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  1. But why would these drugs be overused among the elderly? And what amount constitutes overuse? If death is a side effect of taking antipsychotics then that's a clear warning to avoid them. Sometimes I overeat on bananas but that doesn't mean they'd ever kill me lol.
  2. The FDA have warned that side effects may include death. So severe brain damage is a common 'side effect' of these drugs, and ECT etc. So many people I've talked with have been affected the same way as me whereas before, we were perfectly fine. Our claim is that before the drugging, we were happy, normal and fine and as soon as the drugging commenced, problems ensued resulting in heavy brain damage. That is our claim. Take it or leave it. But if you seek for similar testimonies you will find them. And try to remember we're all different. We all react differently to different things. We have different blood types for instance, different genetic make ups so what you may respond to well, I and many others may react to violently. That's science. And you may have missed the part where I said the official Risperdal Consta website warns of possible allergic reaction to the drug. Well, in case you're unaware, many severe allergic reactions have been known to cause death.
  3. It was more than just turning over a table. It was the fear that my family felt which they conveyed to the authorities. I said that "I'd blow up the house", which obviously I didn't mean, but they felt threatened by that and so all that was conveyed to the authorities. It was the conflict that came about from my feelings of wanting things to improve, cleanliness wise, in the house that I grew up in. And the reason I turned over the table was because it had a heavy build up of stuff instead of being used properly as a kitchen table. Obviously the gentle approach is always better. I made a mistake and let my emotions get the better of me instead of resorting to peace, love and calm to resolve the family situation. Besides, this is Ireland, not wherever you are from. It's different here or at least it's different in the part of the country in which I was detained and drugged. Plus it depends on the doctor you are teamed with. Some are better than others. They're not all the same. I'm surprised of your prompt dismissal of my claim though. Even the official website for Risperdal Consta warns of side effects plus advises not to take it if you are allergic to it.
  4. perhaps you can better understand by reading my posts on this threat vanderk instead of having to type it out again on the other thread.
  5. vanderk my ability to type hasn't been affected. and i can respond to posts in some reasonable articulate fashion but I haven't even described the damage to you so your previous post is misplaced as you'd be less amazed if you knew or understood
  6. Gearhead I'm just looking for testimonies or recovery stories from people who've experienced what I'm experiencing. To those people they already know. No proof is needed. jt07 I've had different types of doctors over the years but haven't seen any for a while.
  7. But I'm the one experiencing this. I think I should know and my experience is my evidence but only is it evidence to me, no one else. Getting an MRI may be somewhat evidence to others but even that could be discarded through criticism.
  8. I know the damage. Don't need MRI's although one would be nice just to see exactly where the damage lies in order to get a better understanding of the damage I've thought about getting an MRI but they're meant to be very expensive and also have not been well enough to approach a referring doctor with the idea but thanks.
  9. lol. then partial vegetative state. i usually just leave it at vegetative state as my condition is so severe to warrant that label even if it's not completely accurate by dictionary definition/standards. thanks
  10. Am looking for testimonies/recovey stories of people who've been heavily brain damaged by antipsychotics. I received 5 or 6 Risperdal Consta injections over a 2 month period last year and as a result find myself severely brain damaged/in a partial vegetative state. Am wondering is there hope of recovery. It's been 13 months since my last injection but the damage just seems to worsen. It seems the chemicals in the injections just keep seeping deeper into my brain tissue as time goes on. They certainly don't call them "long acting" injections for nothing. I've been told it can take many years to recovery from such a drastic change to one's brain if at all. Would love to hear your stories. Thanks.
  11. I was given 5 or 6 injections of Risperdal Consta over a 2 month period in early to mid 2015 and have been heavily brain damaged as a result. Am looking for testimonies or recovery stories of people affected similarly by this or any antipsychotic really. Much thanks and healing and recovery to you.
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