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  1. Hello all! New here, and I've recently been diagnosed on the bipolar spectrum. Closer to bipolar 2. Prozac sent me into a crazy manic episode although now looking back I can see these episodes pretty clearly. Anyways I'm in a outpatient program and it's slowly working, however since the prozac thing I have been terrified of starting any of the meds the psych has given me. It's complete and udder paranoia that something bad will happen to me while on these meds. I've been given seroquel and after I read the side effects, I refused to take it. Then he gave me latuda and I took it one night and couldn't sleep for hours. I had so much paranoia. I really want to get better but don't know how to address this. I really need something that has minimal sode effects, or I won't take it. Especially something that won't make me more dizzy or have derealization worse. I will of course talk to my doctor but would love to hear from anyone with this type of med phobia. I want to take meds but I'm so terrified. What has worked for you? Should I be afraid of latuda or seroquel?
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