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  1. I don't necessarily have advice, but I can say that I have this problem a lot. I've had a lot of CBT/DBT therapy which has helped. I find that sometimes I need to just let myself experience the pain in order to let it pass. I'll sometimes put on an album or playlist and let myself "wallow" for a certain amount of time. Once time is up, I do something to distract myself. I have two cats and sometimes I'll get out the catnip and watch them play...
  2. I hate morning migraines!! Sometimes I find that drinking a huge glass of water helps kick it to the curb. One of my biggest triggers is artificial sweeteners (saccharin and aspartame). Excedrin usually does the trick if I catch it early enough
  3. I am wretchedly moody. Hormonal and exhausted. I have to leave for work in an hour. Its been really really hard to go to go in for my shifts the past couple of days. I'm fighting it because working actually helps me stay on the rails. I pray to god I don't get an obnoxious customer 5 minutes before I'm supposed to clock out. I've perfected the art of "the customer is always right." When I get home I imagine that I said "fuck you, and you have an ugly haircut" instead of "thank you, have a nice day!" Ugh, I just wanna be a stay at home cat lady. Is that really too much to ask?
  4. It's funny (not funny haha but funny weird). I can't fall asleep at night for the life of me. My body will be begging for my brain to let me sleep, but my brain just buzzes along. I toss and turn and go from recliner to couch to bed back to couch - then it starts to get light out and I'm out... I could sleep for 10-12 hours straight. Maybe I'm a vampire and my teeth just haven't come in yet? LOL Great topic. Thanks for the posts everyone!
  5. I went in for my 4 hour shift even though I was having a tough day. It sorta sucked but I'm glad I didn't call out. I think sitting around on the couch would have been worse in the long run
  6. Hi Hunt. I'm new as well. I don't have social phobia, but I do have a hard time leaving the house so I can sorta relate. Funny thing is, I have ADD and never stop talking when I'm around other people
  7. My name is Sarah and I'm trying to keep my cool... The past week I've been increasingly irritable. I won't bore you with the details. Right now I would love to put on a disguise and find some piece of shit pedophile who desperately deserves a beating with a sledgehammer. Seeing as how orange is not my color, I took a klonopin and I'm playing pink Floyd full blast... So ya, nice to meet you all. Thanks for letting me vent!!
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