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  1. I am closing accounts on the Internet that I no longer use or maintain, for both my physical and Web security. While I realise the rules do not permit removing old postings, I do wish to terminate my account and its password. How might I go about closing my account, or can you do this for me? Thanks, Any.
  2. But the Judeo/Christian/Muslim trio all say the answer is to love one another, and yet not judge, yet all state that their god will condemn those of my faith to the "loving fires of Perdition," only pausing in their killing of each other when they jointly go after "heathens." How can you say you are "loving your neighbour" when both you and your faith condemn me with your words and holy books? I cannot reconcile a command from someone to "love one another" with "firey lakes" and other such "rewards" for not believing the same as they do. James. (Of note, no war has ever been fought in the name of atheism, or my own religion.)
  3. Actually, Olga, -all- religion is based on faith. Just thought I would toss that in there. James
  4. Hi! Saw you visited my profile . . . hope I didn't scare you away. - James

  5. Well, the National Hammered Dulcimer competition is over. Out of thirteen contestants, six beat me, and I beat six. Absolutely average. This coming off a change in my epilepsy meds (more phenobarbital, yum), and three surgeries (both hands and left elbow), with physical therapy still in progress, and a promotion to full editor with the Romance publisher for which I work. Doc was insistent that I could not possibly compete in the finals, that my surgeries and therapy would preclude it; my sometimes (when the VA wants to see me) shrink insisted that I was being unreasonable by insisting on competing. (I had already paid my entry fee long before any of that began, and I know the VA wasn't going to refund it. ) Try again next year. James.
  6. Google AdSense and Google Analytics attempt to load cookies from this site. I have Abine privacy software for Firefox, so it shows them up and blocks them, but a person without specialized software would have no way of knowing Google is tracking you through this site (and then beyond). It is unlikely that anyone on CrazyBoards would be very sanguine about an Adserving/Spyware/Datamining company having information on their computer (via their own IP) or where they are browsing on the Web. These services are put in at the host end of a computer connection, either by the Webmaster or their IP. No mental health site is safe from this, they all have the problem, as their IPs or the Webmaster collect money from adserving companies and data mining companies for this. What is not generally known is the information is not only used to show the number of "hits" a Website gets (hit counters have this problem too), but also to store cookies to mine data from the users. That part is buried deep in the privacy statements of Google, which company claims to do no evil. The only way to avoid it completely from the host end it to own your own servers and a static IP (an expensive proposition) or make lots of noise to your IP if they are doing it (I assume you are not contracting with Google or you wouldn't be asking this). The only way to avoid it from the user end is to make sure you do not use software which can be exploited by such companies as Google Analytics. Facebook tracking aps can also be added to Websites or to HTML E-mails, and Flash Locally Shared Objects (something like a cookie but defaults to 100k storage per Website) can also be added, which can also track your usage. Flash LSOs are also used by datamining companies to re-spawn browser cookies after they are deleted by the browser, so they are already in place after the browser is re-started. In the event of Flash LSOs, a Website does not even need to have a Flash application to place LSOs on a computer. They can also be tracked or installed by third party sites, and Adobe makes it extremely difficult to block or delete them (which is why I don't have Flash/Adobe Reader/Shockwave Player on my computer-I need privacy much more than I need video and sound from a Website). For LSOs, the only way to keep them off a computer is to not have Flash and its relatives installed. LSOs cannot be deleted by a browser setting of "delete cookies" as they are not part of a browser, they are part of Adobe's proprietary software. To delete them you can only do it by going to Adobe's Website. The Wikipedia article on Locally Shared Objects (which is a misnomer since they are shared with the Internet) also includes many links to articles about the concerns for privacy via LSOs. While some countries (most notably the EU) have regulations against secretly storing and mining data from computers without a prominent note to that effect on the home page), it is only honoured in the breach. Dynamic IP addresses (which are assigned to you if you use a cable modem or DSL) contrary to popular belief, can also be tracked. As long as your modem is connected to your ISP, it will maintain the same IP address. The only way to force a change of dynamic IP address is to disconnect the modem from the Internet or power source for a few minutes (at least as long as the delay built into your IP service for maintaining your dynamic IP, generally several minutes). Telephone modems do not have this problem, as they are assigned a new IP every time the user dials in. LSO's can be used to store all the Websites a dynamic IP visits just as easily as a static one. When I first blew Adobe off my computer, a few weeks ago, I noted that there were LSOs stored on my computer all the way back to 2005 (when I bought it). They occupied 500 M of my hard disk. LSO problems are not unique to Windows, they exist on all op system platforms, and are the reason that Steve Jobs of Apple has prohibited Adobe development aps on the iPhone, due to security issues. A hosts file will prevent a Website from redirecting your browser to download an advertisement, web beacon (a 1x1 pixel picture stored on a third party site for the sole purpose of tracking), or tracking cookie from a third party. Such files are provided by Spybot SD (and other such software companies). Antivirus software usually has a setting to lock the host file to prevent Websites from altering the content of your host file, which if not locked, is easily changed. See WikiPedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/hosts_file for information on how to employ hosts files to prevent datamining and tracking across the Internet. Wikipedia has a good primer on LSO's at http://en.wikipedia....y_Shared_Object , which also links to their article on cookies. I was a cryptographic equipment technician before I was a Romance editor (epilepsy and schizoaffective disorder ended my electronics career) - it is amazing what the Internet can do to do away with your privacy if you let it.
  7. Being 50, I would have great difficulty in relating some of my issues (particularly issues of an extremely personal nature) to anyone I either did not know or was significantly younger than me. Plus, if they are under 18 it could bring a whole legal mess down. While I do occasionally post here, personal issues I have are not for the Internet.
  8. The Navy decided I had an ED (ana) when my weight several years ago dropped to 103#. They never understood the hopeless situation as a child I faced that left regulating my food as my only empowerment. But as the Navy did not recognize ana as a problem of men (and they still don't), they decided it was a Uniform Code of Military Justice violation (specifically: Malingering, intentional self-harm, punishable by courts-martial). They gave me the option of getting my weight to a level they would accept (140# - my height is 5'10") or they would pitch me out. Although I never weighed that much in my life, and didn't reach that either, I gained enough to satisfy the Navy and keep them off my back - but no more. The rest of my career was spent expending an inordinate amount of time trying to find the balance of the lowest weight that they would accept without comment. Tricky to do at sea when there is only one place to eat and no one really knows what goes into those "mystery meals" in the galley. They eventually found another reason to pitch me out (schizoaffective disorder and epilepsy), but as my recent elbow surgery shows, it is too easy to fall into the spiral of ana again: meds were causing me to "repatriate" everything I was eating for some days, and it was too simple to simply fall back on not eating as a result (or excuse). Now it's the Veterans Administration on my case: I lost 15# in twenty days, and they are "unhappy" with my weight at 115#. And it is so hard to avoid the kind of thinking "Well, they think I lost too much weight, I'll show them what weight loss is." Yet knowing this, I still avoided eating much of anything yesterday beyond a can of soup and some crackers. Unless I make a conscious effort to eat "properly," I simply don't. Am I sabotaging the VA's health plan for me, or simply comfortable with what I know (ana), or simply sabotaging myself? Laxatives are certainly not the way to go though; did that, earned the medal. While I did not harm myself physically with long usage of them in the Navy, they sure cost a lot of money. James
  9. Go get 'em tiger! Jobs that bp people are unsuitable for? The Navy said I was unsuitable as a sailor (after seventeen years) . . . tried the front counter at McD's (I was certainly unsuitable for that!); now I edit Romance novels. That seems pretty safe. James
  10. Well, now I am recovering from neurosurgery on my L elbow. It hurts like heck, but I can move my fingers again!

  11. Recovering from surgery to L elbow

  12. I unfortunately know of several people who ended their marriages based on mental illness. The last was a supervisor at an HR job I had. After my big breakdown and bipolar diagnosis, I noticed that she suddenly started treating me like shit. Turns out it was because she saw my FMLA paperwork with mental craziness on it. Turns out her recent divorce was because her husband was MDD and he'd just lost his job due to missed work. So she was supportive enough to divorce him, calling him dead weight. Turns out the reason she started hating me was because I was reminding get a bit too much of the ex. But the last laugh was on me. My ex- later remarried. She lost her job right after she bought a new construction home, and a new car. He supposedly went to Iowa to get a job in his hometown. He didn't write, he didn't write, the mortgage companies are about to seize her home and car, her drug addict sister moved her children in with my ex-, then her mother moved in with her when the sister caused her to lose her (fully paid for) home over stolen credit cards and theft. My ex- had squandered over $50,000 worth of child support, with nothing to show for it for my son (that's a lot of money for someone on disability the whole time). I started corresponding with a woman on Yahoo! Answers that it turned out later he had remarried in a common law bigamous marriage, after that woman had been the homewrecker in my ex-'s second marriage. I gleefully filled in both women on what the schmuck had done to both of them (including fathering children on the second "wife.") My son bailed out of the home when I informed him (she had full custody and I was prohibited visitation, though I could write, because of the crazy diagnosis written into my divorce decree also prohibited me from doing anything with my son except cough up 40% of my disability every month to my wife). Good for him, needs to get away from the normal people he has been living with. She is still married to the schmo, but both women are trying to take the schmuck apart in court, though he has no money. And my ex- dumped me because -I- was crazy. In the meantime, the publisher I work for hired me partially because the then-CEO was also diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I was promoted to Editor (despite no degree, a company requirement) because I have shown I can do the work, in other words, for merit. (She is no longer CEO but still works with the company as marketing director. But then the company is composed entirely of women, but me, anyway, and who can tell what they are thinking? )
  13. I was abruptly stopped from lithium and Parnate (an MAOI), in May 2009 after I became psychotic, injured my wife, and had to be transported to the VA hospital from my home in a police car, over one hundred miles (160 km), in handcuffs. No charges were brought, but I spent three weeks at the VA's psych facility here (why do they always put the psych ward in VA hospitals on the very top floor? Seems counterproductive to me). I don't remember much about the stay, though, as they had me on some very powerful medication to keep me "under control." I don't even remember my wife picking me up at the hospital, or the next few days after that. James
  14. Promoted to Editor :) Surgery June 25 :(

    1. Anymouse


      Recovering from surgery to elbow.

  15. I received the new contract today by E-mail from the CEO of the Romance publisher I work for, Eternal Press/Damnation Books. I am advancing from the position I now hold (Copyeditor, or glorified proofreader) to Editor. Kim (the CEO) said she had held up offering me a contract because she was concerned about "favouritism" by the Senior Editor (Moss), who is the ex-husband of my wife, and the only other male on the staff. He swept aside that concern yesterday in a message to her with the quip, "How many supervisors would FAVOR the husband of their ex?" I originally found out Moss worked with EP when I applied for the Copyeditor position through the previous Senior Editor, and she assigned him to administer the company’s English Composition test to me. At that time I disclosed to her the existing relationship, and asked for another to administer the test, to remove the stain of nepotism. She administered the test herself. The advancement to the Editor position makes me the only Editor with the company who does not have a college degree. It took great restraint to respond to Kim's message without a line of "YAY" all in capitals across the page. A great fiftieth birthday present from the company (my birthday was May 31). Now my big concern is my visit to the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday: he signed off on the surgery on my right hand as being a total success, but hit me with a different bummer: the EMG test of my left arm came back with the results of severe damage to the motor control nerves of my left arm, and slight damage to the sensory nerves. Surgery is indicated, he said. That is now scheduled for June 25, when they will lay open my left arm with a filet knife and try to do neurosurgery. I am holding my breath on recovery time; the National Hammered Dulcimer competition is now three months away, and the muscles of my left arm have atrophied to the point where I can no longer use my 100-yo typewriter, hold a fork or a dulcimer hammer, or operate a telegraph key for my ham radio set. Time is running short for therapy to get back in action for the competition. Crossing my fingers (on my right hand). James, Editor (!), Eternal Press and Damnation Books, Aviation Electronics Technician First Class (USN-Retired/disabled), amateur radio operator, calligrapher, and hammered dulcimer player-without-portfolio.
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