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  1. I took eszopiclone (Lunesta) years ago, when I was having insomnia issues from the medication I was taking at the time. It worked very well. I was asleep w/in minutes of taking the pill and I slept the full 8 hours. I don't remember any side effects from it at all.
  2. Why not just ask about taking Zyprexa and Paxil instead?
  3. After all these years, I finally updated my avatar. Hope this doesn't confuse you. Made it via: https://avatarmaker.com
  4. After all these years, updated my avatar courtesy of: https://avatarmaker.com

  5. I use to take Lunesta (3mg). It worked very well for me. I was on it for years and it continued to work for me. (didn't lose it's benefit).
  6. Gabapentin didn't help my anxiety symptoms at all. Unfortunately, it made things worse. I did try Propranolol, but I had to stop it. (I forget why). (I was on 10mg BID)
  7. I've been having increased anxiety. (more so than usual) It's starting to border panic/panic attacks. Meds I'm currently taking: Lithium 900mg (300mg am / 600mg pm) (Li Level: 0.9) Clozaril 325mg (bedtime) Celexa 30mg (AM) Xanax 0.5mg (three times daily) Pepcid 40mg (bedtime) I don't really want to increase the Xanax (due to being controlled substance and tolerance issues). The Xanax is still doing something. I increased the Celexa from 20mg to 30mg back in March 2018. While this may sound silly, If I have to, I'm willing to add a medication. If you guys can think of anything, please let me know.
  8. I currently take Lithium IR - 300mg AM / 600mg Bedtime She may reduce my dosage pending a blood draw. I'm asking out of curiosity: 1. If she did lower the dose, which dose do you think she would change first? (the AM or the PM)? 2. Would she need to switch me over to the Lithium XR if she changed the dose? Any comments/suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  9. I'm trying to do an advanced search: https://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php?/search/ But when I click "search content", it doesn't do anything. It's like I'm not even hitting the button. I'm in Windows 10 on Google Chrome Browser.
  10. I've been having increased difficulties with dry mouth and dry throat this past month. My meds have not changed in months. Clozaril 325mg bedtime Lithium 300mg AM / 600mg bedtime Celexa 30mg AM Xanax 0.5mg TID Pepcid 40mg bedtime I see pdoc tomorrow. Any feedback welcome. Thanks.
  11. MI didn't make me start drinking coffee, curiosity did. I wondered why people drank it and I tried it and liked it.
  12. I was able to find 2 medications listed approval for TD: Ingrezza (https://www.ingrezza.com/) Austedo (https://www.austedo.com/tardive-dyskinesia)
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