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  1. I've tried most all the stimulants (Ritalin, Dexedrine, d-amphetamine, Vyvanse, Adderall, Provigil) and seem to do best on formulations based on d-amphetamine while Provigil, for me, works more on getting me awake but does not lift mood much. Sometimes I use it to start with, not wanting to waste Adderall just to wake up . Tramadol risks , truely, serotonin syndrome if mixed with some other serotonin affecting meds so I have avoided it. As I am now in long term remission from depression I have not tried ketamine infusions nor ECT.
  2. That is why I suggested putting more than one manufacturer on the script.
  3. It is not rude to make requests. Your doc works for you, after all. I have never found dosages set in stone and most pdoc's welcome input. It seems like 2 mg is too much for you as a starting dose and you would do better starting and getting used to this drug at a lower dose.
  4. notloki


    No thank you. Tonic/clonic seizures and depression are what happens if I quit the meds. I find them liberating as I like things like driving.
  5. I would encourage everyone who needs to take a specific manufacturer have this written on their scripts. The issue is a pharmacy does not have total control over what manufacturer they buy as pharmacies deal with independent distributors. The pharmacy can only buy what their distributor has in stock and of course everyone, the distributor and the pharmacy, is looking for the cheapest/most profitable product. This guarantees that manufactures will change from time to time at a pharmacy. This is normal business practice as the FDA has said generics are equivalent to brand name drugs, so the pharmacy is allowed to substitute drugs. The manufacturer is clearly indicated on the pill bottle or the enclosed information. I've done a number of meds that I require a specific manufacturer(s). Several of the generic manufacturers steroid nose sprays for flunisolide burn badly when I use them. The Bausch & Lomb and Apotex flunisolide do not. I got a script for flunisolide that said "fill with Bausch & Lomb and Apotex only" and was signed above "dispense as written" . Some docs just write DAW on the script, meaning dispense as written. Thus the pharmacist has two options, 1) Fill it as indicated or 2) Refuse to fill it. It helps if you can specify more than one generic manufacturer. Outages are common in the pharmaceuticals market so if you give them more than one option you are more likely to get your meds in a timely manner during outages. THe US government has consistently cut and underfunded the FDA, who is charged with oversight of generic drugs. The FDA has publicly warned that they do not have the funds necessary to conduct oversight. We need to vote for people who will properly fund the FDA.
  6. If you have commercial insurance there is a coupon that takes Belsomra to no more than $30. They will pay up to total of $6,000 then you are on your own.
  7. For me the last thing I wanted to do was split up titration, every time I made a dosage change no matter if I was on 100 mg or 500 mg I would again experience mainly insomnia and other side effects that nothing could touch. These lasted for about a week. It did not matter if it was just a small increase. I found there was a limit, for me, of how large an increase I could handle, increases of more than 75 mg dramatically affected me cognitively for about a week. My doc OK'ed taking increases above 100 mg as I was trying to get to 600 mg/day, a standard dose for epilepsy. It takes forever to get to 600 mg/day doing small dose increases every week.
  8. I was not referring to you but to bpladybug, that is why I quoted her, who expressed not wanting IV's in her hand. I don't either, my hand hurts for some time after an IV.
  9. The only time I experienced agitation was during the titration period. Once I got to a stable dose it went away. Based on the posts here these are symptoms to be expected during titration.
  10. You heard wrong I am afraid: https://psychotropical.com/serotonin-toxicity-summary/
  11. That high a level would interfere with sperm and testosterone production in males. Prolactin acts on the testicules. Here in the US some docs give a low dose of Abilify, which lowers prolactin to patients taking AP's that cause hyperprolactinemia.
  12. Well the truth is you can't change it (an incurable disease) so get on with life. I may have a seizure at any moment but I don't let that slow me down. I try to not set myself up for failure by taking on battles that are unwinnable. I like to say "choose your battles carefully".
  13. Since you are not going to grow tits at once why not try it and keep an eye on your prolactin level via the blood test ? Guys don't want a high prolactin level for several reasons. Sexual dysfunction is one of them.
  14. My time is better spent working on the things I can change. I radically accept what I can't change.
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