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  1. Vyvanse is not available here 😞 seems it is much less preferred over methylphenidate and apparently in 2014, Shire did some clinical trials showing it was not an effective treatment for depression, (but maybe that was just in monotherapy)...Is it an amphetamine similar to Adderall? I read somewhere that it was developed to have less potential to be abused, but its still a controlled drug. I'll continue to work on my pdoc to find other suggestions. Did it give you any bad insomnia or other side effects (other than typical nausea & dry mouth?) Is Viibryd an antidepressant? I've never tried that...don't know if that's available or would be similar to ritalin?
  2. @MiaB Beautiful kitties! Oh I wish I could have pets. They are so therapeutic and much nicer than people. 😜
  3. Pdoc FINALLY upped Ritalin (LA) to 30mg in morning, and I take 10mg (IR) in afternoon. Been on consistently about 1.5 years (note, it’s a real pain to get it here, they treat it like street meth & it’s the most benign stimulant!!) I have bad energy crashes within 5 hours, then crave chocolate (which I usually dislike), I have more coffee. The IR 10mg in afternoon seems to do nothing. Trying the 20mg IR in afternoon, which might be better, but wears off in 2 hours, I don’t want to mess up my sleep or jack up my heart rate. Note, I’m not taking for ADD (but for depression add-on) my physical energy, alertness & motivation just crashes now. I just get tired & need to nap. Any ideas? (I’m 50kg) Pdoc says they dose per kg, usually 50mg-60mg max for me. If I increase again, I’ll quickly be screwed (it initially worked so well!). I know Adderall is more potent, but worried about neurotoxicity and irreparable brain damage when I eventually go off (don’t plan on being on forever). I’ve heard Adderall is more “speedy” and can be agitating as well.
  4. That's interesting. My hunch is that I have some subconscious events/memories though from childhood tangled in that I simply don't remember. I often get overwhelmed with visceral emotions, but I don't remember much from my early childhood before age 10. i wonder if you can still "clear" stuff that you cannot access? Has EDMR been clinically studied or is it "alternative" ? it reminds me of EFT "tapping"
  5. Stimulant (ritalin) yes. In fact although it's pooping out, it has been the only med that touches anhedonia, lack of interest & motivation (a huge part of my depression when severe episodes subside). Lamictal helps maintain stabilization, but it doesn't have enough kick to pull me out of the pit.
  6. @echolocation EDMR is one of the few therapies I have not tried.. I had been wondering if it was ever used for things other than severe PTSD trauma or panic disorder (like depression, GAD, or even long past trauma that you are not consciously aware of?) I have quite a few deep-rooted beliefs that no therapy seems to touch. I'm curious to hear how it goes for you.
  7. Hi @KnickNak Good to see ya around again. I thought I read somewhere that in OCD, the pure "O" symptoms are actually much more common than compulsions. I dunno. I often obsess over symptoms and then google for days, other than that, I get a lot of intrusive thoughts with my depression, don't know if they are obsessive, but man they are like a broken record on repeat...negative, worrisome ruminations, bleh.
  8. Extremely sleepy. Sometimes it's as if I could sleep for 24 hours straight. How is this possible?
  9. Physically crappy, headache, nausea...very impatient for this ibuprofen to kick in!!!!! 😩
  10. Maybe I should try Krill oil? I take Omega3 oils, dunno if that's pretty much the same...
  11. I first read that you put Bourbon in your coffee 🤣 I'm a coffee fanatic also, but just with milk, none of the sweet stuff...All I can do in the morning is zone out and stare (or come here and read) for like 45 mins...then a light breakfast (that requires no prep/cooking). I need quiet. Otherwise, yeah I have no commitments at moment, that require me to get up before 8:30am at the earliest.... I'm always trying to squeeze in the most sleep in the AM as possible.
  12. I saw a tdoc (only for 2 months) that did ACT. I didn't quite get how it was just different than mindfulness, combined with committed action towards goals...Basically like you said, accepting the feelings but sort of ignoring them, acting anyway. Maybe this is an oversimplified explanation, but every session I had with the guy I was just sitting there in silence meditating (eyes open), breathing slowly, then he questioned me how I felt, how was it, what were you thinking...THAT WAS IT. I couldn't afford to pay for that sh*t over & over. No thanks. I'd rather read pema chodron or just go to a meditation group.
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