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  1. Yeah, I'm thinking the same for me...I've been taking ritalin for a few years now (with some breaks). Apart from feeling unfocused, scattered, and a bit less motivated when I skip it, it seems to have lost its efficacy. I had recently increased my dose also, hasn't make a difference 😞 I am super super tired again now. I also wonder if it's the colder weather. I noticed the fatigue has become intolerable the last 2 weeks with the temperatures suddenly dropping (from sweaty 90's to 60's). But the sun is still out...I don't know what else to do. I'll ask my pdoc for suggestions. I am not functioning with this fatigue, mood-wise I'm ok but physically, I really don't feel well and hesitant to disclose to school disability svs. Good luck to you!!!!
  2. Was there any sort of trigger that may have caused it? Could it be burn out, stress? You don't have to feel sad or crying to have depression. Sounds like a depressive apathy and anhedonia (I chronically have this as well, the laying around, reading online, procrastinating, not interested in anything, struggle to go outside, shower etc). Sometimes its meds that make you more lethargic. Have you considered a stimulant? This is the only thing that touches my apathy and motivation. Which in turn helps with depression, it can get you unstuck. Most antidepressants or mood stabilisers (especially Lithium) cause more apathy/ lethargy and emotional dulling for me.
  3. I don't even know her *that* well...I've literally gone out with her socially in a group 2-3 times (last was over a year ago), we currently live in different countries. She's not been a bitch or self-centered. Maybe more an acquaintance than a friend. We literally never talk, or exchange messages really. We like each others photos on FB, that's the extent. So you can imagine it was strange to out of the blue, get an instant mssg saying "How are you?" And have such a weird blunt reply was just a bit off-putting you know? Just wanted to check that it isn't a normal reaction. Oh well, communication via text is hard to decifer sometimes. I know, sometimes I just want to say..."well, do you REALLY want to know or are you just being polite?" In reality, nope, no one wants to hear it!!!! So we just reply "I'm fine (add generic comment about being so busy), then how are you?" Over & over again. So stupid.
  4. @Iceberg THIS! I have the exact same thing. I set alarm 1 hour before I absolutely need to get up. My snooze intervals are 15-20 minutes. I usually hit snooze 3 times and then get annoyed and just turn it off, I often lay in bed and try to slowly wake up. I take Ritalin (30mg extended) 30-40 mins before I get up. it does not help with energy really, or getting me going (only with focus). I cannot feel it "kicking in" (like the IR) but IR just makes my fatigue worse with the comedown. It seems totally out of system by 3pm and every time I try afternoon IR dose, I'm still physically tired.I'll task doc about trying to switch, but adderall & other stims are not available where I live. I always have good breakfast oatmeal, nuts, fruit, yogurt, 2 cups of coffee, usually another coffee after lunch. I don't think this fatigue is normal. I am healthy otherwise, fit, no blood test issues, I also take vit D, protein supps, multivitamin. I hate to add on more drugs or stimulants. Oh..and I never have times where I'm super energetic or anything, I'm never up & down.
  5. Thank you so much for this clarification! She mentioned a mole that was removed, but did not say what it was classified as. I'm assuming it is one of the more common ones...Any medical diagnosis can be scary though...
  6. Well, I always have a constant (at least low-grade) depression, I wouldn't say that has been noticeably worse last 3 weeks. I haven't had severe lability or anything. Seasonal change can make me more lethargic I guess. But I don't know what else to do about it. Meds I try just make me even more tired, or spaced out..etc.
  7. Mainly fatigue which hits at around 2-3pm everyday (this has gone on a long time), sometimes requires me to nap. I have had more mental stress the last couple months....or Maybe I should get my thyroid tested, was slightly low years ago, but a year ago it was in normal range so I don't think it's that....
  8. Well I've always had it to some level, but the last 2-3 weeks it's been particularly bad/worse.
  9. Well, I replied with more support, concern and asked her if there was anything I could do, how she was feeling, if she wanted to talk...All she said it was skin cancer she had 6 mos ago, she had it removed successfully, it has not returned. She didn't say anything at all about how she's doing or how she's feeling, or the status. Which makes it difficult to respond.....I'm not going to ask her if it's terminal...I'm just confused.
  10. You have been mistaken: There was no Greeting...Literally all she asked was "How are you doing?" The focus was not "all about me" I didn't tell her my life story, I responded to her question with a few sentences of what I've been up to and "how I've been doing." and "what's new with you?" Exactly (I think) how any normal person would respond... And I don't think it's necessarily "feeling sorry for yourself" to reach out to connect with someone. No shame or judgement in that. We are social beings and need interaction..if someone needs to vent, why not? I don't think it's selfish at all....I'm willing to listen and I give loads of support to others. I only wish more people would do that! We are not robots. Mainly, I was just confused I guess, why someone would ask how I am and reply this way.
  11. I do not take any melatonin, nor sleep meds or anything sedating. I haven't had any problem falling asleep and sleep through the entire 8-9 hours without waking. Mornings I take my stimulant, meds and eventually have about 3 cups of coffee (only between 10am-2pm) I don't usually drink any coffee any later. I limit alcohol (or drink nothing) in the evening...
  12. I know it's not a competition in any way, with illness. But had a surprise when a friend messaged me to ask how I was doing. I replied &thanked her, said it was really nice to hear from her (particularly because I've been lonely, isolating myself, depression, etc). She literally responded with "Well, I got cancer so I'm sure it's worse than you..." That's all she wrote, no elaboration. What would you make of this reply? I'm empathic, and assume she's hurting or afraid. (btw I don't know if she still has it, or successfully treated already) I literally had no idea what was going on and I gave her support, told her I'm here for her for anything if she wants to talk, but in a way, I feel hurt, because of the way people with illnesses always "one up" and diminish each other, like experiencing one type of illness, trauma or pain is much worse than another?
  13. Mornings suck so much!!! 😩

  14. Never been a morning person, but getting up is becoming more a problem. I read about "Sleep Inertia" when you wake up during REM cycle and then feel intensely groggy, foggy (like drunk) when you get up. For me this state lasts over an hour. Is this a (too much) Melatonin thing? I sleep like a log through the night. I've experimented with my routine, 8-10 hours, and regardless, I get this groggy drunk feeling every morning when I get up, even after coffee and meds. It takes forever to wear off! Anyone know a cheap sleep tracker? I probably oversleep, but regardless 8 or 10 hours, I feel this way. I set my alarm across the room and usually snooze a couple times because it is literally impossible for me to get up.
  15. So sleepy, lethargic, BLAH. All I want to do is curl up in bed, so comfy, so warm, soothing. My mind can't think right now. Coffee isn't helping either .
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