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  1. I was on 300mg of Seroquel immediate release along with 75 mg of effexor. I have also tried vraylar, which made me terribly nauseated.
  2. Hello. I am new to the forum and have a few questions about finding an antipsychotic that will help me function at work without being too sedating. I am on abilify along with an antidepressant to treat bipolar depression as well as auditory hallucinations and delusions that occur when I experience stress. I was switched to abilify after taking seroquel because I found seroquel to be very sedating, and I struggled to be with my family or work due to the fatigue. However, seroquel completely stabilized my mood and eliminated the psychotic symptoms. I was switched to abilify because it was supposed to be more activating so I would be able to function at work, school, and with parenting. I have gained 10 lbs since starting, and I still feel depressed and have been experiencing some hallucinations. Does anyone have any suggestions about antipsychotics that may be more effective while not as sedating so that I could bring these to my doctor's attention? The seroquel worked wonders, but I am trying to go back to school and work, so I need to be present and engaged to do well. Thank you.
  3. I am thankful for all of the support I have been given on this thread. I think I will apply for SSDI/SSI so I can work on getting stable.
  4. Thanks for the responses again. I am not on SSDI/SSI. I have a job, but I am barely working. Even though I should care about my work performance, I am getting to the point where I don't and have to muster every ounce of strength just to make it through a shift. My stamina has decreased to such a degree that it is hard to be productive for 8 hours. It is also hard for me to remember tasks, and I feel disoriented sometimes. I have never felt this bad.
  5. I appreciate the responses. I feel like I am grieving the person I thought I would be and the dreams that I've had for myself. I can't even explain how difficult it is for me just to do the most basic things at times. I don't think the field that I had planned to go in is a good fit for me anymore in light of my mental health, but I have invested so much time and money that I feel like I have to finish even though it is such a struggle. I go back and forth about whether to apply to disability because I just cannot seem to keep my moods controlled, even with medication. I still have bouts of extreme depression/apathy. It's all frustrating.
  6. I have dealt with mental illness for a while that was originally misdiagnosed as major depressive disorder. I recently got a diagnosis of bipolar 1 after I had stopped sleeping, taking care of myself, and became extremely depressed and psychotic. I am still dealing with guilt and shame from the psychotic episode because of how I acted and haven't felt normal since before the psychosis. It seems like I have such a low tolerance for stress. I can't deal with any pressure without becoming depressed and feel overwhelmed all the time by even the smallest of tasks. I am just feeling sorry for myself right now because I was in graduate school and working and had this idea of what job I would have. Now, I am not even sure if I can handle working part-time. Will I ever get my life back?
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