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  1. Up swing from a really down swing... I feel so annoying when I can't shut up. I've always wondered if that's normal? Or I should say is it common with mania/hypomania? I have more confidence than normal but I still feel like people surely are sick of listening to me. I get sick of listening to me, so.... My pain medication seems to amplify the mania too... not sure if that's common either. Time for my PRN maybe.
  2. I bet the employees appreciate it though! I have that at home, where I'll spend too long making the bed because it has to be just so, rearranging books so they line up and the colors don't clash, etc. I'll think they're ok.. sit down and nope. Get back up. Change something. Sit back down. Repeat. Makes me want to scream.
  3. Wow. The nerve of some people. Sorry you had to deal with that... the stigma that goes with MI and being on disability in general. It's unreal. I might be wrong, but I thought that renters were not allowed to ask what your disability is? Either way, it's rude. I don't know how it works with trying to rent out a room in someone's house, but in general you can't be turned away because you're mentally ill either. While apartment hunting, my SO and I ran into so many people/places who said no animals even after we explained that my cat is an emotional support animal and that I could provide documention from my doctor. People really do suck. Hope you have better luck and can get settled soon.
  4. I agree with Crazyredhead, even though there are some things I'm too embarrassed to talk to mine about too. But anyway... if it's too hard to actually say (for me it's often worse to say things aloud) could you write it down? Email him/her? They'd be the person most likely to help you with this. Perhaps an online support group for the condition? I know you said it's more commonly head hair that is pulled, but I would think you should find some compassion and understanding in that type of setting regardless.
  5. I take 600mg Trileptal but don't/didn't experience the side effects you listed as far as I can remember. You said you've taken it in the past and are now restarting it... are you on other medications presently that you weren't when you were on the Trileptal previously? If so, maybe it's some sort of interaction between the two (or more). As to when to try a switch... definitely something to discuss with your tdoc. They should also be able to tell you if these side effects are common and when you can expect them to pass if they are.
  6. I don't have JHS or EDS but I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis so I'm very familiar with excruciating joint pain. Like you, too little movement or too much movement kills me. I try as much as possible to balance activities and rest but know it's not a huge help or always possible. :/ I use ice packs sometimes to numb my joints for a bit of temporary relief. I have a lot of trouble with my knees too. It sucks. Wish I had some better advice for you.... being that I don't know much about either of your conditions I don't know if physical therapy would benefit them? I don't know if medical marijuana would be an option/ available to you if you wanted to explore it but it did help me some when I had access to it. I don't know what you've tried already.. so disregard whatever above. Mostly I just wanted to say I can empathize with you and your situation... chronic pain and illnesses really suck. Hope you can find some new ways to help minimize your pain. Good luck and best wishes to you, Kona.
  7. ^Yep. I use my mobile almost always and I don't see signatures while using it.
  8. I would definitely urge extra caution then. And a talk with your pdoc (or whoever prescribes your meds) before engaging in any drinking to make sure it would be safe with everything you take. I understand the wanting to drink to 'feel good'. It doesn't always work out that way though. I've had times where my mood plummeted after drinking. Or I made really stupid decisions. Dangerous decisions. I'm not against drinking, but when you deal with MI and take multiple medications it can get a bit difficult. If your pdoc were to tell you it was OK (they may give you a limit... such as no more than 2 drinks at a time, etc) I would suggest drinking at home first to see how you react to it. It's not really a good idea to drink to 'self medicate' though. It often backfires. You're not dumb though! I've been there and so have many others.
  9. I agree with Melissa. Drinking isn't a good idea, especially when you're not used to it (and I don't know if you take medication, but many don't mix well with alcohol/can amplify side effects like dizziness, tiredness, etc). If you feel strange drinking water could you order a regular coke instead? No one will know it doesn't have alcohol in it but you. If you don't like coke something like cranberry juice or anything colored.
  10. My pdoc recently prescribed me respirone (I think it's called?) PRN for agitation/irritability. It's not helping as much as I'd hoped it would, but I guess a bit better than not taking it. I used to use Haldol or seroquel. I was given respirone because I responded well to the Haldol which he does not prescribe anymore as it's supposed to be somewhat similar. Seroquel did help me but I gained way too much weight on it. Did your ask your pdoc what kind of medications might be an option for you in regards to this?
  11. I have RA too... have never heard of vibrating gloves but think I'll google them now!
  12. I took Seroquel for a long time. It made me pretty out of it... racing heart at times. Definitely can exhaust you. I was taking for Bipolar disorder/insomnia. Hope you can find something else that helps.
  13. If they phrased it as 'feeling void' than I'm not sure if they meant it in the way I'd attribute it, but it's possible. I have BPD and for me I feel 'a void' as in I feel like something is missing, like there's this huge hole inside of me and no matter what I do I can't fill it. And it's an awful feeling. I definitely think you'd know if you had this feeling, which can often be attributed to BPD. I've had different responses from different doctors as to what mental illnesses I have. But personally I do put more stock into those I've known and worked with longer.... this stuff can be tricky so it often does takes more than one visit to get to the right diagnosis. Did you discuss the incidents with your pdoc to hear his/her thoughts on it? If not I'd recommend doing so.
  14. I have BPD (among other things) and I definitely do tend to 'mirror' others. For me I think a lot it stems from insecurities and not knowing who I am as a person. I pick up mannerisms often, phrases of speech, sometimes bad behavior, etc. I've been told I sometimes will pick up tones of voices as well.
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