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  1. I like how you are currently viewing my profile and I am currently viewing yours.....are you sure you're not a stalker?

  2. FTFY Anyone who has an interest in election rigging should read Billionaires And Ballot Bandits by Greg Palast. It's very insightful and reminds you that America is a democracy in name only.... Remember, it's not who the people vote for, it's which votes they count that matters.
  3. I don't think that vivid dreams are necessarily associated with any particular disorder. For as far back as I can remember I have always had vivid dreams. As I child I used to come down stairs and tell my mother at the breakfast table what I dreamed about that night. Now that I am (much) older, I am able to relate the things in my dream to recent events in my life and make a little more sense of my dreams. I believe that vivid dreams are caused by an over productive imagination. Since I live in a fantasy world when I'm awake, it's only right that the fantasies my mind creates run over into my dreams too. When you say it's exhausting is this because you wake up during the night? Or is it because you feel like your mind is always running? I've gotten to used to having vivid dreams I am actually disappointed the occasional times that I wake up and can't remember my dreams.
  4. In regards to the original post, I believe there are dangers. As someone who has not had a friend since high school (over 10 years) I feel I can talk about the dangers first hand. Just remember these are only my own personal thoughts on it, and I may have other background issues that make my situation unique. I feel like a danger to society whenever I go outside. I have feelings of hostility against anyone who does the smallest thing that upsets me. People who cut me off by walking in front of me, people who I have to move out the way of who are texting and walking and not looking where they are going....even people who say rude/racist/misogynist comments out loud in public. I understand everyone has their individual rights but I can't shake the whole I'm right and everyone else is wrong way of thinking. I think that if I had friends then being exposed to other peoples thoughts, beliefs and ideas might make other people more tolerable. It might also remind me that people have flaws and that I should accept that rather than wanting to perform physical acts of violence on them. I think friends are important. I also know how difficult it is to find them. I've already accepted that I'm destined to never have friends. Don't be like me. It isn't fun.
  5. That is such a crappy title....oh well, too late now. O.K - Soooooo.... I've made my first post. Yay for me. Now It's about time that I choose an avatar for myself. Something that represents me. And all of my individuality. Without being offensive to others. Something that suggests I'm cool and awesome and funny and hip....while also letting people know I'm a sensitive human being with feelings and emotions. Of course I could always choose a character from a cartoon/tv show/movie who I think is cool, suggesting to anyone who looks at it that I myself am just as cool as the person or thing shown. This is as every part as stressful as buying a new item of clothing or a new car. But worse because this is the internet which means that everything I do, say and post will exist until the end of time (or at least until the end of the internet) On the other hand this is me. And if there is one thing that I don't care about, it's the opinions of other people. Which means that I get to pick anything I want and not have a care in the world about what people think about it. Of course my choice may mean that people don't want to talk to me because they think I'm weird. As if this post wouldn't indicate that to people anyway..... Ok.....and here we go......and the winner is......
  6. Have you ever woken up somewhere and have no idea where you are or how you got there? Like the guy in the first Saw movie. Well that's me. Except I'm not chained up in a dank room with a stranger and a in the room. So yeah. No idea what this place is. Or who you people are. Or how I got here. But I'm here now so I guess I should just try and make the most of it. While at the same time never quite being sure of who I can trust, who is out to kill me/eat me/wear my skin or some other thing that strangers do to each other. Should I be scared? Probably... Let's just see what happens.
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