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  1. @shesellsseashells Thanks for clarifying that, especially for others stumbling on this thread - still not sure if I'd be eligible for insurance on the exchange in my state. It's such a #%*#$% quagmire, right... I'll stop myself there.
  2. In theory it is available to me as infusions, although I'm not 100% positive that it would be covered. The place where I did ECT does the infusions. I got so burned out with having to find a ride to the hospital even once a month, especially since the maintenance ECT wasn't helping... I've heard of people doing a nasal spray, though. Is that what you're talking about, or infusions?
  3. @mikl_pls An interesting thought... there's no question I have bipolar ii disorder, so maybe it's "triple depression." Just kidding. In any case, MAOIs are the only class of antidepressants I haven't tried, actually. ECT worked very well when I did a full course, but after that it petered out, even with maintenance treatment monthly. I take buproprion currently, but I'm very wary of antidepressants... I suspect in the past they've caused cycling, even with a mood stabilizer. Particularly SSRIs, of course. @Blahblah Thank you for the input. I've been able to get some relief myself for a few days in the past using stimulants, but they didn't do much for me if I took them daily.
  4. @julesishere, sorry you're feeling so depressed. I hope you have good luck with the Lamictal; it takes time but it works really really well for so many people. It is possible that the Cymbalta is causing anxiety, but I'm sure your pdoc is worried about making the depression worse by discontinuing it. Tough call; I guess what I would do is see if the Lamictal causes an improvement and then if you want to chance it, phase out the Cymbalta by tapering down.
  5. Curious if anyone else has experienced this - I'm going on 6 years in an episode of depression. I've had at most a month at a time here and there of being only mildly depressed or even well. I've been actively trying new meds and treatments like ECT the whole time. Similar experiences?
  6. Not to hijack the thread, but I'm on SSDI and I don't have a choice but to be on Medicare, as in the government doesn't give me the option, they enroll you automatically. I don't think I'm mistaken... I haven't found Medicare to be all that expensive, also... you just need a Medigap plan and a drug insurance plan (the Medicare advantage plans didn't seem all that advantageous to me when I did the math). I'm sure I'd pay more if I had insurance through the exchange. With my income, I also don't have to pay any of the premiums, just the premium for the Medigap plan.
  7. Lamictal is definitely used to treat hypomania. On the other hand, there are also mixed results from studies, and even some case reports of Lamictal induced hypomania. That said, again, it is used to treat/prevent hypomania. I'm my experience, it has been far more successful at lessening the severity of hypomanic symptoms than it has been at preventing depression. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2655087/ (The Role of Lamotrigine In the Management of Bipolar Disorder)
  8. Thanks for sharing. I have one reservation about it - it seems to me like there's a massive jump from - at least - 3-4 and from 6-7... like they're missing a couple numbers in between. I'm also not so sure that "Feelings of panic and anxiety, concentration difficult and memory poor" counts as just mild depression. Not how it feels to me, anyways.
  9. Lucky to be in Canada, or lucky to be someone in Canada who gets their meds paid for? I'm in the USA and I pay very little for mine - that's just because my income is so low, however. I'm lucky, but only because I'm unlucky.
  10. I tell people what I'm experiencing (in terms that make sense to them, like what kind of symptoms I'm experiencing), and if I can, I stay away from other people as much as possible.
  11. Before Vraylar, I had a completely unpredictable sleep schedule/cycle, with insomnia and trouble waking up. On Vraylar, I can't sleep past 7am, and my sleep schedule close to like clockwork. I do feel fatigued, but with my medications that's to be expected. It may have caused increased anxiety, which I may have improved by taking magnesium glycinate supplements. I haven't noticed it making me feel flat, or having less of an ability to feel positive emotions.
  12. I used to take Latuda - does this slide into despair happen before or after you take it at dinner? I ask because when I took it, after a couple of months, it started to cause me to feel horrible (despair, numbness, so on) for a couple hours (at least) after taking it.
  13. This is all really freaking me out, and I don't know anyone else who has gone through this, so I hope some people have experiences to share. I filed for SSDI in 2015, and was extremely fortunate to get it approved without an appeal. My claim was based almost 100% on treatment for my bipolar disorder not working, however I also included in the claim various physical ailments that cause trouble working - chronic back pain, and trouble with both achilles tendons. Six months ago they asked for and got paperwork from me and my doctors. I never heard anything until this past week, when they suddenly contacted me asking for an immediate call, and told me they were missing information about my achilles tendons. I could go on, but long story short, they've set me up with an appointment, very soon, with a doctor at a multiple sclerosis treatment center, at a cancer care hospital, and I don't have MS or cancer. I do now have more physical ailments than I did in 2015, but the woman I spoke with didn't seem interested in that. So - anyone else been through a review? What happened?
  14. I've had all the hypomanias, feels like - including really unpleasant, agitated hypomania. Lamotrigine took care of a lot of that for me.
  15. Background: I have Bipolar II, I'm currently in the middle of a 6 year long depression (currently on the feeling-slightly-better end of things), and have been on disability almost this whole time. I haven't been stable enough or well enough to date for the past 2-3 years. I'm getting back into dating, for now at least, and I'd like to know how other people have handled the sort of topics that come up when you first meet someone - "what do you do," etc. When I've been straightforward - "I haven't been working recently because of illness" for example - I get dropped immediately, which I don't entirely blame people for. When I talk about my old career as if it was something I'm currently doing, however, it feels like lying. Anyone want to share experiences?
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