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  1. Well atleast you're more tolerant than my old favourite website, which permabans people who even make even the slightest implication that they're Nazis. Don't worry, I'll keep my National Socialist inclinations to my self and won't talk about the Daily Stormer anymore.
  2. You may not find it funny, but it's always intended to be, Anglin has stated so several times before, the Stormer's humour and use of memes is what sets it apart from other WN websites like Stormfront.
  3. Allowing people to destroy others lives in an absolutely horrible way and only get a slap on the wrist is not freedom. I know I have a bad reputation for supporting eugenics and wanting to kill people, but Jesus Tapdancing Christ I would never purposely give someone Aids, that's just a whole nother level of evil no matter what your morality may be. Seriously, I'd rather get shot in the intestines with .22lr than get Aids.
  4. https://www.rt.com/usa/406024-hiv-infection-felony-misdemeanor/ This is disgusting, doing something as cruel as intentionally infecting someone with this nightmare disease is nothing less than a capital crime. At this point California should be ejected from the Union.
  5. I'm unwilling to do this because like I said, my walks are not just about hoping someone will attack me so I can kill them, they're also about exploring the city and exercise, if I were to tell someone about my homicidal fantasies, I would be involuntarily detained and my gun and license stripped from me, then if I resumed my walks for urban exploration and exercise I could eventually run into a threat and I will have nothing to defend myself with. Even without the hope of killing someone, I like too much the security and resulting freedom of action my gun gives me.
  6. I'm quite aware that I have to go down to the station for questioning, of course I intend to fully comply with law enforcement and I will kill myself only if I'm actually arrested charged and indicted with a crime. On point b I'm not actively hunting people down to kill. While I do go on long walks with the hopes that I get in a self defense situation, that's not the only reason for my walks. One reason is that I like to explore the city and see new things. Another reason for my walks is to keep my weight down. And when I don't encounter a self defense situation, I'm a little relieved because I realize the danger a self defense situation would present. And if I do find myself in a self defense situation, I would exercise the absolute most caution. I will not provoke anyone, if someone does appear to be attacking me I will retreat even though I live in a stand your ground state and only if the threat pursues their attack will I kill them.
  7. Are you talking to me or surreal?
  8. I'm not talking about George Zimmerman,I'm talking about myself. I will not make the mistake Zimmerman made by actively going after people I think are suspicious, my rules for engagement will be much more strict, the enemy will have to approach me first and make themselves an obvious threat, and I will retreat before shooting them, even though I don't have to, I want to avoid at all costs not only to jail but even going on trial, I don't want to be financially ruined.
  9. It's part of my martyrdom complex, I want to be demonized and hated and persecuted for even though I've done nothing wrong. But even more than a desire for hatred and persecution, I want so much for a few people to support and defend me. It's one thing for people to love you and support you when there's nothing controversial or dangerous about it, but when everyone's against you yet someone is brave enough to stick their neck out for you, that is one of the most beautiful and romantic things ever.
  10. It's less about making people suffer and more about getting attention.
  11. I hate them to, I've especially had to deal with them at my favourite website, alternatehistory.com, where the admin and chief mod are both selfrighteous, sanctimonious jackasses who not only ban you for minor infractions, they demonize you publicly and even make wiki pages about you that you can't edit. Dealing with them was the single most infuriating event of my life.
  12. I fantasize about being the next George Zimmerman, killing someone or better yet multiple people and getting away with it while pissing everyone off is my dream. But my fantasies mostly focus on the aftermath and not the killing itself, especially the interviews and reactions, I want a cheap and easy way to fame and infamy and I want a chance for the world to hear my voice. But even if my killings don't become famous and so long as there's no risk of me going to prison, I would be satisfied. My life may be a complete failure, but so long as I get to take someone or someones down with me, it all evens out or even leaves me with a win.
  13. My sense of humour is really edgy and mean spirited and I know it so I just don't share it outside of edgy websites.
  14. The only news source I read is the Daily Stormer, but you need a pretty dark sense of humour to appreciate it.
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