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  1. This sounds like he is lying. Sorry Jacqui, your bud’s a liar, or either you’re lying. Like how the hell is he cumming when he’s spewing litres of blood out of two other orifices. most guys I know would go to a hospital if they bled out of their dick alone. $10 says he didn’t go to the doctor either.
  2. Job Change.  Activate Anxiety---

    1. echolocation


      best of luck!! job changes are very scary.

  3. I remember waiting an hour and a half for some fucking psychiatrist to tell me I needed to relax and exercise. I was division 1 athlete and I still exercise 5-7 days a week. I wasn’t sleeping. When I acted annoyed at his response he said that was a borderline tendency, and labeled me with borderline. He spent about 5 minutes with me.
  4. My brain “try not to worry” also my brain “ ooohh crowds! Let’s throw a panic attack here”
  5. I find I get the really ridiculous ones… like I hate Tarot cards and think psychics are kinda bullshit. But those are the ads I get and they seem directed almost intentionally to annoy me.
  6. well I got it done and my arm is a tiny bit sore but nothing dramatic to write home about.
  7. I just wanted to share. I don't think I'll ever go shopping without a mask ever again though. It's nice being incognito and being able to make screwed up faces at people without them realizing it.
  8. Anyone who has RAM in big bold letters on the back of their truck gives off small dick energy vibes Sorry Ram Truck drivers who feel adequately endowed
  9. I think I find dating hard normally due to issues with ptsd, and anxiety. The pandemic gives me a free pass to say no.
  10. I currently have no romantic life by choice-- not interested, pandemic etc. I look outwardly normal. Inwardly I don't feel that way. I have kept working, but I find maintaining a professional life difficult because I find my anxiety bad at times and people can be dicks about it.
  11. I wish people extended condolences to survivors of abusive mothers, or those who just never had mothers. It's a beautiful thing to have a strong supportive bond with one's mother. Some of us have had to disconnect ourselves from our mothers and build boundaries we've had taken away from us or were never taught.
  12. Fellow insomniac here. I sleep 4 hours without waking up I consider it a win. I've gone a few nights without sleeping. I've gone a week without sleeping. There is something interesting I read about sleep where often when you enter the first phase of sleep you often don't realize you're sleeping. I've think I often hit the first phase of sleep but didn't realize I slept. I get like this when I'm anxious.
  13. I get a bit of sleep paralysis now and then. For me my trigger is stress.
  14. If you think about it it's like a zombie apocalypse. They're stupid and slow and mill around in large groups. Don't get too close and you'll be fine. But if you get too close they'll cough on you, give you covid, and try to sell you an mlm product, and tell you microchips are in the vaccine.
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