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  1. Flupentixol was good for GAD,but not for OCD for me. I was on 1mg BID. and second time on higher dose - depot (20mg/q2wk) which equalls 5mg/day. Had to go off due prolactin and fears of tardive dyskinesia. Hope this helps.
  2. Partial agonist have a ability to activate receptor,but only partially compared to natural ligand ie. dopamine. Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology: Neuroscientific Basis and Practical Applications, 4th Ed.
  3. *Aripiprazole 15mg - 1tb. QAM (15mg) - /antipsychotic/anti-manic *Divalproex sodium ER 500mg - 1tb. TID (1500mg) - mood stabilization *Gabapentin 300mg - 2cap. QAM; 1cap. QPM (900mg) - anti-anxiety *Mirtazapine 30mg - 1tb QHS (30mg) - Antidepressant/anti-anxiety/insomnia *Trazodone 150mg - 2/3tb QHS (100mg) -insomnia *Quetiapine 100mg - 2tb. QHS (200mg) - insmonia *Vortioxetine 10mg - 2tb. QAM (20mg) - Antidepressant
  4. I'm trying to get off high dose Seroquel (800mg). I tried to go down to zero, but couldn't stand crazy anxiety and overstimulation. Now I take 100mg at night just for insomnia with mirtazapine 30mg. My anxiety and sleep is better after I started mirtazapine. I guess it's just Seroquel withdrawal. After few weeks Tegretol will reduce plasma quetiapine (seroquel) concentration to very low levels. So take Seroquel for now, it'll self taper,because Tegretol is strong inducer of CYP3A4 enzyme, which in turn metabolize Seroquel.
  5. Depakote double lamotrigine levels in plasma. Your lamotrigine dose should be cut in half.
  6. Vortioxetine 20mg - anti-depressant Valproic acid 1500mg - Anti-manic, mood stabilizer Gabapentin 900mg - anxiety Aripiprazole - 15mg - Anti-manic, mood stabilizer Trazodone 100mg - Insomnia Quetiapine ER - 400mg - Anti-manic,mood stabilizer,antidepressant,anti-anxiety
  7. Is it hard to come off gabapentin if I abused it? Lately I took high doses of gabapentin like 6-8 grams per day,because my anxiety is high. I slowly titrate dose down to minimize withdrawal. My normal prescribed dose is low only 900mg per day.Now reduced to 600mg.
  8. No. I've tried over 50 meds, and no one are really helping with OCD. But cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) really works,
  9. My recent labs on valproate: 1500mg Divalproex sodium - (trough level?) 61mcg/ml 1500mg valproic acid - (trough level) - 52 mcg/ml
  10. I have positive experience with haloperidol (Haldol) it helped bring down mixed mania,anger,irritabilty. But it's not great med to be on long term, because one of it's metabolites are neurotoxic to dopamine neurons.
  11. Yes,higher doses for me are more sedating,while lower doses (like 200mg) I can take even in morning without sedation.
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