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  1. Maybe it's a new type of pez dispenser
  2. What's this? Wrong answers only
  3. They want to form an iron ring around our city to prevent people from coming and going. I am not entirely upset by this because I wasn't really going places. But it's scary AF. There are about 100 active cases in the community of the variant plus a nursing home with 50 deaths. My reading goals have gone out the window, and I watch stupid tik tok videos.
  4. Trump threatens the lives of the people that work in direct contact with him. He threated the life of his driver by leaving the hospital to make an appearance. The lives of the people who work beneath him are of no consequence to him. He can't stop and consider how he might infect others around him. No humility and no humanity.
  5. Just remember Pence is his predecessor. I don't wish death on him. Hopefully this will humanize him at best, and some his supporters will stop thinking prayer alone will save them from a potentially crippling, and deadly virus.
  6. I haven't done inner child work. It seems interesting. I know that my childhood for the most part was good. There were some bad bits but for the most part my family kept up with the joneses; we lived in middle class suburbia in a very peaceful, quiet town. I did a lot of kid things- i got to enjoy summer camp, horses, and friends. I enjoyed a good self-esteem at times in my youth. I celebrated a Norman Rockwell Christmas. Just somewhere along the way the dream became broken and my life took a confusing turn. There are hurt bits but the happy bits outnumbered the hurt bits a lot. It'
  7. I try to avoid this. I am naturally introverted and can be withdrawn in the presence of others. It's a self protective mechanism but my brain needs some form of socializing even if it's just friendly banter with a grocery clerk. I just assume we're all fucked up on some level. I have "normal" friends who have some demons that they deal with daily. I try to remind myself to just keep trying. Self isolating causes me to blow up my fears bigger than they are. It just becomes my own self fulfilling prophecy if I shrink down socially too much. I try to normalize my experiences. I h
  8. That was literally the start for me. Once the damage was done I took over from there. People doing shitty things and trust issues can leave you trapped.
  9. I have a hard time sussing out which came first. I think I was susceptible and started displaying patterns of emotional vulnerability since I was 12. Sprinkle on some major life events/trauma and then I was a total wreck and my symptoms could look like some other forms of "mental illness" but it was mostly just reoccurring trauma. As I got away from traumatic events I just experienced dysthymia/anhedonia with what looked like mixed depression. Doing actual work on this now with low doses of antidepressant to help me sleep. It's helping. What I know is when you feel bad everything
  10. I had a severe episode of agitated depression/anxiety in my youth, and consistent anxiety and fluctuating depression from age 30 until now. As a teen I was depressed with a lot of energy. I remember a friend commenting on how I can't sit still. I couldn't. I felt like I had to move to accommodate my internal energy. A lot of major life stressors caused the state as a teen but it carried on into a few episodes, and it sometimes almost seems like it's partly my permanent state in some way.
  11. I disclosed that she had an enabling role when a lot of the abuse happened. There were moments she engaged my stepfather it seemed in some of his behavior and at the tender age of 11 I called her out on it. The fact she took off because "it stressed her" is kind of telling. Jeeze imagine how your kid felt after being molested and having to withstand a 6 hour disclosure session with the police. Or imagine how your child felt when they were treated to physical abuse by a sibling at their incitement. All because mom felt threatened by her daughter talking about her issues with a t
  12. I have a relative who has been a sorta surrogate/ adoptive parent to me who disclosed a bit of info I never knew about in terms of my abuse and abusers. Both my parents abused me (mother and stepfather) the abuse was physical/sexual and emotional. When I was 13 I reported my stepdad for sexual abuse. My adoptive mom said my bio mom tried to block the report from going through because it was too embarrassing for her. My bio mom then took off on vacation citing things were too stressful (fair enough). I found out that my adoptive parents made sure the charges were laid because my bi
  13. I cut ties with my mom. It was hard at first. I felt like the guilty party but I just refused contact because she wouldn't say sorry and acted like a lot of horrific things she did were "a hissy fit" on my part. She moved on to destroy her relationships with literally all of the remainder of my biological family. Just screwed people over, lied and behaved awfully. It goes to show that it wasn't just me in the end. But this did it's damage and it makes me feel like I have to hose down my own dna. I feel guilty and screwed over at the same time. Her personality type makes
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