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  1. They are painless, I usually do 3-4 a year. They numb up the injection site to the point you can't feel anything. I also get an IV for Versed. They inject C1 through C5
  2. The 2 day before rule is set by each Board of Pharmacy for that state. Every State has a Board of Pharmacy that controls the pharmacies in that State. I think it very unfair to not have some leeway in the rules to give you 2 days early.
  3. I have to take extra famotidine and add Nexium if I am going to take a NSAID.
  4. It sounds like early waking.You should be able to sleep the whole night without waking, except to use the bathroom. I Have chronic pain, too, and pain is disastrous to sleep. I pretty well need to be pain free to sleep. Do they treat your pain? The body will not heal quickly if you are in pain. If it is a chronic condition then it is worth it to see a pain doctor. In today's world they (DEA) don't want generalists writing pain med scripts. Pain doctors and neurologists are the ones they want writing long term pain meds.
  5. I take 90 mg/day and find a few days off them restores their potency. I have been taking amphetamine for over a decade and took ritalin as a child.
  6. Well if you are at pain level 3-4 that is unexceptable. You should be lower if you are on meds. You need to tell your doc this. They will do something about your meds if you communicate with them. Tramadol is weak but you can take more. If the diagnosis is correct Naproxen is a good drug for psoriatic arthritis. You can take up to 1000 mg/day, usually in a divided dose. Up to 1,500 mg/day for 6 months or less. Naproxen is hard on the GI but in general the safest NSAID. You may need stronger pain meds. Docs will dole them out but only after you have tried the other options. Steroid injections into the site of pain can be a big help.
  7. If you are using Gmail it will identify these e-mails as spam and send them to the spam folder. I get them too, proportally from CM or Facebook.
  8. Ativan. Klonopin takes an hour to be effective and is used for early waking insomnia. The faster hitting benzos, Xanax, Ativan, and Halcion are used when the problem is getting to sleep. Ativan and Xanax have essentially the same time to onset I take Lunesta and Klonopin for early waking insomnia, it takes a lot to keep me asleep. When I can't get to sleep I Take Ativan. If I have laid in bed and not fallen asleep in 30 mins. it is unlikely I will sleep.
  9. I had an overnight stay in the ER as I had a seizure and another in the ER. Next morning they said they were releasing me they just needed a doc to sign. I waited 2 hours and after being told it would be just a few more mins. I snuck out, got my car a left. That was years ago and there were no repercussions.
  10. Psychiatrists have been historically reimbursed the least. MY pdoc who is mainly cash only once actually took my insurance for awhile. The insurance paid him $25.99. For a session he bills at $350. Even my allergist got more from insurance.
  11. Just choosing to do something about your mental health can improve your mood. Stimulants and benzos work pretty well at once. Some Anticonvulsants work almost at once on seizures, not sure about mood.
  12. People who are chronically ill should be seeing their generalist regularly. I see her every 3 months. People on meds need to have regularly basic tests like CBC, Liver function, kidney function, and a comprehensive metabolic panel to name a few/
  13. I cleaned the house and am getting my MMR vaccine today.
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