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  1. Cloudmonger makes a fairly plausible explanation. But my hunch is that the buzzkill is a more or less an outlier as side effects go. It's just too new to see how it extrapolates to a broader population. Kind of like the weight loss POTENTIAL of Topamax. Hardly universal as many here will attest. I'll ramrod the point that something has killed your desire to drink. Whatever the mechanism of effect this combo of meds may well be saving your life. Many,many folks never successfully beat the beast of addiction. If this is working to keep you sober stick with it. Keeping alcohol out of your life will make the other MI issues you may endure a helluva lot more likely that your other treatments may succeed. Stay the course for now. I hope this helps.
  2. I'd like to think that folks come here in the interest of (self) knowledge and recovery. But troll poop is one of the prices we pay as an online community. I'm starting to think I can finance my coming retirement with a website catering to polemic-minded trolls.
  3. I think your doc's concern is well placed. You're mixing stuff that 'should' be slowing down your brain. Apparently not working, and any alcohol and benzo mix is inherently dangerous. A medication adjustment may be in order. But of equal importance are your therapy defeating behaviors. Are you addressing these in your 1:1 sessions? You are at a very important phase of your recovery.
  4. "Partial vegetative state" is meaningless. If 'your' diagnosis is valid I'm amazed by your ability to access/execute cerebral functions. This topic is all too familiar and smells of troll poop.
  5. It just isn't used all that much. Cost is a big issue. Not just for the medication itself, but for the required staffing that must be available. Because of the chance of "extreme sedation" after administration there has to be a medical professional on site for a minimum of two hours following the injection. This is not a 'get a shot and head home' medication. Efficacy doesn't seem significantly better than the other forms of Zyprexa. But there is the convenience of a long-acting depot med.
  6. Halcion is also pretty notorious for impeding REM sleep. Lots of problems can result.
  7. JT and Water are spot on. Just to add that Welly has very complex pharmacodynamics. It is broken down by your liver into three metabolites, each of which is metabolized further. Cutting SR/XL tablets makes for the unpredictability discussed above. For psych meds to be effective achieving and maintaining a 'steady state' is very important. Messing with the release mechanism will not work in your favor. I find it odd that IR is not available where you live as it is considerably less expensive than SR or XL. UK? Australia? There well may be others in your part of the world who can chime in.
  8. Once a client/patient always a client/patient. I could go on for many paragraphs about manipulation, abuse of influence, the ethical horrors of dual relationships, etc. A two hundred year-rule , maybe? No. Just trouble at every level
  9. I don't know of anyone who takes Lexapro to counter headaches. It worked well for me in terms of depression and anxiety. But the headache it caused did not abate, even after six months. The headache was not a blinding/throbbing kind of pain. Rather, it felt as if I had a hose clamp around my head that was constantly tightening. I ultimately bailed. Wellbutrin has been effective for me with minimal side effects.
  10. How can meds try to control you? And there is no antidepressant called 'Serotonin." Help can be had so long as your preconceived notions/expectations are kept at bay.
  11. I had several clients on Loxitane back in the mid-80's It was very effective for most, but dystonia seemed to be an issue. You may be completely unaffected, but a talk with your pdoc might be helpful as an anti-parkinsonian med (Cogentin, Artane, Amantadine) might be needed.
  12. Plus 10,000 this. We're all mutts. I couldn't care less about my "origins." There might be a princess or two in my ancestry. I don't much more about my lineage than the presence of a high ranking member of the Dutch navy. Closer ancestors were awful alcoholics. Needless to say, I'm trying to pursue a different path. (Admittedly not easy. I do find a lot of nasty tugs from the family lines). Probably a good thing I can't produce progeny.
  13. This is good news. A sage and coherent voice. And glad to hear that the croc was subdued.
  14. Introduction to Personality and Psychotherapy be Joseph Rychlak (RIP). By far the best treatise of personality theories framed in their respective philosophical contexts. Most other books on personality theories pay no heed to the intellectual underpinnings. Disorders of Personality by Theodore Millon. The first edition is my favorite, as he elaborates the massive debates involved in defining these when he served on the APA committees for the DSM III. Both books are 30+ years old (closer to 40). But I find them very relevant even today. They are not catalogs of symptomatology. The historical and philosophical frameworks presented are very illuminating.
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