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  1. I'm sorry if I've offended. This was not meant to come across as body-shaming. Not by any means. But I'm afraid I've worded it wrong or something. I'm pro-body diversity and body positivity. I liked that in the article the writer acknowledged that the fear is irrational and asks why we're even ashamed of it. I don't wear thongs either. But I also don't think there's anything wrong with if someone wants to wear thongs, it's their choice.
  2. I'm sorry, I feel like I've painted myself as something I'm not. I am with you about there shouldn't be taboos on how our bodies naturally are. This wasn't intended to be a body shaming article, I picked it because the writer was challenging why it's a taboo to begin with and I liked that. I don't wear leggings, but if I do I wear them as a substitute for tights. I actually don't have tights or leggings right now. Women have proven that you can wear pretty much anything now, and miraculously no one has died. ?
  3. Awe cute!! I love those soft coloured Siamese cats, one of my old friends had one and it was extremely friendly and cute. ?
  4. Omg, thank you so much Melissa! Wow, I can't believe they have these. Awesome. ?
  5. Oh that's great! Thanks jimjam, I'll definitely keep an eye out for those.
  6. Omg I fucking love sautéed mushrooms! Mmmm so juicy and yummy! ?
  7. Omg, me too! That saying bothers me hugely, just ugh, no! Having a crush on someone is never an excuse to treat someone terribly. ? Oh man, Ananke I'm so sorry about that university neighbour! That would have been hard to deal with. Yeah, my neighbour's son is sporadic in behaviour, so I keep getting a false sense of everything being fine for a couple of days, and then he does something that stresses me out. I am hoping he will leave soon or will just calm the hell down. Man.
  8. God, wow I'm sorry Melissa that they're doing that, what a couple of menaces! Grr! ? In my case, I've been here not that long but it seems like as soon as I got here this kid's had a problem with me. I'm recording it all now both to see if I'm really being irrational (because it is actually hard to tell now, my anxietys so bad?) and to have evidence to prove to anyone if it becomes intolerable that this kid's a menace. My parents also tend to minimize everything like, when I was being bullied by all the boys in my class they would say "he just has a crush on you." God. ? I think they said that to try to comfort me, but it doesn't help at all and instead has lead to me doubting myself in all situations. thank god we have recording devices now, muahahah. ?
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