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  1. Who was just advising "you would do well to relax and not get too personal with people you don't like."? Name this very reputable therapist who claims that clinical depression and anxiety disorder are necessary to performance. That's what this site is targeted to - clinical mental illness, not the aches and pains of everyday life, not the common dramas of the high school experience. No, you have. While her doctor (pediatrician, not a psychiatrist, but still a medical professional) was said to be uncomfortable prescribing psych meds to her patients, the doctor DID write a prescription. You've decided that "Drugs should only be used where there is extreme danger or chronic complications." That's not the level of crisis that the person's own doctor is waiting for. That's how it came across, and you're only reinforcing it. Thanks for the discussion. It is fun doing it without being personal or rude.
  2. Did you even read what Sticklah wrote? Whether he's a homosexual or just easily mistaken for one, that's one item that you can advocate un-developing somewhere else. Yeah!! it's possible I might have misunderstood something. I didn't take that when he referred to himself as a fag that, that was what he meant or that, that was a problem. In homo sexuality you are either a fag or you are not. He said "how much of a fag" I thought he was just making a derogatory remark about himself. Sorry about that. I'm not always right in everything I write.
  3. That's your opinion and Steve can agree with you if he chooses. Neither of you, nor your daughter the nursing student, are licensed psychiatrists or therapists. The teenager in question HAS a doctor and and a therapist, and until I see a very good reason to do otherwise, I'll take their recommendations over either of yours. As to "WE NEED to deal with D & A to some extent to strengthen us and to perform well. " You are dead wrong. Dealing with major depression and clinical anxiety disorders is not something a person would "NEED" at any age, and it's not like you will be the person cleaning up after a child commits suicide because his or her concerns have been written off as teenage angst or something needed to toughen the brat up. Moreover, if you can't understand that there's a major difference between feeling blue because your boyfriend dumped you and depression, between dreading the next exam and full-blown panic attacks (which are a deadly combination with average teenage driving skills) then you really have no need to be discussing the topic. If it's more a matter of being too arrogant to understand that severe mental illness can strike people before your local age of majority, I have less reason to entertain your opinion. As to the patronizing comment about taking a tranquilizer because of something you've written, rest assured that the day hasn't dawned when you will have written anything worth me making the effort to take one on your account. Wow!! We sound a little angry. Sure you wouldn't like a tranquilliser? Sounds like my unqualified opinions have bothered you even though you deny it. Contradictions, contradictions. This place is so much fun. I strongly disagree with what you say however I am not bothered by it. The comment about needing some anxiety and depression to help us perform came from a very reputable Tdoc. Too much and we stress out and become ill. Too little and we tend to become complacent and perform poorly and I can see this even if you can't! The thing I wonder about with you is that whenever you disagree with someone (and you often do) you tend to stick a barb in them. I have not decided whether you do this purposely or if it is just your style of writing. But you would do well to relax and not get too personal with people you don't like. BTW I think Steve and I were agreeing with the persons doctor. You have misread somewhere. I didn't think my quip about tranquilisers was patronising (1. intransitive and transitive verb be condescending to: to treat somebody as if he or she were less intelligent or knowledgeable than yourself Encarta
  4. Write a list of all the things that make people like you and while you're at it make a list of all the reasons to respect yourself. Then make a list of reasons why friends might shy away. Try to develop your good points and un-develop the bad. Maybe you need some help in interpersonal development!
  5. While no one would disagree that normal teen problems are normal for teenagers in high school, way too many real issues end up never being worked through because well-meaning adults like you assume that as long as the kid isn't dressed in black and toting a rifle to school her problems can't be all that bad. All she has to do is keep breathing and everything will be fine. Back in the real world, even mild depression over the long haul can screw up a person's life. Incomplete education, failed careers, poor socialization, it all can stack up until the pile is too high to crawl out from under later in life. Sorry Mr Null0trooper but I'm a bit confused with this. Your earlier posts seemed to fit well with what Steve said and Steve's words sound good to me. As far as 'Personal shit'. Steve we are not professionals and can't talk about pro' things, but we can talk about our experiences and that's what Forums are about which pro's can't do. Them being restricted to their own experiences which may be not an empire of knowledge. This may not be true because I only got it by here say but I was told that a good proportion of the uni shootings were found to be by children coming off Ritalen. I have also read that an extremely high proportion of children experience an episode of depression. Most certainly therapy (Sports and exercise and healthy food and Tdocing) should be the first move. Drugs should only be used where there is extreme danger or chronic complications. Nature may be producing mild depression in teens as a training for the future. This theory is in keeping with the fact that if we run to the Dr and get an anti-biotic every time a kid sneezes then their immune system will weaken. WE NEED to deal with D & A to some extent to strengthen us and to perform well. Drugs are like the proverbial instruction book 'when all else fails'. Apart from this by my own experience no matter how well a drug works there will come a time when it will 'poop' whereas exercise and healthy living won't. And for the kids with behavioural problems a good slap on the arse will do less damage than a life of drugs. My daughter is studying nursing and has done work experience with kids and MI. She says that a very high proportion are caused by recreational drugs. It's logical that since we all react differently that there will be a significant proportion who are there because of indiscriminate use of prescription drugs. Bash me up if you will (good exercise), but don't take a tranquilliser(Bad) because of what I have written.
  6. In Oz that type of behaviour is severely frowned on and victims are encouraged to lodge a complaint with the 'equal opportunity board' There has been many cases where employers have received huge fines and made to pay compensation to victims of harassment. Don't put up with it Mia! things will just get worse, not to mention that it will worsen you anxiety and self esteem.
  7. Yay for your Doctor. Sounds like she's a good Doctor better listen to her. I've been flamed for saying this, but I agree with Drs that want to exhaust every other method first. At least with this Dr you will know you really need a med if she prescribes it. Too many Dr's and patients go for a quick fix with power drugs without first getting to other possible root causes. As far as exercise goes I can tell you it is the greatest for depression. I am 60 and it has been a great help in the fight. It's even been useful for recovery from drugs gone wrong (older types) My only problem is I've got muscles on my muscles from years of bike riding swimming and jogging and now that I'm aging I find muscle more of a hindrance than help.
  8. I think people who write that stuff are suffering anxiety themselves or wish to scare us. You might get one in a thousand who will have a very bad reaction. They will spend hours writing about it. The rest that have had good results are too busy having a good time to be worried about writing about it. I've been taking the Oz equivalent to Paxil for nearly 15 years. The first 5 were bliss the next 5 were OK but the last year has been a real poop out deal. Actually it was a long down hill gradual slope. At first I was euphoric and that started within a couple of hrs of the first pill. Hell became heaven for a long time. When it started to fail I tried increasing the dose. This was good for a short period but then I got this crushed, I want to get out of my brain feeling. So I didn't do that again but recently I got this same feeling with the 20mg dose. One of the odd things is, if I wean myself off slowly. I feel really good during the withdrawal apart from mild angst and a bit more emotion. I also feel good again going back on. It seems that the changing dose is giving good effects either up or down. I am currently weaning off and when the severe angst hits or before, I am going to trial Lovan (Prozac) I feel confident that it has done no permanent damage even though it most likely appears that I can never use it again. At worst I think I will just return to the usual anxiety and mild depression if nothing else helps. So I say give it a try, but take half a dose at first to see how you react. The reaction can be strong at first but quickly settles down. Beware of rage attacks! I had one during the adjustment period. Scared the bejasus out of me because I am an anti violent timid person. All of these experiments have been done with the knowledge of my GP. Please follow your Pdoc's instructions carefully. He/she is highly trained with these drugs.
  9. When anxiety constantly disrupts your life and results in failure at nearly everything you do, you do think about suicide a lot. The thing is that anxiety also makes you afraid of death. At one of my worst times when I contemplated suicide, I kept dreaming about walking down stairs into my grave. This scared the bejasus out of me. And than I would think well maybe I'll put up with it for a bit longer. I think that this is a good attitude to wait a bit longer. A cure might be just around the corner.
  10. Mally is very lucky to have you!! They nicknamed my mother 'smiley' at the old peoples home. My daughter inherited the smile as well. I tell her never to lose that smile and I pray that nothing will happen to take it from her. To have the gift of a constant smile is a great asset, never consider it as something you hide your evil thoughts behind. It is actually a reflection of the REAL YOU. The evil thoughts are an unwelcome intruder.
  11. There are other factors that can cause tiredness. When I found myself going to bed at 8pm and then wanting to fall asleep all day my doctor thought it related to the MI, but sent me to a sleep lab. It turned out that I had very bad sleep apnoea. I now use an air pressure mask CPAP device. This is only trivia as it generally only affects the older over weight people. Your most probable diagnosis would be Depression or anxiety. I was told by a PDOC that it uses a lot of energy being anxious and is therefore very tiring. Disclaimer: I have no idea what I am talking about, please consult a professional for a proper diagnosis. Getting your energy and enthusiasm back, I should imagine very important. When I find myself tired and disinterested, I get worried because it means I am sinking into depression and I need to act to avoid it.
  12. I would imagine MI would be one of the most misunderstood disabilities by non disability people. So when people advise you not to tell about your evil thoughts to those close to you they are giving good advice. When my beloved wife and I argue and threaten to leave each other. There are awful thoughts that go through the addled brain. Like "I wish she would die so I don't have to go through the pain of divorce" "Or I wish I had never agreed to marry her and stayed single" When My mother was dieing and the long drawn out stress was occurring. I just wished she would die and be done with. These are awful thoughts and really distressing to have them. When my mother finally died, I cried not because she had died (I believed she had gone to God and her suffering had ended) I cried because of how I failed her after all the sacrifices she had made for me when I was really ill and she was trying to save my marriage. It's OK for me to tell you people here, because Rose will understand. But I would never tell my wife about these thoughts because even though she no doubt has evil thoughts herself she would be very hurt. There are some things best kept to ourselves and only shared with understanding people on CB who will not judge us. By the way, I love my wife dearly and would be heart broken if she left me in any way. So Rose when you're mad at Mally, don't tell him you'd like to remove his manhood, (Unless joking) He's probably just as scared as you of evil thoughts.
  13. Some people here make me sad. Dusty's worse he makes me cry. LOL. Thanks Dusty you are really a good person, You have been a great inspiration to me in my time of need. This 'Forum' I hope is primarily to give support to the mentally ill and you really achieve that, especially with me! Bless you. Once again one of my friends picks me up off the floor, sits me on my seat and puts my dummy back in my mouth. Where would we be without friends. I once said a supportive post cancels a thousand flaming posts but a friend cannot be cancelled by any amount of enemies. I came to this Forum in the hope of making people smile and helping but it seems that I have received more than I could hope to put in. This confirms my previous arguments, if you have good intentions you will receive more good back than you put in. I'm actually not the least bit concerned about people telling me I write crap or I'm a moron. In East Timor I came face to face with some very evil hateful thugs and they could taunt me all they liked. I only got worried when they had machete's. The thing that bothers me is that many people here seem to misunderstand or take offence at things I write. This appears not to happen to others and thus bothers me because there are so many that it means that it must be my fault. I need to work on this, is there some therapy that could help.
  14. 1. People who are angry about things can be perfectly friendly pleasant people a lot of the time. It's not always a case of happy=nice and angry=bad. 2. Medication helps people like Dusty, and most MI-ers, to be stable enough to do therapy. Even if this is a set of learned behaviours, there will be chemical reactions going on (that is after all what emotions are linked to) and meds can help to support new learning in therapy. As a rule, if a pdoc has said that someone needs meds, it's really unhelpful to suggest that they might not. Please don't do it. I didn't really think that anyone would think that I was advising people to go against there Drs advice. I was just asking a question about Dusty's treatment which he would no doubt have discussed with Mary and I was curious as to her advice. I can't even make myself understood, let alone give sound advice. Once before when I suggested that people could have a bad experience on CB and do something rash, Dec Brigget came back and said that people would do well not to take seriously what people write. And she was quite correct. And I didn't suggest that having anger made a person bad. The sweetest people get angry it's a human emotion and it's natural. Dusty Jr can get as angry as he likes, he's a lovely person no matter what. A Pdoc said to me that if I felt angry I should express it in a non hurting way ie not to other people but it is good therapy to express it. Anyway thanks for the advice and moderation you're doing a great job. 'Earthcalling' I would never compare a human to a computer. Computers are dumb machines whereas people are unique and ALL have something special to put into life. My reference was that some of our problems are due to experiences, These can? be dealt with by therapy and I would hardly think that I would be wrong if I said that this should be the first port of call before drugs. The reference to hardware was other problems, mine in particular are mainly due to brain malfunction. At the moment drugs are the best treatment. My comparison was very simplistic, you are quite correct in your description. All people should take advice from a professional as to which is best for them. thank you for saying so karuna. you've done a really good job at getting what matters out of that post and leaving the rest of the crap. i need lessons I'm intending not to put anymore crap on CB. This should please you. Thanks for your advise and support. My apologies for thread jacking it won't happen again.
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