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  1. BP2 is not a death sentence and it's not abnormal for any guy in the U.S. to have some type of crisis if they haven't made it by the age of 30. By that, I mean low six figure salary, a luxury car, trophy spouse, etc. I've seen it a lot, and the funny thing is most guys do not fall into this group. Don't judge your achivements by those of others, and don't believe social media either. I once saw a guy have somebody take a picture of him standing next to a random Bentley in a parking lot for Linkedin. Also, there are always going to be more successful people. However, you can "make it" but you are going to have to grind through a lot of hardship before you get there. Law school is a dead end if you don't combine it with a MBA. But the amount of loans you will have to take out is horrifying for that combo. I would recommend PA school for rapid financial success. When you have money, you can attract some "useful" friends, but they will disappear if you fall into hard times. Ymmv... Good luck with everything. Just remember that it will get harder and harder to shift gears as time moves on.
  2. My pdoc always seems to be taking elaborate vacations when I need him most. Tells me all about it when he gets back as if that makes things better. We are in similar tax brackets but I have no where near that much vacation time. I clearly picked the wrong occupation... At any rate, hold on tight and try to avoid situations that may lead you to do stuff you will regret. I always want to go out to bars when I'm hypo. I always have a good time but find myself a little horrified when things normalize. Easier said then done, I know. Less than a week to go for you.
  3. I get injured all the time from doing stupid stuff in the gym. Steroids definitely can and do make me hypo. My reaction is much milder with injections than orals. I would make sure you have a safety net ready - just in case.
  4. I can't speak for your type of case, but I can get a lot of work done when hypo. I just have to implement a rigid schedule and then plow through everything. The second things get boring though, my productivity goes down the toilet. I just have to keep rotating activities.
  5. From what I gather, people have strong opinions on this one. I thought I was losing my mind on it, but, of course, ymmv. It may work wonders for you. Trust your pdoc.
  6. Just wanted to say that I agree with a lot of what's being posted here. There is a lot of conflicting research that points in different directions. I think low carb diets can be beneficial to some. Ultimately, people with BP should consult medical professionals when people decide to make dietary changes. With that being said, I don't plan to push this topic anymore. Thanks everyone for the input.
  7. Sure thing. When I have access to my desktop, I will post up some links on the carb-serotonin link. On my cell now. The subjects in the research were mostly non-human. I've done a low-carb diet years ago and I'm familiar with the concept of the "low-carb flu". 2-8 weeks of extreme depression with somebody who has BP may be a death sentence. With that being said, I dropped 20 lbs last time, doing nothing. Easiest diet ever. Not saying this is a bad diet for everyone, but just mentioning this might be a hazard for some. There's my disclaimer.
  8. Just quit a low carb diet after finding myself extremely anxious and depressed. I stumbled upon some solid research in peer reviewed journals that low carbing can have a negative impact on serotonin levels and is not recommended for people with BP. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  9. I think popular culture makes it appear that average people are far more sexually active than the really are. I wouldn't sweat it, and would try to appreciate your situation for the clarity of mind it offers. It sounds like you and your significant other have a common bond here. Just roll with it. I'm in the complete opposite position from you, and you have no idea how distracting this can be.
  10. This is a reallying interesting topic that i nearly started a thread about. Once upon a time, I thought that Adderall would be just another catalyst for mania, but I'm no longer sure. I drink a staggering amount of coffee each day and do fine... Might have to talk with my pdoc about Adderall. Hope it works for you.
  11. My cocktail of meds get the job done, so I've never felt the need to investigate further. I could see how some people might find a sense of closure from it as well.
  12. I completely agree with Aura, total sign of a hypomanic phase setting in. I start listening to music a lot, hearing it in my head, and occasionally mouthing the words in public (last one can be terribly embarrassing). It's very vivid, but It does turn off when I'm trying to concentrate or if I'm meditating. When I catch myself humming along to the most recent, trendy pop that's on the radio, I immediately cancel all my (optional) social engagements. Music is a surprisingly useful que.
  13. I recommend going cold turkey for 30-60 days as well. It will give you some perspective. The main problem that you will run into is your friends. You may have to be "too busy" to hang out for a while. Side note: if you are BP and on any meds, don't drive with even one drink in your system. Your perception of things will be skewed. Find a DD or call a cab, always.
  14. Answer: yes and yes. Also, I would just like to warn OP that people in our state can over-do cardio or make mistakes, especially when manic. The older you get, the less forgiving your body is. If you go running, make sure you have good running shoes. If you find yourself running an abnormally long distance, please stop. Otherwise, you can get stress fractures, etc. If you lift weights, make sure to do stretches and warm up sets. The list goes on and on. There is nothing worse than having severe depression and a major injury. Well, that's not true, but it's up there.
  15. I think most Americans have an external hard drive full of it somewhere. If it can keep you from engaging in risky behavior, do what you gotta do. Also, I know what you mean about significant others not appreciating hypersexuality. By all means, discuss it with them if you can. However, I think most would prefer to live in ignorance of what their BP partner has to do to get by.
  16. I would talk to your pdoc before somebody informs you of your actual strength in a way that doesn't leave you injured. On the other hand, this is a natural feeling if you're stacked and know how to handle yourself. Keep in mind that violence may lead you to that other psych unit known as the state prison system. I would get help ASAP.
  17. I fought taking meds altogether, initially. When I finally resigned myself to the permanency of my situation, it became easy to take every pill without hesitation. For me, I had to accept the fact that I'm different, always will be different, need treatment, and this will never change. I work in a field where people are highly specialized and I respect my pdoc's credentials. Makes it easier. I think in the back of a lot of people's minds, there is this feeling that they can some how snap out of this, or pray the "crazy" away. Im not saying anyone here falls into this category though. On the other hand, I do tinker with my consumption of benzos...
  18. Give your meds time to reach an equilibrium in your body. The combination of benzos and stimulants does seem a little odd, but your pdoc knows best. Definitely explore the empathy issue in more detail, could be misdiagnosed. However, this may not change your treatment. At the end of the day being functional is more useful than having answers. You sound very logical, so I hope this helps. Just give it time. Sometimes things might get a little worse before they get better.
  19. On reflection, I feel it all simultaneously. I perceive of my book case with books as being singular in the abstract, but composed of shelves and individual books, and each book composed of individual pages, and so forth. I think your perception should be situational, depending on your objectives. I think your mind's attempt to dissect your surroundings is a natural outgrowth of academia. Where does society and the individual meet? The strain of your career may be getting to you a little. I've been floored with issues related to human cognition before. Give it time. Side note: I am in no way implying you should quit. Just wait it out.
  20. I think it's normal to feel some antagonism with your parents at this time. I agree with what many people have already said: exercise and lay off the caffeine. Also, talk to your pdoc about xanax to take the edge off. Don't hold back when discussing these emotions with your pdoc. It's easy to put on the everything-is-cool face, but your pdoc needs to hear about this.
  21. I'm increasingly of the opinion that lamictal is stimulating for me. I've never had a problem drinking on it, but there a be an interaction effect with other meds. My pdoc has never told me I can't drink on lamictal. However, I've found that I can't take any benzos for at least 8 hour prior to having a drink. My pdoc did advise me on this. I'm somewhat suspicious of my judgment when drinking these days though, so I recommend always calling a cab to get home. Even if you've only had one drink. Even just a light beer! Disclaimer: always take your pdoc's advice over mine.
  22. Sorry for not answering your question. Yeah, it means a cookie cutter style document. Recycled and generic.
  23. I'm guessing it means to indulge in the behavior OP is trying to avoid.
  24. It's boiler plate. Legal advice I received says none of it will hold up. I'm under no obligation to seek treatment.
  25. I prefer to manage my relationship with my pdoc, so I selectively highlight symptoms that I want addressed. I largely keep the facade going to filter information. Since I'm high functioning, my situation is probably different from others though.
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