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  1. The risks for TD are some degree common in many meds. Klonopin and Benadryl both are at risk for TD.
  2. 80%of COVID patients had some kind of neurological effects. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20201005/8-in-10-covid-19-patients-suffer-neurological-symptoms-study-finds
  3. Klonopin and Ativan mixtures then to work well, the Klonopin takes care of early morning waking after it kicks in (1 Hour) and the Ativan can be used 1-4mg depending on how hard it is to get to sleep. Ativan kicks in almost as fast as Xanax.
  4. In using Ativan as a sole sleep aid it usually takes several mgs. The PI indicates for sleep it may take more than 1 mg. More like 2-3mg.
  5. Do you have insurance ? If so start there and see who takes your insurance and what an office visit costs. Sounds like your psychiatrist does not take insurance. In order to get a good pdoc I had to go with one that takes no insurance. He will not even talk to your insuranve but he will write letters His hourly rate is $365 billed in 10 min. segments. There is a requirement for a first appointment to be an hour long, I had to pay in cash. Pdoc writes for a lot of controlled substances and loves benzos. This is why you have to pay in cash the first visit; he was getting ripped off with bad checks. If you need forms filled out the time it takes to complete them is billed. Calls are free if short, returned to same day if serious and next day if not.
  6. Guess again. Try to be appreciative of any information you glean from this site.
  7. Lamictal levels are increased significantly in the presence of depakote. Generally you need to reduce the Lamical by 50%. When you see drug range info you have to halve the numbers. The PI's for both note this interaction and recommend a 50% reduction of Lamictal.
  8. If you were born female you don't have a prostate. I've been getting the blood test since my 30's. Father had it.
  9. I fill the majority of my meds with pharmacy discount cards as they are cheaper than Medicare/BCBS. Mostly the Good RX card.
  10. If you take enough amphetamine, loads of it, you will go psychotic, but what do you expect when you are abusing the drug. The dose at which this happens varies but it is way above the therapeutic dose. The rare few will go psychotic on any dose. My pdoc said once "it is not making you psychotic so the dose is not too high". Given the large amount of people taking Adderall, if psychosis was a problem we would know about it. My experiences with tolerance is a short drug holliday makes it go away.
  11. It's the multi drunk days and drinking till you puke. Or staying drunk continually. You see alkohol is a poison, it is highly toxic. Your liver can only process so much in an hour and when you exceed this alcohol unchanged circulates through body until the liver catches up, so this poisons you. I'm all for you seeing a psychiatrist, who has a repertoire of much less toxic drugs to treat what hurts you. Psychiatry offers a bridge off of the sauce while reducing the symptoms.
  12. http://cybergod.com/nerochart.jpg?fbclid=IwAR1RB1Y1fFtEv-s6gU2-1pOn50b1javzs_qAl5pwDZiWAY2e2pxxakUJiDs I have Dyspraxia and ADHD. They did not have these names when I was a child, lucky to be one of the first to take Ritalin.
  13. Klonopin features no or little sleepiness for many people. I don't feel anything when Klonopin kicks in except my anxiety going away.
  14. Let me ask you this. Who is going to interpret all this data ? Do you have a geneticist in mind ?I doubt a generalist who be able.
  15. Lunesta is a benzo that works for early waking. IT is weak so to make it effective you need 3 mg to as much as 6 mg. It does take an hour to work so I take Ativan with it. Calms me down and gets me ready for sleep.
  16. Common drug used as alternative to opioids for pain. Doses in the 1,000's for seizures and pain.
  17. No, that is more specific. We already know mostly which genes control the lsozymes. They are a big part of metabolism, which determine how much/little of the drug makes it into your body.
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