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  1. Thank you all for replying. I don't know how to deal anymore. I was getting better and now it's like I'm back at the beginning. We talked a bit yesterday, because Fb threw some memories in my way, and I sent it to him saying something like damn you fb for reminding me of this. I have deleted everything else, this one I musn't have seen. He said that haven't I deleted it all. We then started bickering about what we have to work on on our own. And I was saying that I need to remind myself and think about the bad stuff as well, not just the good times we had, because otherwise I'll never be
  2. So I’ve recently had my heart broken by someone I thougth was the love of my life. The way he ended the relationship was disrespectful, disregarding our years together and just overal shattered my heart into a million pieces. The first two weeks I was going on fine, I kept myself busy, I was barely home and I didn’t give myself the time to even think about it. It has been in the last week that it has really hit me. How much I invested into the relationship, only to find out that I was the only one. How much love I still have and have had for this man, only to find out that he didn’t feel
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