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  1. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist or anything, but the people in power won't ever be happy (nor will they rest) until the Internet is under their control. You know, can't teach the slaves to read...
  2. Woah! I wasn't expecting anyone else to be a linguist in here. You're absolutely right, though. It's just that when I usually drop the sociolx bomb on people, I get the confused dog look from them. It's just easiest to tell them that we study stuff like soda vs pop, or people who say "pen" like "pin." Then they get all fascinated and try to talk about how they notice when people talk differently, and then you get to sit back and just smile and nod. Edit: Also, the thought's always been in the back of my head to try to use CB as a corpus for a study, but since it's all written language, that'd make things really hard if not impossible.
  3. Also, this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yinz It's another regional variation of the second person pl.
  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of sociolinguistics. That's all sociolinguists do (well, not really, but...sort of). I can find tons of other maps showing dialect boundaries and other fun things if you really want to see them. This map is a really detailed one, but there's a lot to take in if you don't really know what you're looking at. Other North American Dialect maps aren't so great. They don't capture distinctions that truly exist (the Inland North area, for example).
  5. aw, it's like baby sociolinguistics up in here
  6. Banking's an interesting place to be. From '08 to '10 (wound up being 2.5 years, actually), I worked in a large national bank. I took a year off to try to finish school. I've just returned to the banking world to a smaller bank, but still a national one. It sounds like now's the time to start looking for another bank to jump to. Depending on what position you're in, I know there are a few banks out there that actively headhunt for Branch Manager positions as well as Bankers, Mortgage Officers, and Financial Advisors. Working for a failing bank/branch is always miserable.
  7. Yeah, I blog here. It's a private one, though. I don't think I'd blog out in the open interwebz, though.
  8. I went in with a pretty good idea of what was going on, so I wasn't all that shocked or anything.
  9. From the banking side of things, I don't think a bank employee could face jail time unless he or she used the information for fraudulent purposes. They'd most definitely lose their job and all hopes of ever working in the finance industry again, though. Typically stuff like that is covered under a company's "business ethics" or whatever. Any breech of those ethics gets your ass canned without debate. And then, when you go try to find another job, well, if they do any background digging, you'll still be in the unemployment line. Even when I worked in my uni's library, they had a zero-tolerance policy for taking patron information from the computer systems.
  10. I've now made my blog private. If you feel like your life would be incomplete without my blog, please let me know. That can be remedied.

  11. Well, considering some of the other crap I've put into my body...why the heck not?
  12. When I was on Zoloft, I was also on Abilify. It was either one, the other, or both—not sure which—that caused a complete loss of appetite. I had to force myself to eat. It got so bad that I was getting really shaky and lightheaded because I wasn't eating—that's how I knew it was time to eat.
  13. oh, well that's certainly a goofy thing. it's also a confusing thing because Neurolinguistics is a thing, too...a legitimate thing.
  14. http://www.nlp-class.org/ This class is being offered though Stanford University. It's totally free to take. I figured there might be a few people here who might be interested in this. I'd definitely take it, but it looks like you need some Java or Python background, and I have none of that. If you do wind up taking it, let me know. I wanna know how it goes.
  15. Yeah, the right stimulant really helped me. Have you tried any? I don't see any listed in your sig. If you haven't is there a reason?
  16. http://www.alternet.org/story/153634/7_reasons_america%27s_mental_health_industry_is_a_threat_to_our_sanity?page=entire
  17. Overspending on its own, without any other symptoms, doesn't sound like mania—or even hypomania. That said, hospitals are usually saved for cases in which you're feeling suicidal or homicidal—when you're a danger to yourself or others. If spending money is the only problem, you're probably safe. Just keep an eye on things if you think something like this can be a precursor to something worse.
  18. What's fine with your pdoc? If he or she said this was okay, why isn't he or she telling you how to step down the dosage? That seems...exceptional.
  19. What's the draw to this particular church? You seem to have an awful lot of apprehension about it. What's the (outweighing) positive side?
  20. Happy to help! And Olga, I know plenty of people younger than you who can't even turn a computer on, let alone moderate forums, upload food porn, and run a blog. You're just fine.
  21. I don't remember having any unexpected mood swings while I was titrating the lammy, but I also never jumped 100mg at once.
  22. This might be easier if I can talk to you in real-time. Any way you can pop into the chat? If not, I'll try to explain better here. I'll start typing a response now.
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