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  1. I am closing accounts on the Internet that I no longer use or maintain, for both my physical and Web security. While I realise the rules do not permit removing old postings, I do wish to terminate my account and its password. How might I go about closing my account, or can you do this for me? Thanks, Any.
  2. But the Judeo/Christian/Muslim trio all say the answer is to love one another, and yet not judge, yet all state that their god will condemn those of my faith to the "loving fires of Perdition," only pausing in their killing of each other when they jointly go after "heathens." How can you say you are "loving your neighbour" when both you and your faith condemn me with your words and holy books? I cannot reconcile a command from someone to "love one another" with "firey lakes" and other such "rewards" for not believing the same as they do. James. (Of note, no war has ever been fought in the n
  3. Actually, Olga, -all- religion is based on faith. Just thought I would toss that in there. James
  4. Hi! Saw you visited my profile . . . hope I didn't scare you away. - James

  5. Well, the National Hammered Dulcimer competition is over. Out of thirteen contestants, six beat me, and I beat six. Absolutely average. This coming off a change in my epilepsy meds (more phenobarbital, yum), and three surgeries (both hands and left elbow), with physical therapy still in progress, and a promotion to full editor with the Romance publisher for which I work. Doc was insistent that I could not possibly compete in the finals, that my surgeries and therapy would preclude it; my sometimes (when the VA wants to see me) shrink insisted that I was being unreasonable by insisting
  6. Google AdSense and Google Analytics attempt to load cookies from this site. I have Abine privacy software for Firefox, so it shows them up and blocks them, but a person without specialized software would have no way of knowing Google is tracking you through this site (and then beyond). It is unlikely that anyone on CrazyBoards would be very sanguine about an Adserving/Spyware/Datamining company having information on their computer (via their own IP) or where they are browsing on the Web. These services are put in at the host end of a computer connection, either by the Webmaster or their IP.
  7. Being 50, I would have great difficulty in relating some of my issues (particularly issues of an extremely personal nature) to anyone I either did not know or was significantly younger than me. Plus, if they are under 18 it could bring a whole legal mess down. While I do occasionally post here, personal issues I have are not for the Internet.
  8. The Navy decided I had an ED (ana) when my weight several years ago dropped to 103#. They never understood the hopeless situation as a child I faced that left regulating my food as my only empowerment. But as the Navy did not recognize ana as a problem of men (and they still don't), they decided it was a Uniform Code of Military Justice violation (specifically: Malingering, intentional self-harm, punishable by courts-martial). They gave me the option of getting my weight to a level they would accept (140# - my height is 5'10") or they would pitch me out. Although I never weighed that much i
  9. Go get 'em tiger! Jobs that bp people are unsuitable for? The Navy said I was unsuitable as a sailor (after seventeen years) . . . tried the front counter at McD's (I was certainly unsuitable for that!); now I edit Romance novels. That seems pretty safe. James
  10. Well, now I am recovering from neurosurgery on my L elbow. It hurts like heck, but I can move my fingers again!

  11. Recovering from surgery to L elbow

  12. I unfortunately know of several people who ended their marriages based on mental illness. The last was a supervisor at an HR job I had. After my big breakdown and bipolar diagnosis, I noticed that she suddenly started treating me like shit. Turns out it was because she saw my FMLA paperwork with mental craziness on it. Turns out her recent divorce was because her husband was MDD and he'd just lost his job due to missed work. So she was supportive enough to divorce him, calling him dead weight. Turns out the reason she started hating me was because I was reminding get a bit too much of the
  13. I was abruptly stopped from lithium and Parnate (an MAOI), in May 2009 after I became psychotic, injured my wife, and had to be transported to the VA hospital from my home in a police car, over one hundred miles (160 km), in handcuffs. No charges were brought, but I spent three weeks at the VA's psych facility here (why do they always put the psych ward in VA hospitals on the very top floor? Seems counterproductive to me). I don't remember much about the stay, though, as they had me on some very powerful medication to keep me "under control." I don't even remember my wife picking me up at t
  14. Promoted to Editor :) Surgery June 25 :(

    1. Anymouse


      Recovering from surgery to elbow.

  15. I received the new contract today by E-mail from the CEO of the Romance publisher I work for, Eternal Press/Damnation Books. I am advancing from the position I now hold (Copyeditor, or glorified proofreader) to Editor. Kim (the CEO) said she had held up offering me a contract because she was concerned about "favouritism" by the Senior Editor (Moss), who is the ex-husband of my wife, and the only other male on the staff. He swept aside that concern yesterday in a message to her with the quip, "How many supervisors would FAVOR the husband of their ex?" I originally found out Moss worked wi
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