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  1. I honestly thought the disorder has been ruled out of the DSM-5
  2. The real question is is will there be a budget for soap and showers I am going to start an underground railway so y'all can come stay with me in Canada
  3. Yep he sure is. Thankfully he isn't running my country but we do have a few idiot dough boys who inspire the same racist bigotry up here. Thankfully, guns are illegal.
  4. @Blahblah It seems to be the way with him; incite hate and then step away and blame a specific subset of our population rather than the other issues, like easy access to guns and the hateful rhetoric he spews. He's a dangerous narcissist. Also the Las Vegas gunman seemed to be completely sane and calculated.
  5. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/08/trump-mass-shootings-mental-illness-issue-el-paso-dayton.html
  6. Yes. But I was only prescribed it prn. I never needed more than .5 mg of clonazepam and I never needed a lot of ativan either. I found it helped with work anxiety. It just isn't necessary especially if I am not doing anything on the weekend.
  7. I was thinking I might try the lamotrigine once off seroquel. If does the tachycardia thing again without the seroquel on board I'll consider other options.
  8. It is so very hard to diagnose: hypomania can really be pleasant and look nothing like illness. I went through a happy phase heading into my 20's that is hard to even tell if I was hypo, or euthymic. Stressful event happens and everything slides downhill. My depression was strange, and horribly paranoid afterwards. The doctor even said maybe you're a bit bipolar. Then no one agreed. Was a bit hypo when I tried topomax but was very even keel after adjusting to it. Thought the up phase reminded me of my early 20s. But when you're 20 being vivacious and happy is typical right? On antidepressants I always felt not quite right and anxious. Adding clonazepam seemed to keep me on even keel. So hard to decide what is going on. My doctors can't even decide.
  9. I was untreated for a long time. My first signs of trouble began in my teens (eating disorder, self harm, suicidal ideation, depression, reactionary psychosis /ptsd)
  10. I had an up phase (I think) in my early 20's. That's it. I was happy at age 28 to 30 then depressed with a panic disorder by age 32
  11. I think hypomania can be poorly understood. Dysphoria and anger seem to be hallmarks when things aren't well for me. I am up and down at the same time. Agitated, can't sleep, argumentative. The world is going to shit. I have no magical plans to save it. I'd rather watch it burn.
  12. They have worked. I took 40mg of citalopram for 3 years with no ill affect. Low doses lexapro have worked as well. I might stay on low doses of seroquel. Tried abilify for a few days and it was horribly activating.
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