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  1. I am very pale, but it's my own choice. I love being pale. I think having pale skin is beautiful. I always wear sunscreen, and if people comment negatively about it, I simply tell them I love it and it's my own choice. My random two cents Just wanted to drop in haha
  2. Yes, that's very true. But I also think being vulnerable in front of the other person is very important to feel comfortable around them. And yes, you're right there is no right time, because perfection does not exist. I'm formulating a plan as we speak, which I hope will work in my favor (I don't mean that in a scheming way lol). I'll update y'all on what happens (even if you don't care, I am still going to tell you hehe).
  3. Thanks~ A friend of mine told me she was on Celexa for a couple of years and it really helped to pull her out of some dark situations. Thanks for responding
  4. Hello Y'all. As you may know, it seems I might be out of luck for Linzess. I'm on amitriptyline which helps a bit with my pain, but really does nothing to control the bowel moments. Amitiza is just no, it doesn't really do much for me. I can't take MiraLax because it just causes me to be horribly bloated until I have diarrhea after four or five days. Low doses of bisacodyl just make me crampy and have diarrhea. Anyone have any luck with Levsin or Bentyl? I know they aren't really made for those with constipation but I'm also looking for something to control the pain. A friend of mine's mother recommended Donnatal but it contains a barbiturate so it's most likely out. Just a side note, I've also been on metronidazole for two weeks which had no effect. The first couple of nights I had normal bowel moments then I just went back to "normal" for me (i.e. constipated). Also, I've tried all kinds of horrible diets.
  5. Yes, I don't know. It's scary to go out on a limb and ask but it's the only way to be sure! I think until the "right time" comes I'll just have to keep flirting haha.
  6. I'll have to ask my doctor to call. I know that he isn't fond of insurance companies, so it should be interesting!
  7. Haha secret handshake. I love that! It's quite possible. I can't imagine what else I must need to have failed trials of in order for this to work, but I will talk to my GI doctor. He's all hell bent on sticking a balloon up my anus and inflating it to see how much I can take (hehe), so we'll see what happens next time I see him. Yes, finding medication that works then not being able to take it is not fun, but we shall prevail!
  8. Hehehe Thank you for that clarification. Too bad he's above 8 years old, as I wouldn't mind being given a pretty rock...
  9. I second notloki, don't worry about it. TSA will not be concerned as long as you have information from your doctor/they are in the original bottle with your name on it. Edit: It's so funny, I say "don't worry about it" but we're in the anxiety disorder section
  10. I doubt my psychiatrist would prescribe me a low dose benzo for anything other than flights to and fro locations. And yes I agree, therapy is great as long as you don't get off on a tangent about something. I had to redirect my therapist from helping me with ADD coping skills, which I didn't need at the time, to helping with my anxiety, which was much needed. I feel like that happens too often Ahhh~ It doesn't help with the mental symptoms of anxiety, just physical ones that perpetuate the mental ones. I used to take it daily, but it kills the motivation I get from Vyvanse, so I had to stop (which is also a shame because it steadied my hands because of shaking from Vyvanse). You're very active on the forums (35k Posts O:), you must know everyone like family! haha
  11. Yes of course I do haha. And yes, that is the top sign, but I think it's very hard to just straight up ask some one, ya' know? I was thinking I should ask him because we're doing something fun this week where we will be alone a lot
  12. We sent one in, but it was denied by the insurance. He sent it in again, but they simply won't let me
  13. I've gotten to this point thanks to therapy. I think it's truly some kind of witchcraft haha.
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