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  1. It's been years since my last serious relationship and I haven't even had a boyfriend at all for two years. For two years I haven't even gotten past the first date and mostly I've just thrown myself into work. I'm not sure anyone else could fit into my life now, what little relationship skills I bad are gone. Now I try to date but when the guy starts texting me it feels like way too much and gives me a lot of anxiety. I don't know why guys like to text every second of the day, guys I've dated before practically yelled at me for texting them more than once in a row. But I have social anxie
  2. Yes, women test men. This doesn't sound like a test, it sounds like erratic behavior from someone who has a temper.
  3. I just hate confrontation. My mother says that when I was little anyone could look at me the wrong way and I would burst into tears. Seriously, I keep the tears inside now but things have barely changed. I mean, every one in a while I can shake things off but mostly even something that remotely sounds like a rebuke has me sitting at my desk, immobilized and ruminating over what the person said. And I have a bad feeling that I'm not good enough and I'm not doing well enough at my job. I have a lot of run-ins with this particular coworker and I'm always confused whether it's that she
  4. Thanks JT. I did some writing and felt better last night. I'm at work tho now and have nothing to do! I think... I can't concentrate, I keep thinking about how my coworker hates me and how a staff member chewed me out yesterday.
  5. I'm so sad and all I can do is lay here in bed and watch TV. I don't even want dinner. I know it's my illness but it's hard to really know it. I'm sad and lonely and I wish I wasn't this person who is incapable of relationships.
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