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  1. Job Change.  Activate Anxiety---

    1. echolocation


      best of luck!! job changes are very scary.

  2. Just feel it's so hard to reconnect with people.  The one's who wish to reconnect are so hard on me.  The ones who could be genuinely helpful have left.

  3. Why do I feel so worthless and disconnected ftom everyone.

  4. I signed up for facebook a week ago and I already want to shut it down.

    1. M@ri


      Yep, FB is like that sometimes. It's ok to get out 

    2. Blahblah


      It drives me mental much of the time, but addictive and I keep scrolling any moment I am bored. I hate it but can't quit it.

    3. wookie


      I just find it ridiculous.  My biggest pet peeve is if you can't say it to the person's face or over the phone- don't send a poison pen text/email or make a passive aggressive fb about your annoyance.  So much communication yet it seems to make us dumber.

  5. Sometimes when an acquaintance posts the absolute craziest shit on fb I wonder if I am really crazy, or if they're in need of an intervention of some kind

  6. 100mg of seroquel IR is the ultimate cure for taking pity dick out of your mouth

  7. Not in a good place atm

  8. I feel like I have gotten worse on this journey.  Everything is a struggle and I just wonder if I'll feel better by just disappearing.  

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    2. wookie


      I've lost so many people.  All I feel is shame.  If they loved me they would've tried  to help me.

    3. BipolarSpinster


      If you disappear, you'll never get the chance to make more friends. And you will.

      I'm on the verge of sleeping, but please know I care. Things always get better even if it takes awhile.

    4. wookie


      Thank you internet stranger

  9. I think my work environment is killing me

  10. Sorry I was a ball of self loathing last week.  I am doing better now.

  11. did some retail therapy.  had a nap.  I am fucking useless at life.

  12. I had a bad yesterday.  I felt paranoid. felt like everyone at work hates me or is referring to me in their conversations. Upped my AD.  Think it's helping 

    1. Dr. Marshall

      Dr. Marshall

      I'm sorry to hear that wookie, I used to have it too, maybe it would be good to see your pdoc. Hope it will pass soon.

    2. wookie


      Things are not going well. without a pdoc at this time

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