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  1. Generally you want an NSAID (NonSteroidal AntiInflammatory Drug) . OTC is Naproxen or Aleve or on the prescription side Celebrex. I tend to stick to Celebrex.
  2. ADHD primarily hyperactive ADHD primarily inattentive Those are the 2 common types of ADHD. I am ADHD PI and I can relate to what you describe.
  3. Since the side effect is REVERSIBLE there is no point in not taking it. What harm is done ?
  4. Nope , one dose is too little to cause withdrawal. Dependence is going to require at least 5 half lives.
  5. Attitudes like this do not get you better.
  6. How long have you been on clonazepam ? It settled down and is very nonsedating for me but it took month or so.
  7. The majority of a pill or tablet is not the active ingredient but fillers. They allow for even disruption and delayed release, buffer those meds which upset the GI and a number of other things. Fillers make for proper delivery of a med. The fillers can vary between generics and it is here that it is possible to have differences in patient response. The FDA has made is clear they do not have enough budget to regulate generics properly. To assure a generic matches the response of the brand name med and to maintain random testing to keep this level of assurity.
  8. Thank You Crazyhead and Raspberry. I'm better, I have slept some. I do hurt but have located my pain pills, diclofenac cream ( NSAID cream) and antibiotic cream to smooth my bruises and strained muscles. Boy do I have a black eye.
  9. My generalist says I have a slightly flattened affect, my psychiatrist says I am doing very well for being on so many meds that potentially have an effect on affect. Sometimes it bothers me, usually in social situations. I get random tearfulness sometimes which again is awkward in social situations.
  10. It seems the floor jumped up and hit my right eye socket and left me with a lovely hematoma. Very annoying. As usual I have no memory of this happening and recent memory is spotty. I probably had a generalized tonic clonic as everything hurts but I have Norco. I bled all over the place, have no memory of that but my roommate, who I forgot I had, noticed. Scalp wounds bleed. I think this one was caused by forgetting to take my Keppra, unfortunately.
  11. Most serotonin agents will have some effect on the GI as most of the serotonin is located there.
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