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  1. Thank you notloki, I thought so too- I was the only one whom he referred to that way in the context (meeting) so I shall take it as you say!
  2. A man I am rather fond of and has shown other flirting behaviours before referred to me as "The lovely (my name)" the other day - im not quite sure exactly what he meant if that makes sense? What do you think could be the deeper meaning behind this? Was he flirting perhaps?
  3. Okay, I won't do it again. You have made your point loud and clear. I KNOW now.
  4. I have issues surrounding psychosomatic pregnancy and have discovered that my PMS symptoms are different this month and have gradually changed since my anxiety returned. I used to get characteristically sore breasts but now I have hardly any symptoms before a period. I am 17 and have been getting my period for 4 years. Is it normal for my symptoms to change month to month?
  5. That was beautiful, however with this ability comes an extreme sensitivity, today I wore a new perfume to school, my teacher said "someone over this side of the classroom smells good" then proceeded to ask EVERYONE but me if it was them. He also made a point of looking at me when he was talking about "breath that could kill a goat from 10 paces" he also uses terms of endearment for LITERALLY the whole class but me, and includes everyone else in jokes/messes with them. So tbh he is a dickhead idk. I need to go speak to him (unannounced) in my free tomorrow is this okay to say? ; "Hi, sorry to ask now but it seemed off topic in lesson. Ms. Was taking about seeing your subject teachers regarding universities, i want to do philosophy at uni, do you know of any good ones that I could research over the half term?"
  6. Is it normal to seem as though you have just developed a linea negra even tohugh you are a virgin who suffers with psychosomatic pregnancy issues?
  7. Thankyou, Water. Nice to have someone who understands, I am starting to feel that perhaps he doesn't have a crush and it is just me, but whatever, he makes me feel great Any other feelings I have associated with him, when he stands really close or looks at me for a reaction when he tells a joke or even WINKS at me, aren't there but that is okay. And yes, I crush very easily haha.
  8. I don't feel uncomfortable, which is why I asked for a view. Thankyou for your help, your relationship with your english teacher is really sweet, I was just wondering if it seemed as though my teacher was coming on to me as most of these actions are exclusive to me, though perhaps it is because we have known eachother a long time. I am grateful that he offered to talk, but I am too shy to do so anyway, and as you said, I probably wouldn't use him as a councillor anyway.
  9. I believe so, does this seem like more than what a normal student teacher bond should be to you?
  10. Today upon my approach a teacher of mine greeted me with "hello trouble, how are you?" in a polite, friendly way before offering me some very kind advice on a situation realting to a death in my family. I am very quiet and keep myself to myself. In addition to this, he stood really close, like inches away from me when helping me on class, he also looks for my reaction whenever he makes a joke and asks for ny opinion, he has winked at me on 5 separate occasions, made (completely appropriate) comments on my physical appearance and mentions things that he knows will get my attention i.e. Star Wars haha, he also told me during a one to one session, where he kept me for a v. long time haha that he is a very emotional person and often gets carried away with his emotions before stating "I don't know why I am telling you my darkest secrets" Am i reading too much into this, I do have a bit of a crush ob him and my friends all say he thinks very highly of me.
  11. Thankyou very much, wasn't tmi, don't worry, I have been to the doctors but they seem disinterested which was actually reassuring, a lot of this is based on issues with psychosomatic pregnancy that I have had from a very young age - I was coping well until I heard that you don't need a man to get pregnant (whole other story) my mum and I are usually quite similar period wise and she is having a particularly painful one after a light scanty one last month, so I am reassured vis รก vis periods by this, thankyou for your help.
  12. No, my lower abdomen visibly fills with air then empties repeatedly with thrusts. Thankyou but i cannot get past the olive-oil-sperm part My councillor told me that she would have to tell my mother as she does not specialise in this field and is only wualified as a bereavement councillor- which sounds ridiculous.
  13. Unfortunately not too well - got another appt. tomorrow, uterus has now started pulsating when i masturbate with a dildo and stomach definitely enlarged.
  14. I think so too but because of that I can't get past it
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