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  1. Thanks Patheral. I think I'm going to give a try. ps. All 3 of them creap my out!
  2. Make sure when choosing a plan you read everything, I mean everything. Most plans will totally break it down for you as far as what is and what isnt covered, the info will most likely be in the middle of a bunch of other mumbo jumbo but the more you know about the plan you choose the less aggrivation you will have later. (wow that was a long sentence) Yeah ok I'll admit it, I work in health care so anything I can do to help let me know. Gray
  3. I have tried temazepam,trazodone (up to 200mg),valarian tea,melatonin,did the whole sleep hygiene thing and stuck to it for a really long time..reg. bed times,diet,excersise,caffeine intake after certain hrs and everything inbetween. Then on a rather shitty month where sleeping just wasnt happening and I might have been just a tad manic I was given 25mg of Seroquel which yes knocked me straight on my ass, but I had horrible nightmares. I then evaned out for awhile while mainting back on trazodone 100mg (yet again) which yes crapped out. I have been given sample of every possible drug.Lunesta (blah),Ambien(blah),Ambien CR (blah) Rozerem..I might as well have taken a skittles because it didnt help. Now I have been taking 1mg of clonazepam, that for the most part it puts me to sleep but I keep cycling into these periods where I wake up for no good reason between certrain hours every freakin night and its driving me crazy! I can not figure out what it is and why its happening and neither can any one else. 2:30am can't sleep now I'm wired! Any suggestions would be gratelly appreaciated--sleep studies? Has anyone ever done one? I dont know if I would qualify..hmm.. Much Thanks Gray
  4. Luna, Like Artemisia said if that is you in you pic.. you dont need to loose weight, your beautiful. I sincerely hope you feel better soon. Hugs are free today so I'm sending you one!
  5. Hi Chil, I too have never been give an offical DX of BP 2..Ive said before that I just pay attention to the DSM-IV codes my pdoc has written down on the sheet at the end of my appointments. The first time I read 296.89 I kind of freaked out, I ran to the book store and next thing I know I bought Bipolar Disorder for Dummies (sound cornballish?) and basically devoured the book. It has a lot of useful information in it. I don't feel that I entirely meet the "criteria" for BP 2 either. Some symptoms are dead on but others deserve a big ole . Believe me when I tell you, you are not the only one that is incapable of describing how you feel ehhhmm(over here!) I told my pdoc once " I don't know why I'm here today, I don't really feel like talking, much less describing to you WHY I don't feel like talking. I really can't find the words, if you could climb inside my head and listen to whats going on that would be great it would save us both some time and trouble" His response was well I guess we know why your here then. I totally agree with Jack--- FUCK 'EM!! You should feel comfortable with telling your pdoc your symptoms no matter how difficult it is. If your getting the vibe that he/she sucks its time to find a new doc. Yes, this process totally sucks too but from expeirience finding a doc that you can for lack of a better term you can comfortably "spew" your feelings/symptoms at, makes a world a difference. Im my opionon anyway.
  6. Everything is different but nothing has changed. My head hurts. It hurts because it is dead ,alone,empty. When the world around me is moving at a 1000mph and I fucking just sit here alone, why, it's my own damn fault. I'm going to blame it on my fucked up brain I think, why the hell not. It's me, really its nobody else but me. I will put a smile on and move through the crowd but I am absent I dont exsist. I think I'm going to shut down and just make it easier on myself. Why are you doing this? Day after day, week after week why do I do this. I have nothing to offer nothing to give so I will choose to be alone. My thoughts are scattered and make no sense. Hold it all in and you will feel better, dont let it out it will become real and still no one cares.
  7. Here I am, after days of surfing and relating I decided to make myself known I guess. First please forgive me if I dont really post much I consider myself that girl in the corner at a huge party that sips her beer and never really talks to anyone. After years of trying as hard as I could to socialize I can't bring myself to do it. No offense to anyone!!! I will be as brief as I can about myself...... I suffer in silence. I'm very good at completely shutting down emotionally, there is nothing inparticular that sets it off...it just happens. Have you ever been in a room full of people, friends,family,coworkers and you feel like your not even there like your better off being in bed because nobody gives a shit anyway if you are around of not. I cant figure out if its all in my head (which it most likely is) or if its actually the case. I have never been told an actuall dx but the light came on one day and I started paying attention to dsm-iv numbers at the bottom of the sheet It has included ADD (ok I knew that one), BP I & II, GAD,MDD and PTSD. What a way to make a first impression! Really, thanks for reading my rant I do look forward to trying to pull myself out of my hole by talking with people that understand. ------------- rx: Adderall XR 20mg,Clonazepam 1mg, Trileptal 450mg
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