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  1. Just to chime in. Recently like 3 months ago I took on some work that means during the week I have to get up at 5.30am. It coincided with me starting quetiapine for a hypomanic episode. Anyway. The combination has worked wonders. I've never ever had a sleep schedule before (I'm self employed). I couldn't have done it without quetiapine aa that means I do actually sleep. But. My brain loves the routine! It's been kinda enforced on me true. I get serious trauma when the (3) alarms go off. And at weekends ha ha I never wake up even near 5.30 so I know I have no natural circadian rhythm. Eg sometimes I get up at 8. Sometimes its 3pm!! Hope this helps somewhat x
  2. I tried that years ago but it didn't do anything
  3. Hey wanted to reply as you've been 9n my thread recently. Are you in contact with your docs?? Maybe they can help to ensure a soft landing. That's what I'm going for!!!!
  4. Hmmm no not tried3thst. I'm only prescribed 50mg. So I would be increasing it. But I do have 60 x 25mg pills here of ir loveliness
  5. Hey lovely. The ir is the same. 50mg. So itsall thru the NHS. I have a gp and psychiatrist. They both prescribe. It gets complicated as I also see the duty (emergency) team thru the hospitsl. That's separate. I think they are supposed to communicate with the normal psych. Which then communicates withthe gp. Ouch my head hurts!!!! Anyway the duty team psych gave me xr originally. Now my gp on direction of the normal psych gave me ir. As I said earlier oddly the duty team wanted me to have ir. The pharmacy fucked up and gave me XL. My normal psych then said screw this ok we will keep you on XL even if the duty team says to be on ir. And then my gp gives me ir. OMG.
  6. Tbh I think they are taking this slowly to target dose. Perhaps they think I'm alokay ... who bloody knows! Thanks everyone for your replies and I hope I didn't miss out a reply to anyone. I'm trying the ir tonight rather than the xr so that might make a bit of difference. I've a gp app next week and a psych one on the 10th. So I feel safe right now... I'll let my docs know I'm not sleeping again and I need a dose increase
  7. Interesting you mention this! So emergency doc prescribed ir. The pharmacy fucked up and gave me XR. I saw my normal psych who then went what the hell we'll keep you on xr. She faxed my gp to get him to prescribe it. And my gp has given me ir.!!!!!! So now I have both sorts although not too many of the xr. I think I'll try the ir tonight to see if it knocks me out more in one go.... I guess I'm finding this out! It's so frustrating
  8. I'm fearing you're right. ...... Yeah I agree. I see my gp next Friday and my psych 10th dec.
  9. Eurrggghhhh!!! OK so the quetiapine has stopped making me sleep. I feel stupid. And back to (nearly but not qyite) square one . I'll have to start taking zopiclone/zolpidem (I have both l9l) again. Is this normal with the q?? So pissed off!!
  10. Ha ha yeah I've been at a hypo plateau for 4 months. Sure for the first month or so everything is pretty amazing. And I feel the best and most authentic version of myself.but as time went on the sleep depravation kicked in hence all those symptoms I wrote this post about. Then it became a bit of an odd ultra marathon test of bodily endurance. Enjoy while you can but the body can't take it long term...
  11. You are so right. It's been rather oddly amazing being able to decide to go to sleep at a certain time! Makes my life so much easier!
  12. Just had my follow up appointment. I've had 6 days of sleep (well apart from the one day I didn't take the q). They are happy to keep me on the super low dose if I get in contact again if my sleep worsens again. I'm a bit confused. Both psych docs say I'm 'high' but in a letter from the last emergency appointment he says I'm not hypomanic just 'high'. My GP says I'm hypomanic. Urge. So maybe this is why they don't mind me being on a low dose of q if it's making me sleep.....
  13. Phew just spoke to them. My appointment is back on for Monday at 11.45am......
  14. Hmm last emergency took a week to come thru. Just called them and the secretary is not at her desk. She leaves for the weekend at 5. Plus the doc only gave me a script for 14 days. I'm gonna run out.
  15. Hey thank you for being so lovely. I've actually taken on way too much work next week to take time off. I'm covering for a friend who has to bury her brothers ashes in another country next week as well as my own work. I couldn't say no. Just heard from my psych saying my Monday appointment has been cancelled and re booked for 10th Dec! !!!!!!! To say I'm pissed off is an understatement. I'm just fed up of this and they don't seen to want to help. Arfgghhhhh
  16. It soounds like your meds are working well for you! Ime hypomania always goes along with a lack of sleep and crazy energy supplies.
  17. Just an update. I didn't take the q on weds eve as I had very early work on Thursday and had to be on the ball. Ended up not sleeping and running around all day but felt great again. Then since I didn't have to get up til 8sm this morning I tried the q again and will take it for the weekend to give it a fair chance. I slept last night which was good but I am still racing today. However I haven't had that panic attack like I did on aripiprazole feeling today. Just clear headed and energetic. So maybe the q will work out? ? I'm hoping......
  18. I'm on 10mg. It work extremely well for depression. However it has pushed me into a very long arduous hypomaic phase..... If I was just major depression it would be the best med ever!
  19. 50mg of quietapine Omg didn't know that about lamotrigine. OK noted. Maybe I need to take a week off to deal with q side effects and squash the hypomania so I can deal with panic and awfulness q gave me .... Urghhh I know you're right.
  20. OK I took the q last night. The good news it knocked me out for 8 hrs straight. The bad news I hate it like I hated aripiprazole. I feel recked. My feat paranoid and snotty gave all skyrocketed. I honestly do know if I'm going to take it tonight. I have to up and ready for the eotld at 5am!!!! Maybe I'll try over the weekend when I font have to be so on the ball. I've been doing a little research. It seems lamotrigine works with not too many sides. I think I might ask for that... anyone have luck with lamotrigine? Hope you're all doing well. Much love x
  21. Hey thank you for your input. Yes he said I'd be going up to a higher dose of quietapine (he said the max is 800mg). I guess they will increase it on Monday when I see them again. I reeeaaalllyyy hope it helps with sleep. Will update tomorrow (or at some gadawful hour lol) I'd it's worked.... As always super super grateful to everyone for their help x
  22. Hey guys. I just had my emergency appointment with the duty team. He's given me a troll xl (OMG THAT IS SO FUNNY. ...autocorrect ) So he's given me atrolak xl. It's got quietiapine in it I think. 50mg. Plus zolpidem for sleep as the zopiclone just isn't working any more. I get to keep my vortioexetine phew! I start taking it tonight and I'm really hoping it will help me sleep. He's given me 14 days worth. I see my regulag psych on Monday so I'll see what she says to do long term. This guy says that all mood stabilisers apart from aripiprazole (which I was on before and hated). Cause weight gain. Sigh... So has anyone managed to not gain weight on queitipine? ? X
  23. I drink on vortio. It seems OK. But I'm really hypomanic right now so that might be masking things. I do feel very nauseous all the time though.....
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