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  1. Hi! Saw you visited my profile . . . hope I didn't scare you away. - James

  2. Being 50, I would have great difficulty in relating some of my issues (particularly issues of an extremely personal nature) to anyone I either did not know or was significantly younger than me. Plus, if they are under 18 it could bring a whole legal mess down. While I do occasionally post here, personal issues I have are not for the Internet.
  3. Well, now I am recovering from neurosurgery on my L elbow. It hurts like heck, but I can move my fingers again!

  4. Recovering from surgery to L elbow

  5. I unfortunately know of several people who ended their marriages based on mental illness. The last was a supervisor at an HR job I had. After my big breakdown and bipolar diagnosis, I noticed that she suddenly started treating me like shit. Turns out it was because she saw my FMLA paperwork with mental craziness on it. Turns out her recent divorce was because her husband was MDD and he'd just lost his job due to missed work. So she was supportive enough to divorce him, calling him dead weight. Turns out the reason she started hating me was because I was reminding get a bit too much of the ex. But the last laugh was on me. My ex- later remarried. She lost her job right after she bought a new construction home, and a new car. He supposedly went to Iowa to get a job in his hometown. He didn't write, he didn't write, the mortgage companies are about to seize her home and car, her drug addict sister moved her children in with my ex-, then her mother moved in with her when the sister caused her to lose her (fully paid for) home over stolen credit cards and theft. My ex- had squandered over $50,000 worth of child support, with nothing to show for it for my son (that's a lot of money for someone on disability the whole time). I started corresponding with a woman on Yahoo! Answers that it turned out later he had remarried in a common law bigamous marriage, after that woman had been the homewrecker in my ex-'s second marriage. I gleefully filled in both women on what the schmuck had done to both of them (including fathering children on the second "wife.") My son bailed out of the home when I informed him (she had full custody and I was prohibited visitation, though I could write, because of the crazy diagnosis written into my divorce decree also prohibited me from doing anything with my son except cough up 40% of my disability every month to my wife). Good for him, needs to get away from the normal people he has been living with. She is still married to the schmo, but both women are trying to take the schmuck apart in court, though he has no money. And my ex- dumped me because -I- was crazy. In the meantime, the publisher I work for hired me partially because the then-CEO was also diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I was promoted to Editor (despite no degree, a company requirement) because I have shown I can do the work, in other words, for merit. (She is no longer CEO but still works with the company as marketing director. But then the company is composed entirely of women, but me, anyway, and who can tell what they are thinking? )
  6. Promoted to Editor :) Surgery June 25 :(

    1. Anymouse


      Recovering from surgery to elbow.

  7. You are certainly as Dec.-brigette says, and we're here to "Bring you back to life" whenever you want. . . . - James. :)

  8. Well, I have been diagnosed either as Schizoaffective, or with Bipolar Type I (depending on whether you take the Veterans Administration diagnosis, the first; or the Navy Department's diagnosis - and a civilian hospital last year, the second. Of note, I tried the quiz and wound up checking all the answers except #8, anger, with #1 being in my opinion the most important (I have abandonment issues that have nothing to do with bipolar disorder but lots to do with my childhood and reinforced by my first wife, but we will ignore that for the purpose of this post). Actually though, epilepsy is more important to me than any of that, because that affects me every day, whereas my time in hospital is only a small percentage of all my time. I was "ordered to an anger management course" (see the Penn & Teller episode on Anger Management in their "Bullsh*t! series) in the early stages of that two-year divorce case. (It took so long because the first judge was busted for corruption just before the judgement and the whole thing needed to be retried again.) It was the opinion of both the Navy's Pdocs and the VA's Pdocs, the anger management instructor herself, and my lawyer, that it was simply a move to better position my ex- in the custody hearing. Worked too, since I lost all right to custody or visitation to my six-year-old son at the time. The Pdocs testimony were not permitted by the court because they were not lisenced physicians in Fla. Gee, I said I wasn't going to go off on that abandonment/divorce issue. . . . My new wife, though, does not condemn me for bipolar or epilepsy - met her on nolongerlonely.com (a dating/friendship site for the mentally ill) and we married over two years ago. Why wasn't she or that Web site around when I met my first wife? Must be their fault. James/Bodice-ripper editor/Navy disabled vet after seventeen years service.
  9. Going -on- meds precipitated my divorce, or more precisely, the diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder and epilepsy. Also used to strip all visitation or custody of my then six-year-old son (now twenty-two). Meds didn't save me, and in Florida, mental disorder is valid grounds for divorce (note: I was never any threat to my ex- wife, including a statement saying so from the Navy psychs who did the diagnosis, which were disallowed on the grounds they were not Florida-licensed doctors). If a court or lawyer or jury or judge wants to burn you, meds won't save you. $50,000 of child support later, and I don't remember how much alimony (awarded in a state which has no alimony), I am now free of my ex-wench, though I now have a son who does not know me and will not speak to me - I assume from fourteen years of indoctrination from my ex. Oh and three cholesterol tests later now (all at my expense because the VA won't pay for testing from a civilian they have already done - see my post about statins "up there") my cholesterol test is still unremarkably normal, with a slightly modified Mayo Clinic low cholesterol diet. The VA -still- won't give me that second opinion mandated by Federal law, and still won't accept the civilian physician and lab's opinions, and still won't remove the "Against Medical Advice" marker from my records. No, meds won't save you, and a second opinion might not either. James/Romance editor/disabled Vet
  10. I gotta wonder sometimes, though. Sometimes a patient's biggest abuser is the physician who prescribes (pushes) drugs. After fourteen years on an MAOI, the Veterans Administration decided to eliminate that (and my other psych med, Lithium). But then, six months later, they did a cholesterol test on me and it came up in the moderately high range. (Might have something to do with my going hog wild on high cholesterol foods that were off my diet with the MAOI like Swiss cheese, bacon, sausage, chocolate, everything that had been previously banned.) They would only consider prescribing a statin drug for the LDL condition: I was refused a second opinion or a retest (my right under the law). The Government, being the largest purchaser of medications in the USA, is a prime target for pharma advertising (and they have all those cutsy giveaway pens and calanders and such, even though VA regulations prohibit those within all their facilities). They would not consider modifying my diet (though I had shown I was capable of following dietary restrictions with the ruthless diet required of an MAOI), and even said quitting smoking would not do. I refused the medication (I do not want to be the test subject of such a controversial med which has only a short span on the market, with its already known psychiatric side-effects, and the VA is the biggest free test ground Pharma has), and my chart was marked "Against Medical Advice," which in theory could impact my Federal and State VA benefits. I got my second opinion, -at my expense- (Government insurance won't pay for a civilian to tell them what they already tested for), and after only three days on a low-cholesterol diet, tested near-normal. That doctor has agreed to manage a diet plan for me (knowing of my prior adherance to the MAO diet), yet the VA still will not remove the "AMA" notification from my record, though the latest cholesterol test (again at my expense) is now in the normal range. The Veterans Administration has refused to consider the civilian doctor's testing and professional opinion. Gotta wonder. . . . - James.
  11. Where I was living (Nebraska) they don't ask, and don't even have a place on the form for seizures. (Probably because there is nothing to hit in Nebraska). Here in Oklahoma, a seizure within the last year or "mind-altering medications" (such as Phenobarbital) prohibit driving or the issuance of a lisence. I have been wrestling with the state to approve me a new lisence for Oklahoma for two years since I moved from South Carolina (where epilepsy was a permanent bar to driving until the Supreme Court struck down the law as unconstitutional) - Oklahoma permits me to drive on my Nebraska liscense (which is registered with Oklahoma) while they consider my application for an Oklahoma lisence. Such a bunch of administrative hooey. And the AAA says that persons with epilepsy generally have less accidents than the general population (they are more aware of such things as being tired, alcohol, &c. being triggers for seizures, so they are generally safer). - James
  12. Sorry to hear you hurt yourself falling on the ice: I broke my elbow falling on the ice while on the way to the hospital for a cholesterol test so I can feel your pain . . . .

  13. Well, hello, Daisie. Welcome aboard. I liked the name of the place, too, which is what drew me in. Mostly friendly people here, to boot.

  14. You cannot be "Wifezilla," because I was once married to her. Seriously though, I got a kick out of your nickname . . . .

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