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  1. Do you have Hashimotos? A TSH of .87 actually sounds really low... I don't think I've ever had such a low number, even as a child/teen. TSH 2.66 is good (according to all my docs). I was told I was only slightly "borderline" hypo when my TSH went over 5 (and I was cold, constipated, sleeping all day). They looked at me funny, because I'm nearly underweight (my docs said hypo typically causes weight gain). They would only put me on up to 25 mcg Levothyroxine. Within about 1 year, it slowly went down to 2.5...then I moved, switched docs and went off it because I didn't feel much different. For many years (20s-30s) unmedicated, it hovered around 1.5. Now it's around 2.5 - 2.7, while I'm not on anything for it. My weight hasn't changed much in 3 decades, I've always had lowest/normal BMI, but remain extremely fatigued...I wonder if I should ask to try the med again...?
  2. @BostonGirl123 Have you thought about maybe increasing the Paxil (even just during your luteal phase)? It sounds like a dosage issue (or maybe you could try another SSRI such as Prozac?) Paxil *should* be controlling anxiety & panic symptoms. I would also emphasize (to whatever doctor you see) that you have tracked the pattern, that it is a distinct hormone-related trigger. Are you in your 40s? I've struggled with this for years. My depression has become mostly manageable except the week of PMS, it can be a real sh*tshow. I have tried everything also. I'll tell you one thing, GPs are pretty useless (they'll often just shrug, say you are "stressed", give you the pill, or antidepressant). Ideally, try to find a good Obgyn AND Psychiatrist that are knowledgeable about hormones, you are dealing with 2 inter-related issues. Or even an endocrinologist... Many doctors do not consider PMDD an official diagnosis, but loads of women struggle with it. Treatment gets complicated when you have BOTH a hormone disorder & mood disorder! Everyone wants to pin it on a psychological issue or stress. I suggest you keep a detailed symptom log with the dates and all of your symptoms (several months worth or more) to show the distinct pattern. Good to get a general check-up for thyroid disorders (thyroid disease can exacerbate mood symptoms) Hormones also made me feel 100% worse (particularly Progesterone) so hormones or the pill are not always the answer. There is a certain protocol for PMDD, usually, you start with diet (make sure you are getting plenty of vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, B6, B12. Omega3's are most helpful as well as Tryptophan, 5-HTP, Evening primrose oil. Avoiding alcohol & caffeine that week...Some women (peri-menopause age) recommend Agnus Castus. Next step, they will try the pill usually...If that doesn't help, it's often trying low dose Prozac or Zoloft (only in the Luteal phase, 2 weeks before period). Some lucky ppl can get away with not taking it everyday. Some don't do well with SSRIs, you can also try a mood stabilizer (Lamictal) has been great for me, because I have no side effects and you won't have dependency (like with xanax). Helps smooth things out. I have had (relative) success with doing all of these things (daily vitamins/supplements + Lamictal + low-dose Prozac) Xanax only for emergency. This site has been one of the most helpful: https://iapmd.org/steps-to-diagnosis and this one: https://obgyn.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1111/1471-0528.14260
  3. Thanks @CrazyRedhead What sort of symptoms do you have and do they just give you anti-inflammatory drugs? I hate to start on those... I already eat a pretty healthy balanced diet, but maybe there are certain foods I can cut out? Is it a myth that daily apple cider vinegar helps? Also, you hear about "flares" of pain...Will inflammation always show up on scan (even if you aren't experiencing pain or a flare up at that moment?)
  4. I've had sudden stiffness & pain in my finger joints the last 1-2 weeks. Particularly when I wake up in the morning or when I try to grip something. I also noticed sort of a hard "nodule" on base of my thumb joint (like near the webbing) that is painful to press (or when i extend my thumb). Of course, I started googling arthritis, trigger thumb, bone spurs, Gout, and ended up on "giant cell tumor of tendon sheath" (but it feels hard, not soft) Went to my GP and can't get in for xray for 3 weeks. Anyone experience something similar? Or Arthritis? What age did it start? I'm 43, and the doc told me I'm too young for arthritis, not sure what else it could be.
  5. ha, I mistakenly read this as " Coffee is an essential med itself" Essential, yes. I've been self-medicating with it daily for 25 years.... Could be worse I guess 🤷‍♀️
  6. When confinement started, i was doing a bit of running (which I hate) and workout videos at home. I've since stopped the last 2 months and have suddenly gained weight (not sure how many pounds, but getting that flabby roll around my entire waist and butt is getting bigger). What's most depressing to me is not the number on the scale, but my clothes not fitting. The weather is so nice & I have a closet of cute summer stuff, dresses that I haven't worn in like 2 years (not like I have any night-out occasion to wear them). My bras & jeans are too tight & uncomfortable. So I wear pjs all day, or my only pair of loose jeans and feel like a bum. I've been fortunate to be thin my entire life (was an athlete up until college), now hitting mid-40s, my metabolism is slowing down. (Admittedly, I've been drinking more with my husband during this lockdown and that means instant weight gain) I've lost all motivation to get off my butt and stop drinking. Only thing i can get up to is daily walks. I barely hit 10,000 steps though, and I know it's not enough to get fit again. I wish the gym would open!
  7. I figured that coffee was probably interfering. I guess I should wait an hour after taking the med before drinking coffee?
  8. Feeling pretty good the last month. Religiously taking all my multivitamins, supplements, have less fatigue (despite not exercising). I go for short walks, but I really need to increase my activity level. Have not seen a therapist for months.
  9. I've been on 20mgLA and then I take either 10mgLA or 10mgIR in the afternoon after lunch. I have never felt "wired" or had any difficulty sleeping (actually on Ritalin, I sleep MUCH better, its as if all my focus/drive/concentration is maxed out after dinner, by the time it wears off) Seems to usually work well, but the tolerance thing sucks. It's wierd, sometimes I actually feel more tired after taking my afternoon dose, not sure why.
  10. I'm wondering this too. I take my meds first thing in morning, then immediately have big glass of water (or two), light breakfast and always, coffee. I assume this is probably acting as a diuretic. I have noticed my ritalin effects vary a lot, often wearing off very quickly...hmmm but so difficult for me to not drink 2 mugs of caffeine. Water intake is important, but I think it should be spaced out throughout the day (like 1 glass per hour or something?)
  11. @Banana Smurf Yeah, you do have some strange symptoms that would warrant further testing I think, or could be related to med side effects (like Raynaud's). But I know what you mean, having any MI diagnosis on file is such a red flag. It makes every other doctor question if it's all psychological & in my head....
  12. Can't stand it!!! I am quitting altogether until I can see a therapist in person again. I don't have a regular therapist though anymore. I've tried several new therapists now (through a popular online service) and it's been awful. It's not the same over a screen, and then 2-3 times, the call suddenly cut out & the woman said that it was my signal that cut out...yet the connection was 100%! I feel a real lack of connection and commitment on their part, when it's a video (or blind) call.... I'm sure it's different if it's a call with a therapist that knows you & has seen you awhile, but to start with someone new, only through tele-therapy - I def do not recommend it. It is really not worth it!
  13. Hey @thebakerbunny I'm in a bit of the same situation. I'm also on Lamictal, and was on Effexor for over a year, which works well for severe depression & anxiety, but at higher doses the apathy was worsening (plus Effexor is one of the worst meds to titrate off of). I tapered off of it successfully (using low-dose Prozac) and have been waiting things out to figure what to switch to. Wellbutrin has no effect and SSRIs make me numb and apathetic. (BTW stimulants help somewhat if you are trying to treat apathy or fatigue) I've been experimenting with some stricter dietary changes (no alcohol or sugar) and a daily regimen of supplements to see if it helps. What symptoms are you mainly dealing with now? TCA's often have higher rate of side effects, I've only tried Pamelor years ago. I have mainly considered trying an MAOI next, however, pdocs are really not into prescribing those...and @mikl_pls and @browri are pretty awesome at helpful suggestions.
  14. I'm seriously about to quit the online/ teletherapy. I'm only really doing it temporarily during this confinement and until I can find a better therapist nearby. I honestly can only think of 1 therapist that really "got" me and made me feel better, with more self-compassion after leaving the session. I can't recall the last time someone helped me come to any new insight or perspective. Often, I would just go in and blab rather aimlessly and feel like it was going nowhere. I mean, I guess it's better than having no one to talk to? I have no friends to talk to about serious stuff, my spouse has no empathy or understanding of MI. I wish I knew what else I could do. Meds help, but for me, it's only a small slice of the bigger issues.
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