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  1. From GlaxoSmithKline website: "Cardiac Conduction Abnormalities: One placebo-controlled trial that compared electrocardiograms at baseline and during treatment, demonstrated a mild prolongation of the P- R interval associated with LAMICTAL administration. The prolongation was statistically significant but clinically insignificant. Patients with significant cardiovascular disease or electrocardiographic abnormalities were, however, systematically excluded from clinical trials. Thus, LAMICTAL should be used with caution in patients with cardiac conduction abnormalities, and in patients taking concomitant medications which depress AV conduction." Not sure what to make of that. Seeing new psychiatrist tomorrow and will just going over info.
  2. I dropped the seroquel to 150mg but increased my lamictal dose to 100mg and it climbed higher above 100 bpm after the lamictal dose. I was at 200mg seroquel and when I increased lamictal to 50mg I noticed my heart rate climbed. I was on 200mg seroquel for a month prior before adding lamictal and it was almost normal. Just noticed it climbing after increasing lamictal to 50mg.
  3. It's a side effect I developed months within starting it 🙁. I would say as early 3 months of starting it and took me another 6 months of saying that 80 to 110bpm was not my usual resting hr.
  4. Ok. So I went down in dose in seroquel to 150mg (not 175mg). I went back down to 25 mg lamictal instead of going up from 50mg to 100mg. Guess what. Heart rate dropped. Almost back to my usual self.
  5. Thanks. So if I taper do I just cut the pills in half. I notice they can be cut in half
  6. I called my pharmacist and she doesn't know. She said less than 1% experience tachycardia. Don't know if it is a synergistic effect of seroquel combined doing it. Going down in dose of seroquel tonight as scheduled by my doctor
  7. Okay. Annoyed at some things that are understandable. Want to find a better job
  8. So I had hopes Lamictal was going to play nice with me physically. I increased the dose, and voila resting heart rate jumps another 30-50 bpm. My resting hr was 55 bpm to 65 bpm. Now its 85 to 110. I exercise almost daily. Can run 10 miles in about 1hr 30mins. Something isn't adding up. Coming off seroquel too and I am dropping to 175mg xr tonight as suggested by a doctor. My doctor also confirmed it was the seroquel. My hr had started to drop, but as soon as I increased lamictal to 50mg it went back up. Took 100mg a few hours ago and I am literally back where I started and worse.
  9. They are. There seems to be a prejudice against axis 1 vs. axis 2 diagnoses. Axis 2 diagnosis is pd diagnosis, and seems to be the one people discriminate against. A while back I was on a mental health chat that refused to discuss borderline PD and other PD's.
  10. When the pot screams the kettle is black there is usually something wrong with them. Painting someone with such broad strokes as tigers and bulls and trying to suggest to others do same screams narcissism to me. Nobody enjoys having a mental illness. Besides there is that debate that borderline is actually a mental condition- like bipolar. It hurts to feel the way we do and it wouldn't actually hurt to show some compassion. Not label people as animals.
  11. We had a guy in my city who allegedly has Asperger's claim he was starting an incel revolution and mowed down about 16 people with a rental van. He killed 10 people, mostly women, and a few elderly people. This is not anything against anyone with Aspergers. Most of you contribute to society in wonderful ways. This guy was lost and got sucked into this crazy movement. The funny part is as a woman I feel hated a lot even without the incel movement. If I come across as too loud, assertive or strong I am suddenly unlikeable because I don't act demure and coy. To be honest I want to punch half of society in it's collective stupid pie hole on good days for various reasons, men and women. I've been yelled at for not smiling, or for merely making steamy shit piles who call themselves men feel insecure over a tiny slight. Yeah I got some work shit going on and the stupidity is at an all time high there so it's contributing to my feeling a bit spicy.
  12. I work for a non-profit with setting up donations. The job is easy, and usually quiet. Sometimes there's drama but for the most part it's pretty chill. It's full-time and the money is consistent.
  13. I try to feel joy. It's natural for me to be feel scared. Maybe more scared than what is considered normal. Sometimes it's a chore to go out and appear normal. I get comfortable with certain people and I have an inner circle of friends who help me feel a sense of normalcy, but it takes a little more out of me to attempt "normalcy." Not sure I have atypical depression. I can't sleep at all sometimes; I feel like I am stuck in this rage loop, and it takes clonazepam to take me down a few notches along with a heavy workout at the gym. A lot of times it takes some anxiolytic med for me to want to talk to people.
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