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  1. My current cocktail: Clozapine 325mg bedtime - psychosis and mood stabilization Lithium 900mg (300mg AM / 600mg bedtime) - mood stabilization / anti-manic Celexa 30mg AM - depression and anxiety Xanax 0.5mg TID - anxiety Pepcid 40mg bedtime - GERD Colace BID - IBS-C
  2. Happy New Year 2020!

  3. The only way I've heard of using 2 benzos is you take one benzo regularly for your anxiety and the other you take as needed for breakthrough symptoms.
  4. I've a great experience with clozapine. Been on it almost 10 years now with no issues.
  5. I really like clozapine. I've been on it for a little over 9 years now and it really stabilizes my mood and rids my psychosis.
  6. I took Zyprexa when I was IP for mania and psychosis. It worked fast and well. I was given 5mg at first then upped to 10mg. It helped, but I couldn't tolerate the restlessness I got from it.
  7. There are several medications that can be used for akathisia: cogentin, artane, amantadine, propranolol, benzos
  8. I've been on clozapine for 9 and 1/2 years. I've been doing well. I've not had any issues with my wbc. I've not developed myocarditis. I can't judge the constipation aspect because I have IBS-C (dxed before clozapine, but I don't think it made it worse). In the US, you do once week for 6 months, then every other week for 6 months. Then after a year it's once a month. Since I've been on clozapine for so long, I go once a month. It's worth it IMO. I've been fortunate not to have gained weight from clozapine. As far as the diabetes goes, I've not had any issues with my blood sugar. I get fasting blood work done once every 6 months to continually check for that. I do make sure to watch what I eat for general health anyways. When I was started on clozapine, I was started on 25mg every night for the first week. It was then increased in 25mg increments every week till I got to 300mg. I take my clozapine all at bedtime to reduce daytime sedation. I don't get sleepy during the day from clozapine. I don't find that I have any cognitive issues from clozapine. I don't get the drooling side effect. I don't get eps, akathisia or tremors from clozapine. I think I covered everything. If you have further questions, please ask.
  9. I'm on clozapine. Have been for 9 years. If you have questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.
  10. There are 2 medications that are FDA approved to use for TD: Ingrezza: https://www.ingrezza.com/ and Austedo: https://www.austedo.com/tardive-dyskinesia
  11. I took eszopiclone (Lunesta) years ago, when I was having insomnia issues from the medication I was taking at the time. It worked very well. I was asleep w/in minutes of taking the pill and I slept the full 8 hours. I don't remember any side effects from it at all.
  12. Why not just ask about taking Zyprexa and Paxil instead?
  13. After all these years, I finally updated my avatar. Hope this doesn't confuse you. Made it via: https://avatarmaker.com
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