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  1. My accommodations have always been treatment, not changing something at work.
  2. Since I have ADHD I have problems with maintaining my attention to whatever I am doing. So I watch the same things because my attention can shift from the TV to something else and then return and I still know what id going going on because I have seen this show, series, etc many times. It has a downfall, after watching the same content many times I start to get bored with the TV itself.I used to watch TX and movies a lot but now it is very little.
  3. No comment, we are not going to help you hurt yourself.
  4. Our governor has done a good job in keeping things closed if nonessential. Essencial stores never closed but were limited to either 35% or 50% occupancy. My food mart is also my pharmacy but them delivered to your house from the get go. Monday barbers, beauty shops, tattoo shops, ect can open with limited occupancy. I'm getting my haircut to a 5 or 4 MM nub ASAP. With the exceptions of my Internist all my other docs were open in some form, many doing telemedicine. A lot of my doctors visits were conducted in the doc's parking lot over cell phone. I am very disappointed with my Internist and am looking for a new one. My current one left a note on the office door saying she was at risk being 65 and she had to pull her 95 year mother from the care facility as soon as COVID showed up in long term care facilities. She decided to "shelter in place" at home. There is no backup doctor and the voice mail is filled to its limit. She said if needs be she could do Zoom or Facetime for cases they must see the doctor. But she provided no e-mail addresses, skype accounts or Zoom accounts. She just went solo practice and she mentioned that the practice may close for good. The lease on the building must be high. She is refilling regular meds with a 90 day supply if the pharmacy will fax her and indicated this may go on more than 90 days. The problem is I am having seizures and the neurologist thinks it is caused by hypoglycemia events during sleep. It turns out you will seize if glucose drops too low even if you are on anticonvulsants; anticonvulsants don't work for hypoglycemia So I need a 24 hour glucose monitoring lab test. With my Insurance the Internist is the only one who can request this test.I have developed "dense:cataracts" and they need to come out now. When I spoke to the opthamologists cataract business they were closing shop, hopefully to reopen in June I have an appointment scheduled. I could of done this preCovad need to start researching and see if her address is listed. layed because I was havingaving a lot of procedures at the time.Also someone is picking up the faxes so I will polish off a letter to her requesting she get this testing set up for me.
  5. Honestly I don't think it is any of my business about pdocs/tdocs personal life outside work. I know little about the goings on of my pdoc's life. He graduated from Harvard and his MD is from Harvard. His first internship as a psychiatrist was at the pain clinic at UCLA. Since I have chronic pain I find my pdoc is more understanding of that aspect of my diagnoses. I don't know if he is married or has children and actually I don't want to know. I have been seeing him for over a decade and he is great.
  6. In my book government has several essential duties. Taking care of the citizens is a big one if not the number one. This includes a guaranteed salary or income from a guaranteed job. All medical needs are paid by the government. Basic education through high school and some kind of post high school education. This could be vocationatial, training you for a job. or continuing your academic studies. Finland and some other nordic states run successfully this way. The workforce is different when everyone is guaranteed the same wage and a job comesserite with their skills and talents. Competition is taken out of the system.
  7. I have to actually go into the office as I must pick up paper scripts (Adderall). So it goes this way: I pull into my doc's assigned parking spots and conduct my session with the doc on my cell phone. Then I put on my COVID gear and walk over to the office, hand the secretary a check and she hands me my scripts. I examine them and sign off on them.
  8. Central apnea is where the CNS forgets to tell the lungs to breath....totally different from obstructive apnea. In central apnea you tend not to be overweight or snore. Generally it is caused by brain damage or CNS injury. I went to have a sleep test and discovered I have nocturnal hypoxemia, not apnea, my oxygen saturation drops below 90%, the lowest it can go and still do no harm. They recorded me sleeping for 161 minutes at a saturation below 90%. I was oxygen starved. This affects the quality of sleep. Cell death happens starting below 90%. I was always tried and it took forever to wake up. This is a neurological disorder, often caused by neurological or brain damage. I tend to hit my head when I have seizures, therefore having both a grand mal (generalized tonic-clonic or also called convulsions) seizure and a concussion. I have temporal lobe epilepsy and all of my concussions have happened at the temporal lobe. The hypoxic event only happens at night while asleep and is made worse by the large dose of sleeping pills I take but my insomnia is so bad it is the lessor of 2 evils. I also live at high altitude, 7,000 feet high so the air is thin (has less oxygen). Fortunately treatment is easy, I sleep taking oxygen supplementation from an oxygen generator. Treatment makes a huge difference, I wake up rested and am not sleepy during the day. I now run at 98-100 % oxygen saturation at night and above 95% during the day. Generally doctors want you to be above 95% There are lots more different conditions to sleep medicine than just apnea, so get your sleep tested.
  9. Lithium, Fanapt, and Zyprexa are likely suspects. Lithium is well known for hand tremors and the 2 AAP's can have EPS. I have EPS in the form of pseudo parkinsonian hand tremors from Abilify. This is a common side effect with Lithium and is dose dependent. You might try dropping down the lithium dose some just for a few day and see if things improve. If recall, propranolol works better with AAP's than lithium. If the hand tremor is a recent thing I would start with the last med you increased.
  10. Anticholinergic acting meds, which includes most psycomeds, are well known for eye problems, mainly dryness and blurry vision. See my signature for a longer list of anticholinergic meds.
  11. The benzos are not very effective treatments for EPS compared to the anticholinergics like propranolol, and benadryl. I prefer propranolol, for me it does not have the cognitive effects benadryl does.
  12. I take 60 mg a day as a timed release 20 mg dose and that is all I need for EPS. I used to take 20 mg tid but discovered there is a 60 mg ER formulation
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