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  1. Thank you for posting this. Some professionals and people still don't understand that people don't respond in neat patterned ways as expected to trauma. I've been told to get over it. It explains why I might try to rationalize abuse done to me soon after it happened and then process it differently years later. If there was little chance of escape normalizing something might be a rational response. It was amazing how people who could have helped me back then also chose to rationalize my situation rather than react and help.
  2. Crying at the drop of a hat and being barely functional and terrified of people makes for a low quality of life. Meds provide a bit of clarity and the ability to move beyond life's snags.
  3. I have had a bunch of labels and some are still not so clear (including bipolar II) I've stopped worrying so much about the label and focused more on what will help me; meds, and counselling. The course I've taken for treating mainly depression and anxiety has been a better plan of action thus so far.
  4. I just want to say I am sorry for your loss first of all. And I think regretting anything in the past is normal, when someone passes on. It sounds like you made up for it by trying to help them move.
  5. I have with a tremor without AD's. My tremor was pointed out to me, when I was on no meds. My therapist noticed it. Months later after starting an AD I went to see an optometrist (while on clonzepam as well). She pointed out I was shaking. I didn't notice as I felt chill on .75mg clonzepam. So I don't think it began with an AD. I sometimes wonder if I sort of hurt my neck. I had some jaw issues for a while (TMJ) and had rough time after major dental surgery. It just sort of seemed to come on.
  6. I was diagnosed by a nurse practitioner and my gp during a neuro evaluation with an essential tremor. It didn't surprise me as my tdoc and optometrist commented on my tremor, as well as my boyfriend. It affects my head and neck and to some extent my hands mildly. I've read up on the drugs that can be used: Primidone, gabapentin, topiramate, beta blockers. I feel hopeful as I have a slice of depression and anxiety. Antidepressants keep me focused and somewhat sane. Without them I just can't deal with shit. I have anxiety and don't like using clonazepam too much as I think it can trigger depression even while I am on ads. So I am hopeful the treatment for my tremor might kill two birds with one stone. Did anyone out there find their treatment for tremors made them feel less anxious as well.
  7. I just want to say hello. I have depression and anxiety, ptsd, and some other fun label that my GP gave me- essential tremors of my neck/head. Got an appointment to see both my psych and neurologist in a week. I also just want to say hello.
  8. I've been branded MDD /PTSD and I mostly exist in the dysthymic range. I am socially phobia, with some panic issues and have some other weird ass phobias. Moved to an area where jobs suck, and I am not so good with the general public face-to-face. So I took the first job that was offered. A call center. It really isn't so bad except it just has the effect of being like chinese water torture after saying the same thing day in, and day out, in a dirty overcrowded office where usually someone breaks down crying each day. My concern is I was prescribed clonzepam which is honestly hit or miss for me. To be honest I wish I never met the drug. I don't take it every day and I do not misuse it ( I usually take .25 mg or .5 mg at the most) I just wish there was a better alternative. I currently take 10mg of citalopram which doesn't always cut it. Or maybe it's all in my head. I want to stop meds but then I think I will be screwed if I do. Off meds I would have horrible insomnia and anger. I was having my anxiety spikes at work, and slightly obsessive thinking. So I stop what I am doing, or leave the room. But as call centers go you usually don't have that luxury. I also think I may have PMDD as the anger and anxiety usually mounts about a week before the communists enter the funhouse (or aunt flo visits, or whatever). Pre-meds I was a mess during this point of my cycle, where I couldn't sleep and I'd go into a rage over an issue from 1 yr, 5 yrs, or maybe 20 yrs ago. I'm screwed, but I feel better having left work now. I'm also new here.
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