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  1. I obtained some medical records important to my lawsuit against Truvada today. I finally got off my ass and went over to their office and signed the release. Now I need one more medical record and I am finished. I've also heard about the lawsuit I am in as a user of Invokana. Invokana gave me flesh eating wounds and gangrene. The lawyer said they are waiting on one last medical record.
  2. Long QT is an inherited syndrome. Some meds make it worse but seroquel does not cause it though it is one of many meds that can increase it.
  3. Suit yourself but it is a given if you don't wait long enough you will never get a reaction. I hate seeing people coming through here announcing nothing works when all they devote is a few weeks.
  4. 4 weeks is the earliest I would expect it to start kicking in so I think you need to give it more time. I have had AD's that were going nowhere at 4 weeks pick up considerably in the following weeks. You need to be able to commit to going a full 8 weeks.
  5. I could do fine with twice a day dosing. I used it when the steroid spray was not enough and then you are spraying a lot of volume up your nose.
  6. Lunesta is long acting but is dosed weakly it seems to me. It lasts 8 hours if you are on enough. I have problems with intractable insomnia and early morning waking so at 6 mg it keeps me asleep and can give me 7-8 hours of sleep. There is little point trialing Lunesta unless you can take 3 mg of it at the least. Even at 6 mg I experience no morning hangover or sedation. I have been at 6 mg for about 15 years so tolerance to the hypnotic effects does not seem to be happening. The caveat in dosing it this high is it may increase the incidence of weird sleep behaviors. I don't get those, either. If I happen to wake up while on Lunesta I am clear headed and coordinated enough to navigate the house.
  7. It does for me but I use it with an antihistamine and nasal steroid. A drippy nose is usually not an allergic response but a dysfunction of the CNS called vasomotor-rhinitis or non allergic rhinitis, whereas a blocked nose could be either or both. I have allergic rhinitis and nonallergic rhinitis. You will have to try it to see if it works for you.
  8. Belsomra I found to be pretty weak but I am maxed out on Lunesta (6 mg is not an unusual dose for zopiclone, eszopiclone is the active isomer sold mostly in the USA. The FDA chickened out on allowing higher, effective doses of Lunesta due to the problems with some Z-drugs and sleep eating, walking, driving and others). The thing I like about Belsomra is it does not use GABA pathways so I can take it with Lunesta and Klonopin. I use it PRN when the other 2 don't get me to sleep. I wish they allowed higher doses.
  9. I trialing a once a week injectable. Once-weekly Trulicity is a type of medicine called a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist. ... It's similar to the hormone GLP-1 that is already in your body and it's thought to work the same way. So this puts me on 3 antidiabetic meds and as we stack on more diabetes meds there is a greater risk of hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia is a big trigger for seizures and my neurologist says anticonvulsants cannot stop seizures brought on by low blood sugar. My neurologist suspects this is what is happening, because of all the diabetes meds I am going hypoglycemic while sleeping. My generalist ordered labs that will pin down where my blood sugar has been over the last 5 weeks (hemoglobin A1C test) along with a fasting glucose test, CMP panel and the liver and kidney panel. So this is good news, I just have to remember to eat regularly and consistently, as the diabetes meds suppress my appetite and I forget to eat. I set an alarm on my smartphone calendar to remind me to eat. We are not adjusting my seizure meds as, if my neurologist is correct, it would do no good. I gotta eat. Otherwise the Trulicity is controlling my diabetes very well, I essentially have normal blood sugar readings on it so I would like to stay on it. I'll get the labs back in a few days and I see my generalist late next week. By then we will have a more complete picture of what is happening
  10. I was going to suggest that, I have constantly drippy nose, the nasal steroids help some as does the Cetirizine but the drip does not totally go away. Not until I added Ipratropium Bromide 0.06% spray did my nose dry up and quit dripping. Ipratropium Bromide spray comes in 2 strengths, the lower strength was not enough but the higher strength, 0.06% works for me.
  11. As a general rule it takes 5 half lives (approx.) to reach a new steady state. That is about 14 days. The difference between dosing strategies may be subtle. Did you experience any side effects after taking 250 mg at once ? Things like sleepiness or feeling loopy may improve or go away with a twice a day dosing and I would expect this to happen quite quickly, like in a few days.
  12. My neurologist is very methodical so I know the treatment plan if I have more seizures. I have the option of going to 3 grams Keperra but failing that ultimately it is depakote. I want to avoid depakote at all costs. I have lost all the hair I need to and then some, I just dropped a lot of weight, improving the diabetes considerably. I like my gums the way they are, too.
  13. I've had 2 in my sleep, tonic/clonics in the last 4 weeks. A big one where I did not recognize some people and most places for a week and a smaller one where I lost most of recent memory for a few days. Waiting on neurologist to issue medication change and set appointment.
  14. I first took Welburtrin when 600 mg IR was allowed. I've taken the SR but XL is my favorite. It is smoother and my resting heart rate, which is always raised by bupropion is at its lowest compared to the other formulations on the market. It is also consistent across the whole day/night. So with bupropion XL, 450 mg I get a heart rate in the 90's. Back when I took IR or SR there were more peaks and valleys.The average was probably higher. With the addition of 60 mg propranolol ER I have a resting heart rate in the 70's. No one ever had a problem with my fast pulse and I take the propranolol for another reason, lowering my heart rate is a secondary benifit. I have taken Forfivo-450 XL and Aplenzin 522 mg tabs, I moved to them when the bupropion shortage happened. They seem the same as Welburtrin XL but I like the convenience of just one pill.
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