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  1. Cutting a Wellbutrin XL or generic of the XL will not do what you want. It has a unique delivery system so cutting a pill in half will not render half a dose. Important to note, Wellbutrin is, dose for dose, a weak antidepressant, even the manufacturer says so in the PI. It mainly hits Dopamine. it has several metabolites, some active and some we don't know. It is one of the few true antidepressants that does not touch serotonin It That is why many to take 300-450 mg of it for an effective response. Sometimes the 150 XL is used to augment or quell side effects.
  2. Google Calendar sends notifications of when I need to take meds to my phone. I only acknowledge these notifications after I take my pills.
  3. The standard of care in the USA is that if you take a number of pills or just one that is known to be hard on the body you should be doing labs every 3 months to check liver and kidney function. Do you really want to wait 6 months or a year to find out a med(s) you take is damaging your liver or kidney ? A CBC (complete blood count) and comprehensive metabolic panel are usually done, too.
  4. Soap and water is one of the most effective cleansers to stop COVID19 a/k/a coronavirus. I wondered why. It is simple. The virus is not alive, it is just some DNA wrapped in a protective shell. That is all there is to it.The protective shell is made of fat. This is key. What breaks down fat ? Soap or alcohol. Break down the shell and you can get at the DNA. Very effective at eliminating COVID19.
  5. Your anxiety, which seroquel was treating, came back when you took away its' treatment.
  6. Once prolactin drops things will return to normal size. If you are taking an AAP that raises prolactin, a small dose of Abilify will lower it. Abilify lowers prolactin.
  7. Antipsychotics tend to have antidepressant capability. Some hit serotonin receptors quite significantly, as in Abilify.
  8. If you're taking it PRN it is unlikely you will get tolerant to it. Tolerance is not a big issue with antipsychotics, you can't compare to benzos. However I have been on Klonopin for decades without hitting tolerance.
  9. Fexofenadine does not cross the blood/brain barrier so it will not sedate you. I take it every day and when needed, that is twice a day.
  10. Bupropion is a unique antidepressant that no other AD has, it is novel.
  11. At least with me, but I think it is generally the method, he uses if you need to be on a benzo all the time. He prescribes a long acting one so you can miss a dose and not go into withdrawal. Then he offers a PRN script for those really bad days. For me the benzos have been Klonopin and Ativan for over a decade. If I start need both more days than not my doc would raise the long acting benzo and expect the PRN use to go down.. This probably satisfied whatever Drug Enforcement body. PRN scripts for abusable meds look better to the DEA, it demonstrates prescribing the least amount possible.
  12. Fuck bifocals, progressives are far superior.
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