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  1. Hi, so basically what your saying is we need to reduce meat intake not eliminate it,and continue eating the basic amount of other correct? I understand the premise but fail to see how it changes much. If everyone went back to eating meat but in smaller amounts, I don't think you specified the amount wouldn't it be the same as it is now? Granted more human beings might be healthier but that's the extent of that as I can tell. And would the amount be if not worse, due to the size of the human population versus animal? And I can see the idea of harvesting causing more deaths by accident but isn't it just that? An accident? Put it this way,would you rather die by accident living free than caged on a concrete slab? I realise the moral inconsistencies with being vegetarian, but like I said I wasn't doing well for various personal reasons and it basically comes down to your fist ends at my nose, at least for now. I still desire to do better but this is where I'm at right now. To that end I don't necessarily think it's wrong to kill an animal,that depends on the situation. And more so I believe the goal should be reducing suffering caused by our agency not necessarily eliminating it. But that's another discussion altogether. Thanks for sharing.
  2. From my simple understanding it's not really too big a deal whether you eat a little meat or none at all fish included. The only thing that matters in that regard is taking a wide variety of foods maybe taking a supplement if your missing something and taking things that are known to be bad in small amounts fairly infrequently and your health should be fine. Me though I'm vegetarian, mostly for moral reasons. I don't really subscribe to this notion that because there are some things we have no control over, like membranes in cellphones that we should just throw our hands in the air and stop trying to do better. I don't think it's an all or nothing situation. That said, I used to be vegan, but It started getting hard for me to make my own meals. So as much as I hate it I'm vegetarian for now until I can build a good base. And that's the thing about veganism and vegetarianism it's moral work. If you really want to do it it's like exercise or learning guitar, you have to devote time to it. I dunno my two pennies.
  3. I can't say I can think of a lot of music thats made me cry, there was only ever one and it's because I'm a weirdo and partly for personal reasons but these ones make me kinda blue Future sound of London - everyone in this world is doing something without me Devin Townsend - Casualties of cool (full 2 disc album) Mono - pure as snow Skip James - sickbed blues
  4. Thanks for your reply Melissa I appreciate it a lot. And it's not like I enjoy being pushed it's just I know if I want to make progress I have to go outside my comfort zone sometimes. Though I will admit I can be pretty hard on myself sometimes. Yeah I think your right, I should probably write something and try to parse things out first with her, talk with her first. thanks for that. Sorry about the messed up post I'm on my phone and it's being a pain.
  5. Not sure how to start but here's my situation. The therapist I'm seeing right now is my first,but I've been seeing her throughout my entire treatment. For at least 8 or so years maybe more. And recently, though I haven't been able to point EXACTLY why though I suspect it's due to a recent med change I've been doing a lot better I'd say I'm almost at recovery levels. It's been like this for three months now and apparently I'm at that stage of transition to some kind of form of normality, it's been 18 years before I got here. And I still don't know how to describe how I feel. I was explaining this to my therapist when she came at me with loads of questions I think because I was so quiet from lack for words. And I just had a total breakdown in her office from it and caved in. She made me feel like I was not changing fast enough and it was my fault for it. The amount of stress from that immediately brought on heavy suicidal ideation though I didn't tell her that. But I did very bluntly tell her how she made me feel about changing fast enough. She seemed shocked and apologized after that. And said that she was just excited to hear I've been doing better and didn't realize how hard it must be for me. This is the first time things have got that bad. But I have had maybe one or two other incidents that left me feeling bewildered. The reason I keep going is because she pushes me and makes me think in different ways. And I value that in someone who's willing to do so in a respectable way. I haven't scheduled for my next appointment and am kind of in limbo at the moment. I just don't know whether I should just take a break or find a different therapist all together. We've been seeing each other for so long that I'm really hesitant about it. I don't know just looking for thoughts.
  6. That's a good way of looking at it. I know I need to remind myself of that more often. For me just forming a habit, almost any habit can be hard because I struggle with having the motivation. I think I'm going to try setting reminders maybe that'll help.
  7. So I recently saw a post from someone talking about hygiene. This with me,as I'm sure a lot of people who have our issues I thought it might be a good idea to make a self care thread sort of for it. So maybe others can post advice or issues. I know right now myself I've been going through a few dental hiccups. I'm waiting an appeal to get a lower front denture the last request was denied cause I didn't have enough teeth missing!? Also if anyone knows any good tricks to remind me to bathe once a week I'm ears,i struggle a lot with motivation from depression. So yeah. Feel free to post helpful suggestions or questions for anything related. Nothing too small nothing too serious all answers and problems welcome.
  8. Hey then, I have sza depressive form and anxiety after a slight switch in diagnosis. I take divalproex,wellbutrin,lorazepam for anxiety and invega injection form. I've been dealing with this stuff since I was 12, I'm 30 now. I'm not saying this is everyone but it took a long time before my treatment team got some meds that'd work, again YMMV. But once they work life just becomes bareable again I sometimes even have good days,rare but I honestly didn't think I'd ever have one again. What I'm saying is don't give up and be patient and honest with your team, they're there to help you. And just from experience I know this sounds obvious but always try your hardest to be on time with taking meds do whatever you got to do to take them as prescribed and regularly, this was a hard one for me because I've always had trouble with motivation. Don't let it happen to you it's an extra slog sometimes through hell you don't have to go through. I don't know hope that helps.
  9. Thanks, it's really nice to know I'm not alone in this. Sometimes I really feel like I'm the only one.
  10. I like that idea, I'm going to give it a thought to see what I can do. It's just I literally don't know anyone there so I'd have to set all my needs up almost from scratch and I'd probably have to do a lot of driving to get everywhere regularly which I'm not used to cause I live in a small town right now where everything is just a minute away just some adjusting I guess. It's just a lot for me to take in sometimes. But I just know I can't stay here. Thanks for all your help, it's appreciated.
  11. So here's my situation, I recently had to move back in to save money to get away from where I live. If I have any luck I should be able to move soon. Right now though I'm stuck wandering around the streets just to pass time so I don't have to deal with my parents, in particular my father who is anti-med and can get wildly unpredictably angry at the drop of a pin. Thing is I'm also kind of scared to not have any family support nearby when I move. Its several states over. I also still have moments where I feel ill go tumbling back down the rabbit hole from remission. I just don't quite have the confidence to move just yet but living here stuck with my parents is the death of me. I'm 30 and been meaning to do this for the past 7 years. I don't have anyone but family. And I just feel like I don't have a home anymore just a place to sleep when everythings quieted down. Sorry for the long rant,i just needed to get that off my chest. Just to be clear I have a place to sleep just nowhere to call home. Thanks.
  12. I have a pdoc who prescribes me benzos when I need them, I also have a tdoc but I honestly wouldn't be too sure what to say these things can be so random sometimes. I need to speak with pdoc again about benzos as I'm not sure they're even working anymore I plan on doing that sometime towards next month.
  13. Hello everyone. I find lately I've been getting random moments of panic attacks, suddenly feeling overwhelmed. Seemingly caused by the most innocuous things. Just today it was windy and rainy off and on at the dog park where I take my dog scraps. it was seemingly going fine till one of the tent poles started creeking and popping which scared scrapsy to death so we decided to hang back in the parking lot over viewing the lake and I could feel it coming on so I rushed home and end up curling into a ball on the chair trying the relaxation response while repeating words to lift me up, I don't know whether it helped or not I'm kinda still dealing with the fallout. I was just wondering if anyone gets random episodes like that,sorry if it's a dumb post I just don't know much about any of my conditions.
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