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  1. going out helps,it really WORKS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!! i feel for you ,take care of yourself . you are so lucky to have a caring ,loving & supportive partner who understands you !! count your blessings when it feels so low.It has always helped me,hope it helps you too. hugs katy
  2. :) such an anxious day,viona some days are pure hell!!!!!
  3. oh there are days like this junkie,good that you din't drink ,more troubles you know. your mom seems to keep you sane and on toes,looks like she is your support system!!!!!!!!! keep us posted ,we are listening how you feel!!
  4. Thanks for tips olga ! I am looking for cooked main ,soups,sandwiches ,it can be vegan or involving meat,doesn't matter .Low on fat,carbs,mod in fiber..no allergies so its kinda generic . I am looking forward for contributing some recipes here too!!
  5. oh i feel like that many times!but uncertainty reaches to a point of certainty so can't conclude!what do ya say..
  6. For best foods for nutrition .. or any recipes which you think is one?
  7. sometimes we do that to strangers ,sometimes to someone who loves us (we know it) so yes i agree to you and then guilt is so strong but we had no control over our mind. when we are mean won't be without a reason ....maybe we don't love emm or we are insecure or unsure about our ownself. so i can relate to you and we can push ppl or a loving person and be self destructive with our relationship(with loved one) cauz that is hurtful. there is only so much some one can take. how can we fix it ,try cbt i heard it works wonders!!
  8. thanks everyone ,she is booking appt with pdoc this week.
  9. my friend called me to ask this ,but i don't know answer. can sleep apnea caus headache..
  10. Hi LL, This is very common,everyone has own time of feeling calm or agitated.
  11. Steve,you are one and only positive person on this site,stay like this forever!!

  12. katy

    MY BF sux

    kinda weird...
  13. Med ID bracelets are a smart idea and invention,you can google it and find many companies provide it online too.If you don't take any meds still having one is not bad idea. http://www.jewelbasket.com/medical-alert-id-bracelets.html just a sample of 1 I hope you make up your mind or can even gift your loving 1 if you want i believe,its such a thoughtful gift.
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