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    Mindfulness, Simplicity, writing, crafts, gardening, photography, ships, sailing, critters of all kind, music (I would love to learn to play both the fiddle and the mandoline) travel, dancing (usually by myself to music in my head) water, astronomy, cooking. star gazing. heirloom plants and animal preservation. Medieval history, 18th c. history...ok, history, archaology, linguistics...trying not to kill myself when my evil dark self takes over. . Gnosticism...I believe in Shiva and Kali and the power of the cycles of the world/universe...I like Dark chocolate and candlelight, cats, dogs warthogs and want to own my own ship

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  1. Kind of frantic today. Back hurts and head is on backwards =P

  2. My stupid back hurts! We are all tired of the pain.

  3. tired out from going to doctors and therapy =P

  4. God! More therapy...I so need it, but I'm sick of it too.

  5. I am the freakin' good fairy today!

  6. I seem to have some success at first with many anti depressants, but get used to them or what ever and they just stop working. That stinks! I'm battling scary suicidal thoughts and feel like I'm walking on the border of a nice long fall. Trying to make it til Monday to see the freaking doctor....I can have my BF drive me to the loony bin if I feel like I can't deal any more. Thanks, I'll ask about Protriptilyne as well.
  7. Insomnia...So tired now

  8. I get to have a meeting with the main psychiatrist on the 11th, so we'll talk to him about Wellbutrin, I think. I don't think I've tried that one yet. Thnx for all of the help. It's being truly difficult right now.
  9. We all missed you too =) Glad we came back, it's too lonely out here.
  10. So far antidepressants, have done diddly-jack squat for me. I have lost my libido, gained a boat load of weight and been devastatingly depressed anyway. So I quit taking the Zoloft...doctor put me on Elavil and Celexa...I gained more weight...I quit everything, but Clonazapam for panic attacks, Abilify and Gabapentin, for god only knows what but I take 1200 mg of them 5 times a day... I clearly need more medication of some type...but is there any antidepressants that don't cause weight gain??????????? is there any damned hope? I've tried about all of them and I'm about to commit myself to the relative safety of the stupid mental ward again! I'm wretchedly depressed and anxious. I'm fat and missing my libido.... Just ranting again Panz
  11. SI burn scars are triggering me

  12. Does NOT want to spend the weekend visiting family =\

  13. Don't be sorry to post, you are truly welcome here and most people here have either been in a similar place or can sympathize at least. I'm glad you pposted. I think if you are needing help badly, then you should go and get it. Depression is a beast and I fight with it too. I hope that you feel better soon with care and get on medications that work for you. Take care and get well. Warmly Panz
  14. Happy Birfday Panz!!!!!

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