. This one friend I invested alot of time in this past year announced to me recently that I am not sophisticated. I have been
  13. Thank you ananke I am having alot of trouble reconciling what happened to me yesterday. Going thru many different layers of emotions. Slept most of the day away today trying to get away from all this. Still my mood is soo up and down. I have no protectors in my life, so there is no one to turn to when things like this happen. She could have had plans to drop me off and leave me there and God only knows what would have happened to me, but that's paranoid thinking.
  14. A neighbor asked me to travel with her to her daughters home to deliver some goods. I agreed. I thought her daughter lived close by, I was not told where she lived when we started out, I just assumed. After driving 20 miles on the highways I asked where we were going. The location was then disclosed.... 80 miles from where we lived and far out in the country. I froze. It was never disclosed we were going to be gone this far. I am disabled and have neurological conditions that make me ill when traveling in the car for long periods of time. The neighbor is 84 years old (I'm 66) and the car
  15. Be sure you randomly check ammonia levels in your blood and also possibly have a baseline ultrasound of your liver. Even though my liver values remained stable, I developed Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and because my liver does not adequately clear UREA, it now passes ammonia into my blood stream which can be dangerous. I am taking Lactalose to help bind the ammonia from my blood to pass it out of my system. If in 4 months I do not see any difference in my next ammonia test, I will ask for more medication to treat the ammonia. Because these are the two well known side effects, other tha
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