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  1. I just recently bought a planner from Plum Paper. ( http://plumpaper.com ) I've heard of something called the "planner community". I've tried googling it, but I couldn't find anything. If someone knows of anything, can you please let me know? Thanks in advance.
  2. Edit to ask a Question. I may have to ask Dunkin this question, but I thought maybe someone might know. When it comes to getting the hazelnut, do they put in the "shots" (unsweetened) or the "swirl" (sweetened). Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the information @Unstrung Harp Thanks all for all your help. I'll let you know how things go when I get the chance to try one.
  4. That's why I mentioned hazelnut in my OP. I like hazelnut.
  5. I'd like to make sure I say everything in the right way/right order so that it gets made the way I want it.
  6. Thanks for the information @Fluent In Silence I forgot to mention in my OP is that I'd be getting it from a place like Dunkin Donuts. (since that's the closest coffee place to me)
  7. I'm looking into trying iced lattes. I just want to make sure I order them right. (so I have the best chance of enjoying them) I know a few details that I know I'll want: -- medium sized, hazelnut flavor, milk, whip cream -- Is there anything I'm forgetting/need to add? Is there something I don't have to say because it is included by default? I know it's a strange post, but I do thank you guys in advance for your replies.
  8. I use a pill box to organize my medications. Can't advise on the time issue as I can remember when it's time to take my meds.
  9. I agree that it depends on your doctor. I've been on benzos (mostly xanax) for over 10 years and have not had any trouble getting my script each month. (I'm in NY)
  10. Only one change since my last post in this thread but thought I'd update you anyways. Lithium 900mg/d - mood stabilization Clozapine 325mg/d - psychosis and mood stabilization Celexa 30mg/d - depression and anxiety Xanax 0.5mg 4 times a day (increased from 3 a day) - anxiety and panic attacks Pepcid 40mg/d - GERD/Acid Reflux Colace BID - IBS-C
  11. Is it possible to take 2 benzos? (one for everyday use and another for breakthrough symptoms)?
  12. My current cocktail: Clozapine 325mg bedtime - psychosis and mood stabilization Lithium 900mg (300mg AM / 600mg bedtime) - mood stabilization / anti-manic Celexa 30mg AM - depression and anxiety Xanax 0.5mg TID - anxiety Pepcid 40mg bedtime - GERD Colace BID - IBS-C
  13. Happy New Year 2020!

  14. The only way I've heard of using 2 benzos is you take one benzo regularly for your anxiety and the other you take as needed for breakthrough symptoms.
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