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  1. Fortunately I don't have the waste phobia anymore. Natural exposure eventually fixed that. However I still have intrusive thoughts which is a form of OCD. I haven't been able to find anyone that does actual CBT. I've lived in my area for 25 years, there are no good physicians here whatsoever.
  2. I forgot to mention that I take 20mg Prozac and 100mg Lamictal. I've been on a slew of different antidepressants especially over the last year. However, none of them seem to help with intrusive thoughts and they seem to make me more anxious now. I've been on the following antidepressants: Zoloft, Effexor, Lexapro, Celexa, Viibryd, Trintellix, Clomipramine, and Luvox. I took 200mg of Zoloft for about 15 years for OCD and phobia of waste. 5 years ago, I got sick for 2.5 weeks with what seemed like a cold but was probably something worse. After the 2.5 weeks bad anxiety started and things have been much worse since. I'm doing a lot better now though. I've read about strep throat doing this and a condition called adult P.A.N.D.A.S . In both situations, a persons immune system attacks the brain because the virus mimics human tissue. Psychiatric problems and nervous system problems can develop. They are not well known conditions. On another note: I'm starting to feel depressed for whatever reason and probably need to go back a lower does of Zoloft or increase the Prozac. Thanks for the input people.
  3. I'm looking to switch from Vraylar to an antipsychotic that has less of the listed side effects. Any help would be appreciated. I was switched from 10mg Abilify to 3mg Vraylar to reduce intrusive thoughts. It has helped somewhat with the intrusive thoughts but I am sick of the side effects. I was originally given Abilify for anxiety alone (total overkill). I have never had hallucinations or delusions. Side Effects: Akathisia. When I started Vraylar, I had akathisia which included restless leg syndrome. The RLS is gone but I still have restlessness and take 10mg of propranolol with the Vraylar daily. I never took anything for akathisia (if I had it) while on Abilify. Weight gain. At one point I weighed 260 lbs. Now I weigh 245 but that is because I'm not eating much. My appetite sucks due to depression. I weighed 238 on Abilify. Before taking antipsychotics I was very fit and weighed 215 at 6'2". I have not had a real workout high for 11 years due to antipsychotics. Prolactin levels. I have had gynecomastia which got worse with Vraylar. I have occasionally heard people talk about my problem at the gym. Not cool. In the past I was able to switch from Abilify to 2mg of perphenazine. I was put back on Abilify due to a "nervous breakdown". I would like to be back on 2mg perphenazine, to be but I don't know if I can get back there. Vraylar seems to be a very strong drug. Geodon (ziprasidone) knocked me out for 18hours. On another note: The Vraylar was prescribed under the "care" of a nurse practitioner. There was a psychiatrist at the location whom I almost never saw. It appears that the nurse was one of the psychiatrist's pawns. According to this website https://projects.propublica.org/docdollars , the psychiatrist received nearly $80,000 for prescribing Abilify within two years time. In the following years, the psychiatrist received other money, mostly for prescribing Rexulti and Vraylar. I was on Rexulti briefly. I often saw pharmaceutical representatives at the location, usually delivering free food. One time I overheard a rep say "I really like the way it makes me feel". I don't go there anymore.
  4. I'm currently switching from Anafranil (clomipramine) to Trintellix (vortioxetine) because of sexual side effects. I've taken SSRIs for 20 years and I've had it with the sexual side effects. I've come to the conclusion that clomipramine has decreased nocturnal erections for me which is a very bad thing. My NPP-C ( nurse practitioner) had me go from 50mg clomipramine, to 25mg clomipramine with 5mg Trintellix. The sexual side effects are nearly gone now. At first I was a bit loopy! Then as the clomipramine blood level lowered I started to feel depressed. My mood has gradually gotten better, but not good enough. I didn't enjoy Christmas or New Year's very much and I usually do. Next I'll be taking 10mg Trintellix and no clomipramine. I'm worried that it won't work and I will be miserable. I started taking SSRIs for OCD. The OCD re-manifested as intrusive thoughts a few years ago and it seems that my Vraylar helps while the clomipramine doesn't. I have heard that intrusive thoughts are not diminished by SSRIs in some other people as well. The difference between clomipramine and Trintellix is staggering. Clomipramine works on something like 5-6 times more receptors in the brain than Trintellix. I would appreciate any advice or what to expect. I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone else that has switched from a tricyclic to Trintellix.
  5. I also have social anxiety disorder. It's not as bad as the OCD though. Other times it the SA has been worse. I tried 15mg Abilify but it didn't help with the thoughts. It might have helped for a week at most. I recall feeling insensitive to those close to me, not good. To complicate things, I'm taking one college course (I'm sticking with it) and my pdoc wants me off Abilify completely before starting a different AP. I might have to find another Pdoc.
  6. I've taken Abilify for almost 10 years. I was originally put on it for anxiety, which was rather unwise. I havn't felt good from doing exercise since being on it. However, It did seem to help with OCD. My OCD used to center around cleanliness, now I don't care much. Now my OCD involves intrusive, repetitive thoughts. I am on 10mg Abilify 300mg Luvox, 50 mg Lamictal, 500mg Depakote, and 50mg hydroxyzine as needed. 5 months ago my Abilify does was increased from 5mg to 10mg. Everything was great for a month or 2, not anymore. I've been told that the intrusive, repetitive thoughts are part of OCD and not schizophrenia. However, I'm wondering if I have schizophrenia anyway since the thoughts are related to my daily activities. Has anyone heard of intrusive thoughts being linked to schizophrenia? If so, would a different antipsychotic be more effective? To complicate things, I am a slow metabolizer. Geodon knocked me out for 18 hours! A prior doctor put me on perphenazine after that because he found an article showing the same problem in someone else, and success with perphenazine. I found an article that stated that perphenazine is metabolized by three enzymes while Geodon is metabolized by one. Unfortunately I don't have those articles now. The downside to perphenazine is that it made me depressed at high doses. I tried risperdal, but It made me anxious. I'm willing to try anything again as long as I'm not asleep for 18 hours. Any ideas?
  7. I wish I had seen this sooner, she should have called 911 and got in an ambulance. It would have been faster and she was probably too sedated to drive. I don't mean to put anyone on a guilt trip.
  8. I'm currently dealing with a substantial amount of social anxiety. Living in 1 bedroom apartment has become completely intolerable, given the proximity of neighbors. When I first moved to my apartment I did not have a big issue with neighbors. Many factors worsened my social anxiety, but it seems that Zoloft is the biggest offender. There is GAD too but it's mostly social anxiety. Back when I was 18, I was put on Zoloft for OCD. I tried many SSRIs, and Zoloft was the only one that really worked. 15 years later, the OCD is less of a problem and now the Zoloft is the problem. It's definately causing anxiety and may even be the sole cause of my anxiety. My psychiatrist suspects that it is making me "mildly" schizophrenic, and really wants me to get off of Zoloft. In the past we talked about the difficulty of withdrawal. At that point he did not express the disbelief of withdrawal like some psychiatrists do. Now he's saying that Zoloft withdrawl is basically all in my head. I seriously wonder wtf is in his head. I've slowly lowered my Zoloft dosage from 200mg to 75mg. Going from 75mg to 50mg was too fast for me. I experienced bad withdrawal after taking 50mg each day for 3 days. The withdrawal is bad, but the social anxiety, and any schizophrenic symptoms seem to be reduced . ~65mg seems to be a tolerable reduction (I cut a 25mg in half), but of course the anxiety is still there. I started tapering Zoloft after having a stubborn cold for 2.5 weeks, back in November. When the cold went away, the anxiety got worse. I was also on 2mg Abilify, and switched to 2mg Perphenazine. Recently the anxiety got worse after a bad hangover. I'm off the booze for good now. I have sleep apnea, which I now know was being worsened by alcohol. It also doesn't help that I've been taking Clonidine. I started taking that for ADD, then anxiety. I now know it lowers adrenaline in the body and thus is a CNS depressant. My psychiatrist said he found no interaction beween Clonidine and alcohol. Clonidine and alcohol definitely made my sleep apnea worse. Causing me to wake up, gasping with panic. I still have sleep apnea but the panic associated with it is gone, fortunately. Sorry for the long story. Is there an antidepressant that I could switch to, that is less known for causing anxiety? My psychiatrist wants me to be off Zoloft completely for a whole week before trying a new antidepressant. I'm not willing to do that. In the past I've switched SSRIs after skipping a dose for 24 hours at most. What do other people do? I really appreciate the help you folks got going on around here.
  9. Thanks for the info, very helpful. Sorry for the delay, I've been neck deep in shit creek lately. I called my PCP. They contacted a large (huge) medical university in the area I requested as they were the only place my PCP knew of. They have a hospital and a separate outpatient center. The psych department told them that there would be a year wait for me to get in. The only psychiatrist in my area that my PCP recommends is the one I've already seen, everyone hates, and is probably from the same foreign country. Go figure. I've found many psychiatrists in my area through http://www.fideliscare.org/providersearch/ . However the bad reviews and lack of reviews tell me almost nothing. I'll probably have to do the trail and error thing.
  10. Hi, I'm new here. I'm wanting to find a new psychiatrist. I'm dissatisfied with my current medications. My current psychiatrist isn't very helpful and doesn't seem to give a shit about me. My psychiatrist is part of a local mental health group which includes far worse psychiatrists. My local area is notorious for bad doctors in every field. Because of that, I'll be looking for a new psych in a nearby city which is said to have better doctors. I used to have a psychiatrist there, years ago. He was generally a better psychiatrist until he put me on Abilify for anxiety, which was was basically malpractice. I can only wonder how much Otsuka paid him for that! After my parent's insurance stopped paying the bills, I decided to find a psychiatrist locally, and save the trip too. Didn't work out so well. I am currently on Medicaid. Any tips on what to look for? Anyone got relevant experiences they could share? Would be appreciated. Thanks
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