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  1. In my experience latuda does have a burn in period that lasts for a little while. Also keep an eye out for insomnia, which should go away. Also you spaceyness and disconnectedness should go away eventually. The only other major thing to look out for is akithisia, which is usually the only reason people can't tolerate latuda, if you find you get akithisia talk to you pdoc about getting a med such as clonazepam to treat it. For me latuda was a miracle drug with many side effects that all went away, the only side effects I still have today is every then and now I get insomnia for 3-4 days at a time, and akithisia almost everytime I take it, so I end up taking it right before bed so I can fall asleep before those side effects set in. Otherwise I would recommend you tough through any of the side efffects you experience because for me at least almost all of them went away.
  2. Hi Amby, at the moment I am at 60mg of latuda a day probably going up to 80mg soon. When I was starting out I noticed a similar irritability. Latuda definitely has a long burn in period associated with it, where you might feel disconnected from reality and have a whole bunch of side effects. For me these side effects passed in about 2 or 3 months, with other side effects such as insomnia and oromdibular dystonia passing in about 6 to 7 months. If you can tough through it, I would definitely recommend you do because latuda is an amazing med and I don't imagine I'm going to stop taking latuda for a long time. You have to remember taking this med is going to completely change how your brain works. Alternatively what you might be experiencing is called akithisia, which is a whole demon in its own right and it won't go away, but there are ways to treat akithisia. Personally I take 1-2mg of clonazepam a day which is a benzodiazepine and does a good job of stopping my akithisia from coming on. There are other meds that can be used to treat just the akithisia if you don't want a benzo addiction in your life, but I needed a benzo anyway so it works out well for me. This is definitely something to talk to your pdoc about next time you see them since they're the one that ultimately decides what happens to your meds, and they'll be better able to recognize your symptoms and classifying them as what they actually are. That's their job. For now what you can try to do is take some benadryl (over the counter allergy medicide) when you get the irritability and see if it goes away. Benadryl is a good way to test to see if what you're experiencing is akithisia and can be a temporary solution for you problem until you see your pdoc. If it does work, definitely bring it up to your pdoc and let them know that benadryl helped stop your irritability. All the best!
  3. I don't even want to think about going off of Latuda, but this is a terrible situation. I alternate between 60mg and 40mg, and whenever I go from 60 to 40, I get headaches, am very irritable and emotional, and I have an overall feeling of being dissociated from reality. So if me weening down from just 20mg effects me a little bit I don't know what's going to happen if you drop it cold turkey. What dose are you on? Also what you could do is like take one of your pills in like 3 days and then the other 3 days later just so your blood serum doesn't drop so drastically so suddenly. Definitely call your pdoc and just talk to him about what happened, maybe you can get put onto a different AAP quickly, maybe something similar like abilify (?). Call your insurance company as soon as they're open and talk to them to see what happened, see if you can get it worked out and get your Latuda covered again. Communication with both of them is very important right now. If we lived close enough, I have a lot of extra Latuda and I would honestly help you out and give you some of my extras just to help tide you over. But I don't think I'm allowed to do that, and I live in Canada so....... sorry I can't help you there. Stay strong Bubble, talk to us if you need help, the chat is always friendly if you're distraught and need to talk through something. Get lots of sleep and eat well, go for runs, try to live especially healthy for awhile until you get more Latuda or until you switched to another AAP.
  4. My aaps make me not care about sex and when I kiss my girlfriend I don't really get anything out of it, I just kinda do it because that's what couples do and she seems to like it... My aaps completely changed me as a person and drove me away from a lot of friends, so it is not out of the question that rexulti could be making you feel less connected to your boyfriend.
  5. I take it right before bed, so before the side effects that occur immediately after taking Latuda begin to occur I'm already asleep. Side effects such as nausea and akithisia.
  6. I talked to my doctor about this because I'm going to university and need to be able to stay up into the wee hours of the night to get all my readings done, so what he did was basically doubled my dose and told me to take it right before bed, with no food. It's only about 50-60% as effective when you take it on an empty stomach, so now I just don't take it with food, right before bed. This takes care of the akithisia, sleepiness, and nausea because I just sleep through all that, and then I can stay up until whenever I need and still be productive because I don't have akithisia and that overwhelming sense of doom and dread taking control of me after I take it. Talk to your pdoc to see if you could do that too, and maybe do like a 2 or 3 week trial with it and see if it works. It works for me.
  7. My pdoc prescribes a med change, and tells you to come back in 5 weeks. This Wednesday I got bumped up on my daily Latuda dosage and lowered on my daily clonazepam dosage, and holy hell has the akithisia come back strong. All day long I feel it, it's especially awful immediately following taking my meds. The only thing that can seem to calm this curse is cuddling somebody, who's understanding, really hard and sleeping the day away in hopes that maybe by the next time I see him the akithisia will have gone away again. It's a hard life on AAPs, and it's even more hard to explain to people what you're going through, but we understand and we hope you start feeling better soon.
  8. In my experience with akithisia from Latuda, my body did get used to the feeling over time. I wouldn't say it went away but I am much more comfortable with it and it doesn't bother me as much as it did before. Like jt07 said, there are also a lot of treatments available for akithisia, personally I take 0.5-1mg of clonazepam with my meds to treat my akithisia, because it's worst immediately after I take my meds, and I find it to be extremely good at treating my akithisia.
  9. Personally I usually take latuda with a smoothie or a protein shake right before bed, so I'm pretty sure that it's just the calorie count that counts, not the amount or physical state that the food is in. From my experience taking Latuda with liquids instead of solids works fine, however it's always good to be precautions and call a pharmacist anyway. The worst thing that can happen is that for one day you don't take your latuda then you pick it right up the next day. I was told that while not optimal, missing a day or two every now and then is ok since the half-life of latuda is such that it stays in the system for days, so you'll still have some latuda in your system if you miss a day.
  10. He's just giving advice, there's no need to be so rude. I don't see how this has a problem being put on a board about antipsychotics. Like he said, there are a lot of people that post on this board about becoming dependent to Risperdal, he's just sharing his experience with the drug on a board that's meant for sharing experiences with drugs. He's just sharing his success story of overcoming the dependence of Risperdal on a board that's about sharing stories.
  11. He's not telling people to get off Risperdal, he's writing a post explaining how he did it. If a pdoc decides that someone should get of Risperdal, or any drug, there's withdrawals you must know this. He has done nothing to "smear" the name of Risperdal he's only giving advice on a forum where people ask advice. Believe it or not but getting off medication sometimes is part of the recovery process Don't project dude, YMMV is used all over this forum because it's true, your mileage may vary. Are you forgetting about that post "Need a miracle OR cautionary tale," here's someone going through extreme withdrawals on Risperdal " I'm totally disabled now. One day just blends into the next with zero relief. The only thing I enjoy is sleep because I'm myself in my dreams. My life was ruined because I had an opinion. I was coerced and lied to so that I'd swallow the poison." It's funny that you don't say that's somebody smearing the name of a good medication yet when somebody comes on to a support forum and offers support for people who might be suffering from withdrawals, you freak out? This doesn't do anything to take away from the advice that this person has given. How Risperdal works isn't relevant because this OPs original discussion still stands, as how he effectively alleviated some of the withrawal symptoms of Risperdal. We can worry about his explanation later but for now he's giving advice that he has found to be helpful in actually treating his problem.
  12. I read your post on my phone earlier and noticed that you edited something out but yes I would be interested in those articles that you offered. Learning about this stuff is super interesting to me. Maybe that's why I like the idea of psychedelics so much, I love to push my brain to the extreme and experience all that is possible with a little bit of chemistry but I don't ever really look to see what I'm actually doing. I was actually studying pharmacy in school for awhile before switching into computer science because I really found learning about drugs and all their effects super interesting and wanted to have an ultimate understanding of brain chemistry and how drugs affect stuff up there. I'm really sorry if I made you upset, the tone of your post kinda came off that way, I just live a different lifestyle I guess, which is fine. I definitely will avoid or at least limit my use of other drugs, I've never really considered the fact that I am already damaged, then doing aaps which do more damage, then doing benzos to stop akithisia which do more damage, then doing my own thing on top of that which does even more damage then all of that combined. I just never looked at the situation laterally to see everything I was doing, I've just been so deadset on doing drugs because I want to experience them and haven't actually given any thought as to what damage that does. Like I've known the risks and understood the drugs but never actually had the thought that I am harming myself, I've known that drugs do damage I've just never applied that reasoning to my own perspective on drugs. Anyway thanks for changing my outlook, I really would be interested in reading those articles cause learning about this stuff is still super cool in my opinion, which by the way was the entire reason I started this post in the first place, not because I wanted people to tell me how to have a safe trip, like people accused me, but because I wanted to learn about brains and drugs and how they work. I probably won't do any more drugs for awhile, at least not while I'm on latuda because since starting latuda almost every drug experience i've had has been negative. I thought that on a psych forum where people openly talk about drugs with no stigma surrounding it I thought it would be cool to ask if anyone had any experience with AAPs + psychedelics but I guess not... oh well, live and learn.
  13. I'm on Latuda and definitely find it hard to play instruments or do anything for that matter. It's not that I'm depressed and don't want to do anything, it's just that I don't have a drive to really do anything. Maybe that's just because it's my first time on antipsychotics. I used to be a national classical guitar champion coming in second or first place in almost all my competitions but ever since starting latuda I just don't care to play anything anymore. I recently had a jam session with some of my friends where I was playing trombone and found that I just couldn't come up with anything creative to play, all my friends were doing neat riffs and cool rythms but I could barely do anything remotely creative. Just sort of played harmony in the back while my friends had fun. My one friend got this really awesome new instrument I forget what it's called but it's supposed to be similar to a mandolin and banjo AND be super easy to play and make songs with. (because of the tuning of the strings) but I just found it impossible to come up with anything, it's like my brain was so overwhelmed by the idea of doing more than one thing at once that it just stopped doing anything at all. So I definitely agree with you that anti psychotics affect creativity when it comes to music but I also find that when it comes to video games (which were my favorite passtime before starting latuda) I just don't want to play them ever, and when I do they're just so much harder than I remember them being. It's like theres a disconnect between the logic of the game and how my brain interperets it, then another disconnect when I try to input finely timed button inputs. I used to be king of my friends in super smash bros, and now I have a hard time beating some very low difficulty AI... sort of off topic but still related cause it's libido and mojo and creativity and fine motor movement related. I think this is sort of a side effect that we have to live with when it comes to anti psychotics, I'm sure that there are some that are better than others but I think it's definitely going to be a problem no matter what you're on. Latuda is my first antipsychotic so don't read what I've written and be like, "oh my god Latuda effects libido so much more than other medications" I'm sure it's unique from person to person, and other people are saying that latuda has a relatively small side effects when compared to other aaps so maybe I have it really good when it comes to how much latuda is effecting libido, I just have no other experience to compare it to.
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