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  1. I had an overnight stay in the ER as I had a seizure and another in the ER. Next morning they said they were releasing me they just needed a doc to sign. I waited 2 hours and after being told it would be just a few more mins. I snuck out, got my car a left. That was years ago and there were no repercussions.
  2. Psychiatrists have been historically reimbursed the least. MY pdoc who is mainly cash only once actually took my insurance for awhile. The insurance paid him $25.99. For a session he bills at $350. Even my allergist got more from insurance.
  3. Just choosing to do something about your mental health can improve your mood. Stimulants and benzos work pretty well at once. Some Anticonvulsants work almost at once on seizures, not sure about mood.
  4. People who are chronically ill should be seeing their generalist regularly. I see her every 3 months. People on meds need to have regularly basic tests like CBC, Liver function, kidney function, and a comprehensive metabolic panel to name a few/
  5. I cleaned the house and am getting my MMR vaccine today.
  6. Using airlines is out of the question, so you would need to travel by car/motorhome.
  7. 2 years, great clinical psychologist. I'm 10+ years with my psychiatrist.
  8. Spatial reasoning is a category of reasoning skills that refers to the capacity to think about objects in three dimensions and to draw conclusions about those objects from limited information. Someone with good spatial abilities might also be good at thinking about how an object will look when rotated. I can't read maps. I can't rotate an object in my mind then answer questions It is most likely am taking the longest possible route to get anywhere. I'm always surprised and embarrassed when someone shows me a muck quicker route . I have significant deficits in Spatial Reasoning , several tests have proven that.
  9. notloki

    Targeted ads on CB

    https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere Https-Everywhere is another good security plugin. It makes sure you are browsing encrypted with TLS or SSL (https://) Most sites have an https:// website but don't refer to it publically. Some think encryption is slow but with today's fast processors it is a non issue.
  10. notloki

    Targeted ads on CB

    Privacy Badger, https://privacybadger.org/ monitors who is tracking you and blocks the aggressive ones. It is a plugin. The only drawback is it may break a website. No one should be making website functionality requiring tracking information anyway. It is simple to disable it for a specific website.
  11. notloki

    Targeted ads on CB

    targeted ads use browsing data, they track you. Try sending a do not track packet. Some browsers allow you to set this.
  12. You took an overdose. If one is good 3 will be better thinking does not work here,
  13. Keep in mind that the standard dose for seizures is 600 mg up to 1200 mg or more. People take these doses without issue. Tolerability does not change just because you are taking Lamictal for other indications.
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