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  1. Well, why yes I have sexual feelings like any other human being would. What’s so mysterious about that? Quote me where I was shitting on anybody on here? I dare you to find me one post. I simply believe in nuclear families, as trashy single mother cat ladies aren’t ideal for raising children, let alone sons. My mother is abusive, so of course I would be fed up with trashy single mother cat ladies. Do you happen to be one yourself?
  2. So this is what I get for asking a mental health support site out? Scoffing and mockery? You know this is the reason why people shoot up schools, right? Too bad you weren’t there when Columbine or Virginia Tech or 9/11 happened so you didn’t have to experience it firsthand. You people are so used to living such a comfortable and sheltered life that you don’t care about bad things happening to others unless it’s not happening to you. I came to a mental health support website and instead I’m debating politics with feminists on a certain issue. What kind of bullshit is this? You don’t see what’s
  3. You know what? Just ban me, then. How many more times do I need to shit on your couch before you kick me out? Nobody on here understands me, evidently. And everybody here is shitting on me just like everybody else. Fuck this shit.
  4. I would recommend reading this article first. Single mothers have created more school shooters than doctors, lawyers and scientists. https://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-ol-patt-morrison-warren-farrell-incel-20180516-htmlstory.html The reason for mass shootings is because of the destruction of the nuclear family (two parents instead of one). If you’re a fatherless son, you’re not gonna grow up in a sustainable family environment. But I’m not dumping on women either, because I would probably say the same for mothers too. You can’t have one without the other. This entire concept o
  5. Okay, so I was somewhat exaggerating whenI said she spends none of it on me and all of it on herself, but what’s really happening is that she told my doctor a whole bunch of bullshit in that I was going to spend it all on drugs and told him a whole bunch of lies about me, so that she could get it. Then she quit her job and is living off it and only buys me cigarettes and junk food from gas stations instead of using that money to bolster my resume or do anything that is productive. When I list my grievances with her, her excuse is that I “didn’t tell her enough” or something bullshit like that.
  6. My life has been shit for nearly a decade at this point. Since January 2011, I’ve had to endure more bullshit than a human being can handle and now even to this day my fucked up situation continues. Let me give you a quick rundown. -my mom is an abusive cunt. -my mom quit her job and is now living off my disability money while I get none of it as it all goes to her bank account so she can spend it all on herself. -my mom is an unmarried mother of three illegitimate children from three different sperm donors catlady who lives with her mom and dad and is almost 40 now (born in ’7
  7. The reason I don't consider my sexual interactions with men to be legitimate sexual experiences or as you say "part of my sexuality" is because it's much easier to get with a man than with a woman. The way men work and the way women work is very different. When you're gay, you can just have as much anonymous sex as you want. With women, you need to ask her for her number, introduce yourself to her, then start dating her, and after a while, finally be able to fuck her. If you get her pregnant, then you have to worry about a whole bunch of other shit, like raising the kid. And if she takes your
  8. Sorry if I am a bit late to respond, but no, I am using the term "incel" a bit more broadly. As in, I am somebody who is celibate, but involuntarily (i.e. I have a sex drive, but for a number of reasons I cannot fulfill my sexual desires even when I want to). In other words, I'm a virgin. I'm 21 years old, btw. Also, as for the part about the gay thing, it happened when I started crossdressing and went on a gay dating app and hooked up with some guy in my neighborhood. I do not hate women. There are many women who have been very friendly to me. While a majority of them I don't see anym
  9. Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I've never been too confident about my looks. I often got picked on which resulted in low self-esteem for myself and body dysmorphia. I've dated a few girls online, but never had a real life relationship with a girl. This is what contributes to my loneliness and self-hatred. Never kissed a girl before, never had sex with a girl before. It's because of how anxious I am when I'm around them. I don't know what they're going to be saying about me. I don't know if they'll start laughing at me or it'll result in a major embarrassment for me, so I avo
  10. Thank you and others for your concerns. I woke up and still felt depressed. I can’t find any happiness in my life. I’ll forever be without friends. All I want is just a friend. Someone I can talk to. Someone I can speak to when I feel down. I don’t have any emotional support, I just stay alone all day with no one. I wasted away my teenage years with depression, hospitalizations, conflict, bullying and all kinds of horrible stuff. Those years in my life I’ll never get back. I’ve never had a girlfriend. And honestly, I just want someone so I won’t be alone. But I always am.
  11. I just received a shot of some invega the other day I just got 10x worse. I want to kill myself. I want to cut my head off with a chainsaw. I just broke a lawn chair. I’ve been screaming. I have no one to talk to. No one likes me. Not even my own family. They won’t talk to me because they don’t care. I have no friends and I’m going to die alone.
  12. I do constantly but I’m not going to to go into any further detail. Does anyone else feel this way? I don’t tell my counselor about this to avoid being sent back to a psychiatric institution which only makes me 1000x worse and I even tried to kill myself the first time I was committed. I want to make sure that I never go back. I would rather die than go back. I’ve made many desperate cries for help like this in the past. I can’t do anything in life. I hate my life. I want to fucking die.
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