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  1. 38. Sun came out a bit. It's been really cloudy, cloudy makes me sad.
  2. I skated today i didn't work today i ate homemade tamales for dinner. I didn't make them, I bought them from a lady at works Mom.
  3. I just want to cry. Things were not supposed to be this way. They just weren't.

    1. aura


      Sorry you're hitting a rough patch. I hope it goes away soon.

  4. I wish, I wish I wish I was a fish. Not really. I wish I could create beautiful things. I wish I could speak another language. I wish I could fix the things mania broke. What a mess.
  5. I saw my Pdoc today. I am doing pretty well so I dont have to go back for 4 weeks. No med changes. The last change was in October with the addition of Gabapentin. Things clicked. I came out of depression and so far have done well. Blips here and there. He was a bit concerned about the akathisia. By about 2 pm everyday I just can't not move. It gets worse the more I hold it in. I start repetitive movements. Bleh. But I am stable so cant have it all. Sleep is hard so I have been rocking/thrashing, I do fall asleep though. He suggested I take my Ativan and see if that reduces the need to move. Good idea , hah. I never think to take it. I can run a bit high but I see it. I would rather run a bit high than a bit low. He was glad to hear I was skating. He believes strongly that exercise helps with depression. I can see what he means. I am really enjoying learning things all over again and seeing what I can do from memory.
  6. Yay I feel so much better. I find myself rocking back and forth standing up. That I can control. But this new way to fall asleep seemed odd. Takes a few rounds and then I crash.
  7. At work it's leg bouncing. Hidden beneath a desk. I get going pretty fast in bed. It's like I create chaos and then when I stop my head is quiet. Glad to know I am not alone. ?
  8. I don't know where to put this but I belong here. Lately I have been rocking back and forth, side to side, sometimes just my head. I am in bed trying to sleep. It works. But I feel weird about it. It makes me feel crazy. Anybody else do this. FYI this is Dragonfly23. My other account is messed up.
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